Super Power – Chapter 3398

Chapter 3398 Bao’er’s Weakness

Bao’er’s blood dropped on the wheel. It was like a drop on a sponge. It was immediately absorbed by the surface. 

The drop of blood spread across the transparent crystal clock. It eventually got sucked into the machine and the cogwheels inside. It was then the cogwheels started to spin.

The three needles started to spin. They spun so fast that the whole crystal clock’s light grew brighter and brighter.

This situation lasted an hour. Han Sen asked a couple of times, but he did not get an answer from the geno tablet.

After a while more, the crystal clock stopped and reverted to how it used to look.

The geno tablet finally spoke. “Weird. Is she really your daughter?”

“She is my daughter,” Han Sen said. “Do you have a problem with that?”


“No, it is not a problem,” the geno tablet quietly said. “More than anything, I am curious. You see, a big chunk of her genes turned out to be very similar to yours. If she is your daughter, all of her genes should belong and be connected with yours, right? There are other genes in her body, and they are disturbingly close to the genes of the 17th sky’s leader.”

Han Sen thought, “Of course, they are close. Qin Xiu was made from the same genes as Bao’er’s parents. It is normal for Bao’er to have a part of Qin Xiu’s genes. It would be weird if there wasn’t.”

“Let’s not pay any attention to that right now,” Han Sen said. “Just tell me what my daughter’s genes are like. Do they satisfy your requirements?”

“She is the same as Qin Xiu. She lacks a little something. I must confess, I am surprised you have developed such a good daughter.” The geno tablet really doubted that Bao’er was actually Han Sen’s daughter.

It then thought that was impossible. If she was not Han Sen’s real daughter, the genes would not be so similar to his.

“Plus, you have no greater choice. Why don’t you just let my daughter become your host?” Han Sen tried to convince the geno tablet.

The geno tablet did not even give the suggestion some thought. It immediately rejected Han Sen. “The rules are rules. That cannot be changed. If you want her to be my host, she must win the geno tablet fights.”

“You are a living thing,” Han Sen said. He was not going to give up. He kept on talking. “You are not a machine. You should have free will and the ability to make your own decisions.”

“Stop talking! This will never change. If you are willing, I am also willing to give her a chance so she would not have to be the leader of a sky and take part in the geno tablet fights. But I would do that only because you helped me return to my origin. For what you did, you deserve special treatment. Otherwise, you would not be receiving any of these benefits I am giving you.” The geno tablet stopped Han Sen from speaking.

“Fine. Let us not talk about this anymore.” Han Sen looked at the crystal clock and asked, “If there was no need for a winner and you had to pick between my daughter and Qin Xiu, which of the two would you choose?”

“If I had to choose, I would opt for Qin Xiu.” The geno tablet did not hesitate to answer. Straight away, it answered Han Sen’s question as direct as an arrow.

Han Sen frowned and asked, “Why? Are you saying Bao’er’s genes are not as good as Qin Xiu?”

The geno tablet said, “Regarding genes, I will confess that your daughter might be better. But that aside, to reach the chance requirements, she has one nasty Achilles’ heel.”

“Do you mean to say there is a disastrous flaw in Bao’er’s genes?” Han Sen was shocked.

If Bao’er’s genes had flaws, and she fought against Qin Xiu, she would wind up dead. With Qin Xiu’s power, he would know Bao’er’s flaws.

Han Sen still did not believe Bao’er had a flaw in her genes. He had been with Bao’er for many years. He had never noticed a flaw in her genes before.

“No, it is not the genes that are flawed. It is you.” The geno tablet’s answer surprised Han Sen.

“Me?” Han Sen was shocked. He did not know what the geno tablet meant.

The geno tablet coldly said, “No matter how great and powerful her genes are, she relies on you too much. After all, she is your child.”

Han Sen’s body tremored. He now realized what he had been worrying about. Chaos always believed that if Bao’er were to make the first step, she would have greater genes and power to defeat Qin Xiu.

Yes, Bao’er was smart. She was intelligent, and she was mature enough. She was able to push her power to the max, but Chaos had forgotten one thing. Bao’er had grown up with Han Sen. Their relationship was much than a daughter and a father. She had an incredible urge to rely on Han Sen.

Although Han Sen’s power was inferior to Bao’er’s, she always put herself below Han Sen and was adamant about relying on him. Whatever happened, Han Sen was there to cover it all up.

But that was not too bad. If Bao’er wanted to fight Qin Xiu, Qin Xiu would not let Bao’er’s weak spot go. He would do something to Han Sen. If something happened to Han Sen, Bao’er’s mind and resolve would be heavily damaged. Her mind would be messed up, and she would lose.

The sort of battle they would have was going to be huge. The slightest mistake could cost them their lives. If Bao’er was distracted, death was the only thing waiting for her.

“That means I am Bao’er’s weakness,” Han Sen said with bitterness.

“Yes, you are her weakness,” the geno tablet answered with certainty.

Han Sen did not say anything. The bitterness in his heart started to spread. Han Sen never thought that he might be responsible for what killed Bao’er one day.

“Dad, are you OK?” Bao’er could not hear Han Sen and the geno tablet’s conversation, which was going on in his mind. She still saw that Han Sen’s emotions were not right. She pulled out her little hands to touch his cheek.

“I am fine. You should keep practicing. I have something to do. I will be right back.” Han Sen rubbed Bao’er’s head and quietly said, “Bao’er, for as long as Dad is here, no one can hurt you. There is no need to adopt too much pressure, OK? If you are tired, take a rest. You will be fine.”

“Dad, you are the best!” Bao’er grabbed Han Sen’s neck and kissed him on the cheek. She then seriously said, “Do not worry, Dad. None of this is going to stop me. I will succeed. I will protect Dad, Mom, Brother, and Sister.”

Han Sen was touched by her words. But the more she spoke about such things, the more worried he became.

Qin Xiu was the type of felon willing to do anything to achieve whatever goal he wanted. If he found out Bao’er’s weakness, he would not let it go unabused to achieve his goal.

After leaving the sanctuaries, Han Sen wished to say something. Before he could, the geno tablet’s voice sounded in Han Sen’s head. “The last sky now has its leader. The geno tablet fights are going to start. We should go home.”

Han Sen raised his head. He saw the geno tablet shining brightly. The final sky now had its leader, and it was someone Han Sen knew. It was Ning Yue from another sky.

Han Sen said to himself, “So, excluding Bao’er, there are three of us joining the geno tablet fight. This is a chance.”

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