Super Power – Chapter 3400

Chapter 3400 The History of Ancient Devil

Beneath Mirror Lake, the space was very chaotic. The anti-material powers surged through the mist. Not just a body would have been melted by those powers. Even geno armaments would have been. 

Ancient Devil brought Han Sen in with me to take a sneaky route. Han Sen did not feel anything on his way down. The powers of the Mirror Lake did not do anything to harm his body.

Han Sen thought, “This body should be able to see me through to the other side of Mirror Lake, but I do not know what resides on the other side of Mirror Lake. Is Ancient Devil really going to go right through Mirror Lake?”

Han Sen soon received his answer. Ancient Devil was not planning to go through Mirror Lake completely. He did not dive too deep. He had merely been searching through Mirror Lake. Not long later, he led Han Sen to the edge of Mirror Lake.

Han Sen looked at the cliffside-looking banks of Mirror Lake. A platform protruding from them. The platform was not very big. There was a space about 30 square feet there. It was close to the walls of Mirror Lake. There was also a statue.

The statue was sitting next to the stone wall. Both hands made a weird handprint. The eyelids were lowered. It looked as if it was someone asleep.

Because it had been there so long, the stone statue was covered moss. One could not tell the original color of the stone statue.


“That is it! Use your sky clock’s time-reversal powers now and let the stone statue’s status go back through time.” Ancient Devil looked at the stone platform. He pointed at it and spoke in its direction.

“How long must I take it back for?” Han Sen’s eyes peered at the stone statue. He could not use the Dongxuan Aura or scan the stone statue. Judging from the way it looked, the stone statue did not look all that special. If it weren’t for the fact that it was sitting in Mirror Lake and was just in an average place, Han Sen would not have spared it a second glance.

After thinking for a moment, Ancient Devil replied, “I think it needs to go back a long, long time. I cannot be sure for how long it needs to go back though. Just keep it going back until it looks like a proper statue again.”

Han Sen looked at the stone statue. He then looked at Ancient Devil and said, “This stone statue kind of looks like you. Please don’t tell me it was shaped in your image.”

“So, what? Even if it was, who cares?” Ancient Devil neither confessed the truth nor denied the allegation.

“You should tell me the history of this stone statue before we go any further,” Han Sen said. “Otherwise, how am I supposed to know if this goes against my principles or not? How am I supposed to know if I should really be helping you?”

Ancient Devil stared at the stone statue with a conflicted look. A while later, he said, “You are right. This statue bears the face of me in my past life. I look different now, but there is still some kind of presence in it. Your eyes are good since you were able to tell that.”

Han Sen asked Ancient Devil, “A presence of old you? Anything similar to you in a one-in-a-million find? It is not hard for me to perceive anything to do with you. But why would you keep a statue of yourself in your past life here in Mirror Lake? Why do you need it returned to how it used to be?”

“I did not put the statue here. It was here already.” Ancient Devil paused. He looked back to the statue and asked Han Sen, “Do you know what resides below Mirror Lake?”

“I thought the Mirror Lake is a tunnel between the geno universe and the universe of kingdoms,” Han Sen said. “I am starting to think that is not the case anymore.”

“I suppose you are halfway correct.” Ancient Devil started to explain Mirror Lake to him. “Mirror Lake does connect to universes, but the way it connects is very special. It doesn’t really go through two worlds.”

Outer Sky was above the 33 skies. It was a part of space that was independent of the 33 skies.

In the very beginning, there was no Outer Sky or 33 skies. The two universes were complete, separate areas, and the geno tablet was outside them. Then, the God Chaos Party’s old leader Chaos broke open a space tunnel to enter another area. It was there she discovered the geno tablet. She used the geno tablet to modify what later came to be known as the 33 skies. She planned to use the 33 skies and geno tablet to replace the geno hall and the God Spirits that ruled. That way, she could become the sole leader of the universe. In the end, her plans were foiled. The 33 skies were not properly built. When the battle began, the universe was rebooted and broken in the process.

Within Outer Sky, there was a place Chaos did not modify. That was why there was a place sticking out when the 33 skies broke.

Even though the geno tablet had rebuilt the 33 skies, that area had not returned to how it was supposed to be.

Because Outer Sky was still in its most primitive mode, it became the buffer zone for both universes. There was no need to go through the 33 skies to reach the other universe.

It was able to connect the 33 skies to any sky. Outer Sky was like a place that could go through anywhere. It led to any corner of the world.

If a lifeforce wished to travel through it, doing so was very difficult. Even when Chaos found the geno tablet in the chaotic area, she had to become the master of the geno tablet to do what she was able to do.

Han Sen did not understand, so he asked, “I understand what you are trying to tell me, but what does that have to do with your statue?”

Ancient Devil looked at Han Sen and slowly replied, “In the beginning, it was not just the geno tablet that was being born.”

“That cannot be you.” Han Sen’s heart jumped. He looked at Ancient Devil with shock.

Ancient Devil nodded. He then shook his head. “You have guessed things half correct again. In the chaos, a demon stone was born, but was not me, Ancient Devil. Mister Leader then carved the demon stone into a stone statue. That is how my past life came to be.”

“Does that mean this statue has your past life’s real body?” Han Sen looked at the statue in disbelief. He quickly asked, “If your body is still here, how did you end up being reincarnated?”

“If this was not the body’s real power, how would I be able to carry my memories over during my reincarnation while the universe was thrown into the turmoil of its rebooting process?” Ancient Devil asked. “After the reincarnation, I was disconnected from it. I was unable to use its powers anymore.”

“Do you want it to be returned to its original shape so you can control it again?” Han Sen asked.

Ancient Devil ended up shaking his head. “If I wanted to control it, I would have to give up my body now and combine with it.”

“In that case, why do you want it returned to its original shape?” Han Sen asked.

“I don’t like the way it looks. I don’t want me to keep looking like that forever.” Ancient Devil’s answer surprised Han Sen.

Han Sen did not understand, and so he asked Ancient Devil again, “Why?”

“Because Mister Leader used another person’s face in the carving,” Ancient Devil weirdly said. “I do not want to bear the shadow of someone else.”

Han Sen now understood. Chaos would not randomly carve the statue of a man. The statue must have been taken from the reference of something else.

Now that he thought about it, even if he did not ask Ancient Devil, Han Sen could have guessed who it was depicting. There was an 80% to 90% that it was Bao’er’s real father. It was the prior leader of the geno hall.

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