Super Power – Chapter 3394

Chapter 3394 Reverse

No matter how much Ancient Devil changed, Han Sen was still able to deal with him. No matter how much his skills or will changed, Han Sen was still able to break and fend him off. It wasn’t too difficult for him to do that either. 

Ancient Devil flashed with shock. Han Sen made things that seemed heavy be operated as if they were light. Bit by bit, he weakened the attacks of his opposition. He seemed like a very capable person for doing something like that. He had a powerful aura. It was the type of aura only the old leader had shown before.

With what Ancient Devil knew about Han Sen, the man had only been born about 40 years ago. How had he been able to practice and accomplish so much in such a short amount of time? He was like the greatest person to ever arise across the entire breadth of history.

Han Sen really admired Ancient Devil too. There were many times he believed he had the advantage and could damage Ancient Devil, but Ancient Devil would always save himself through the surprise reveal of another dazzling technique. Han Sen was unable to gain a clear, distinct advantage.

“It is a shame I do not have the freedom to control this body’s power. Otherwise, it would be easy for me to defeat Ancient Devil,” Han Sen thought. He wondered how he might defeat Ancient Devil and make him afraid of him.

Before Han Sen found a way, Ancient Devil’s body moved. He exited the battleground. He stood far from Han Sen and just looked in his direction.

“What? Are you going to give up?” After saying that, Han Sen felt his heart jump. He just made sure not to let it show.


Ancient Devil looked at Han Sen. He suddenly squinted with his eyes and smiled. “I said it was weird, and this is why. Your body has a problem for sure.”

“What problem could I possibly have?” Han Sen knew Ancient Devil had discovered he had a problem with his body, but his face did not change to show concern.

Ancient Devil looked at Han Sen and said, “I am using different powers to attack you, but the power you use to fight back is different. It may be a very small difference, but it does mean something. Your power’s feedback has a major difference. As I release more power, you return more power to resist. If I put out a weaker amount of power, you combat it with a weaker power as well. I keep thinking that there can only be one possibility for why that is, which is that your body has a problem. Your power is difficult to use.”

Ancient Devil spoke this all out very clearly. Han Sen said, “Even if my body does have a problem, you cannot fight me and obtain the sky clock.

Ancient Devil laughed. “If your body needs other powers to be activated, the more power you receive, the stronger the reaction you will have. If you are a recipient of a weaker attack, the reaction you respond with is weaker. If that is how things currently are, then I will just ignore your attacks. Won’t that mean your attacks will be so weak that they will not be able to affect my body? In that case, I will just have to go ahead and ignore you. I will just go and claim the sky clock.”

“You can try.” Han Sen knew that no matter what he said now, he could not sway Ancient Devil’s heart and the determination he had spawned.

Of course, Ancient Devil lowered his hands and went to the sky clock’s crystal needle. He ignored Han Sen’s attacks.

Han Sen’s face remained unchanged. He used his palm like a knife, slashing toward Ancient Devil’s neck.

Ancient Devil was very stable. He did not dodge. He let Han Sen slash his neck. His eyelids did not even flicker with a slight flinch.

Han Sen’s hand was going to slash Ancient Devil across the neck when there was a sudden change. His hand changed direction. It was like lightning going to come crashing against Ancient Devil’s imperial jade seal.

Ancient Devil seemed to expect this. He held the imperial jade seal and pulled away. His body leaned, resulting in Han Sen’s hand knife missing.

“Your body has a big problem for sure,” Ancient Devil said to Han Sen.

“So, what?” Han Sen coldly asked.

Ancient Devil was not in much of a rush. He laughed and said, “Right now, I need the imperial jade seal to endure the time-reversal powers. That is why I am still afraid of you. In one hour, time will stop. Then, I will no longer need the imperial jade seal’s power. Once that happens, how do you think you will be able to stop me?”

Han Sen licked his lips. “Don’t forget that this is the sky clock. It is not an ordinary stone clock. An hour later, it might not even stop.”

“It will stop.” Ancient Devil seemed very confident about that.

“I would really like to see if it will stop, but I am afraid that by the time all the stone clocks stop, other elites will be passing through,” Han Sen said. “When that happens, you won’t be able to take the sky clock.”

Ancient Devil calmly said, “No one will come to this area in any short amount of time. You triggered that big battle in the other place. After you did that, I did something else. I attracted even more elites to go and participate in that battle. Around 80% to 90% of all the creatures stuck in Time Sky were likely lured to that big fight. No one else will come here in any short amount of time. I can wait it out.”

“If you really are that confident, then you can just sit your bum down and wait.” Han Sen sat down on the crystal clock.

Ancient Devil did not get close. He waited from afar.

Time went by. One hour was not long. Han Sen had wasted a lot of time on the road in addition to the time he had spent fighting the sky clock. He had also spent some time fighting Ancient Devil. He knew he was strapped for time.

Not long later, the hour went by. The stone clocks around stopped spinning. As that happened, the sky clock itself started to slow down. Like the rest, it stopped moving.

“It really did stop.” Han Sen was shocked. He thought the sky clock would not stop and would still remember him.

Ancient Devil put the Chaos God Imperial Jade Seal away and walked up to the sky clock needle. He said, “The sky clock is Time Sky’s spirit. It will have to follow the rules established by Time Sky.”

When Han Sen heard Ancient Devil speak, what he said seemed to make sense. He still thought something was wrong. While the thoughts in his head whirled to make sense of things, he jumped. He went right next to the crystal needle.

“Stop wasting more of our time. Even if your power was greater than the old leader, the sky clock would not be willing to listen to you. Furthermore, your body has a problem. You are damaged goods, man.” Ancient Devil thought Han Sen was going to try and pull the rug from under him by taking the sky clock, so he coldly said what he did.

“I was not planning to claim it.” Han Sen put his hand on the crystal needle and smiled at him.

“In that case, do you care to enlighten me as to what it is you are trying to do?” Ancient Devil’s face changed. He seemed to realize something dodgy was going on, so he tried to hurry along with the proceedings for elucidation. He wanted to go next to the crystal needle too.

“Of course, I want it to spin again.” Han Sen pushed the crystal needle. A strong power pushed the crystal needle. Like a grand windmill, it spun around counterclockwise.

“How is that possible?” Ancient Devil’s face changed. He could not believe his eyes. It was an extraordinary effort to be able to push the silent sky clock, but Han Sen had casually pushed it around like he was spinning the propeller of a plane. Not many people were able to do such a thing.

The now-absent time-reversal powers came back. It immediately blew a gust of power to beat back Ancient Devil, prompting the man to use the Chaos God Imperial Jade Seal to protect himself.

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