Super Power – Chapter 3396

Chapter 3396 Geno Tablet Changes

“Your genes are already in my gene base. Of course, I remember you.” The geno tablet went on to say, “You also made me return to my origin. Even without your genes, I am not going to forget what you did.”Han Sen was shocked. Now that it had returned to its origin, it seemed as if the intelligence of the geno tablet was higher than before.

“Why have you brought me here?” Once upon a time, Han Sen had been the leader of Burning Red Sky. That was because he stole the seat of another. He was not taken to the geno tablet last time. He was instead chased off by enemy forces. He did not have the chance to go the way he did now. He did not really know what leaders of the skies were even supposed to do.

“I am not supposed to tell you, who are just a candidate. Since you did help me return to my origin, I suppose I am willing to tell you. The competition for the establishment of 33 skies’ leaders is basically a selection process for me to find a host. When a leader shows up, they are brought here to have their genes tested to see if they reach my requirements.”

The geno tablet paused before saying, “But you do not need to try. I tested you before. Your requirements did not reach the standards I want either.”

“Even if I am not capable, must you be so euphemistic? There is no need for you to go so far as to hurt my feelings.” Han Sen sounded sad.

“What does euphemistic mean?” the geno tablet asked.

“Never mind. Just pretend I did not say anything.” Han Sen nervously asked, “Did you find a master you are happy with yet?”


“A host is not a master,” the geno tablet seriously said. “Thus far, no leader has reached the requirements I seek.”

“Not even the 17th sky’s leader?” Han Sen remembered Qin Xiu was the leader of the 17th sky. He should have come to this place to be tested.

“The 17th sky’s leader is close, but he lacks something,” the geno tablet coldly said. “He still hasn’t reached what I am looking for. I will not choose him.”

“Your standards are pretty high,” Han Sen said. He then thought, “It looks like Qin Xiu must use his body to become Reboot class and then use the geno prototype armor. After that step, only then can he control the geno tablet. If that does not work, it means it has not happened yet.”

After thinking about this, Han Sen asked, “If you never find a host, what do you plan on doing? Are you going to close the 33 skies and go out of business?”

“If there aren’t any good hosts, we will need a geno tablet fight to find a leader that can become my host temporarily. That will have to do.” The geno tablet spoke like a human.

Han Sen displayed a wry smile. “I did not know that is what the geno tablet fights were for. Aren’t you just trying to pick the biggest man out of a bunch of small men?”

“What do you think this is? If there aren’t any accidents, that human from the 17th sky will become my host.” The geno tablet’s words were clear.

“Maybe not. I know a person whose genes are better than the 17th sky’s human leader.” After saying that, Han Sen thought, “I wish Bao’er could come here to test. Maybe she would become the master of the geno tablet. If Qin Xiu makes that final step, rebooting the universe still won’t be easy.”

“Out of the current leaders of the 33 skies, there has yet to be another that is greater than him. I am including you in that too.” At the very least, the geno tablet was being honest.

Han Sen rubbed his nose. “You do not need to say that. I am not talking about the leaders of the 33 skies. I am talking about my daughter.”

“Your genes are bad. Your daughter has your genes, so how good can she be?” The geno tablet was very mean. It was so mean that Han Sen was speechless.

“Can’t my daughter make better genes than I? Plus, my genes are fine, OK?” Han Sen sounded a bit depressed.

“You are still worse than the leader of the 17th sky,” the geno tablet quietly said. It was still enough to make Han Sen feel much worse.

“I promise you that my daughter’s genes will be greater than the genes of the 17th sky’s leader. She is, however, still evolving. She did not get permission to be a leader in the 33 skies either. For our sake, can we just let her come up here for a test first?” Han Sen noticed that the geno tablet had very human-like emotions. Perhaps it was possible to convince the tablet into letting them do a backdoor check on Bao’er.

Bao’er had yet to combine with the gourd vine. Seeing the seats of all the leaders going to be taken if she did not come, the geno tablet fights were going to begin. Even if she was able to combine completely, she would not have a chance to assert control of the geno tablet.

The geno tablet did not answer. It did not answer, which meant it did not reject the suggestion either. Han Sen sensed that the geno tablet was considering the proposal. He was happy about that. If the geno tablet was still as cold as before, he would not be able to bring Bao’er here. Now, he had one hope of ensuring it.

“The last sky leader is going to be decided, and there is no creature that has yet to satisfy my requirements,” the geno tablet said. “I will let you try this with me.”

When Han Sen heard that, he was happy. He suddenly realized something. He looked at the geno tablet and asked, “What do you mean you can let me try this with you? Am I not supposed to bring my daughter here?”

“No. You cannot break the rules,” the geno tablet said. “Your daughter is not a leader. She has no permission to come. I will just go with you to see her.”

Han Sen examined the giant geno tablet as he asked, “How are you going to follow me?”

The main and reverse geno universes could see the geno tablet. If the geno tablet lifted itself out of the 33 skies and left alongside Han Sen, it was going to produce a very silly scene.

“That is easy,” the geno tablet said. “You just need to lift the sky clock.”

Han Sen lifted the crystal clock he had procured and placed it down in front of the geno tablet. The geno tablet created some light. It suddenly shot into the crystal clock, which made the crystal clock undergo amazing changes.

The crystal clock looked very beautiful and elegant, but it did not look like anything special. Now, it was slowly changing into the shape of a gravestone.

It was still very beautiful and elegant, but it did look a bit twisted. It was like holding a mini crystal gravestone in one’s hands.

“Let’s go. Although I know your daughter will fail, for your sake, I am willing to go and have a look at her.” The geno tablet’s voice came from the crystal clock. There were three curves on the crystal clock’s plate. Two of the curves were rising and bending down. They looked like two smirking eyes. One of the lines was at the bottom. It rose like a half-circle to present a smile.

By the looks of it, it looked like the gravestone had a smile. It looked very weird.

If he did not want to see Bao’er, Han Sen would have just thrown this thing away. Having a clock for a gift was very bad luck. Now, he had a clock and a gravestone. It made Han Sen feel terrible.

Han Sen held the crystal clock and asked, “By the way, I recently evolved. My genes should have improved. Should I test things with you again?”

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