Super Power – Chapter 3402

Chapter 3402 Fighting Moment God Again

When the creatures of both universes saw Moment God challenge Han Sen again, they were outright dumbstruck.The creatures of the geno universe and the universe of kingdoms knew Han Sen had once fought Moment God, and he had managed to kill Moment God once. Back then, Moment God hadn’t totally recovered. The current Moment God was different.

When the humans of the universe of kingdoms saw Moment God challenge Han Sen, they were outright dumbstruck. She was one of the 12 primary Annihilation God Spirits. Now, she was looking to challenge the infamous Han Sen. In their eyes, Moment God was much stronger.

Han Sen was surprised. “When Time Sky did not have a leader, Moment God did not go to Time Sky to wage combat for the position. Now, she wants to challenge me. What does that mean?”

Although Han Sen and Moment God had a conflict once before, Qin Xiu was an enemy of the geno hall. They both shared a common nemesis. According to the theory, the geno hall should have sent people after Qin Xiu to see if they could displace his position as leader of a sky. There was no rhyme or reason for why she would challenge Han Sen.

As Moment God approached, she traveled through the stone clock areas that were already spinning. She was not affected by them. Not long later, she walked in front of Han Sen.

She was really tall. She looked very proud and cold. She looked really powerful like an actual god coming.

Han Sen looked at Moment God and asked, “Moment God, why are you challenging me?”


Moment God looked at Han Sen coldly. She did not change the expression on her face while replying, “You and I fight today. If I win, you will give me the sub-god from the God of Wealth Temple. If I lose, you can do whatever you want to me.”

“What is Moment God talking about? Does she want Han Sen’s God of Wealth Temple sub-god? Should she not go looking for the God of Wealth? Why go and look for Han Sen?”

In the universe of kingdoms, many nobles currently unable to understand what was going on.

“Ah, no way! Is Han Sen the God of Wealth? Was he that mysterious, 13th Annihilation-class God Spirit?” Someone reacted quickly, thinking that might be the answer to the mystery.

“This… How would this be possible? How could Han Sen be the God of Wealth?” In the Qin Kingdom, many nobles had their eyes open wide. Their mouths could not be closed.

“I see. I see. That explains everything.” In King Qin’s white face, one could see the fashioned shape of excitement.

Han Sen was the 13th Annihilation-class main god, and he was a friend of Qin Bai. If there were no accidents, the Qin Kingdom would have another Annihilation-class main god to guide them. Qin Bai would definitely become a king.

Even though the Qin Kingdom already had many Annihilation-class main God Spirits, there weren’t any Annihilation-class main God Spirits in close association with Qin Bai. None operated as Han Sen did.

“It seems my son did have some luck.” King Qin sighed. He was not sure if he was happy for Qin Bai or not, or if it was just dumb luck that Qin Bai was so blessed.

“How is that possible?” A Qin Kingdom officer had just woken up from his daze. He was unable to accept how Han Sen could be the 13th Annihilation-class main god.

If this came from the mouths of other people, the nobles that thought Han Sen was the biggest evil officer in the Qin Kingdom could not believe it. But this was from Moment God. No one could doubt her words.

“I cannot answer you.” Han Sen smiled at Moment God. He knew Moment God was there for the god spirit of Moment God.

“Are you afraid you will lose?” Moment God stared at Han Sen coldly.

“Winning or losing does not matter,” Han Sen said. “She is my sub-god. She is not my slave. She has a will and free will. She can leave, and she can stay where she is. She is the one to determine that. It is up to her, so I will not use her life for a gambit even if I know I am going to win.”

“You are just afraid to lose Moment God coldly said. “You do not have to go a long way around for saying that.”

“If you want to trade something else, I don’t mind fighting you.” Han Sen did not decline to participate in combat with her. He just smiled and looked at her.

“It does not matter if you agree or not. I am fighting you today. I will avenge the humiliation I suffered over you killing me once before.” Moment God’s eyes were so cold they were like icy blades. They could pierce through Han Sen’s lungs.

After hearing that, the universe of kingdoms was shocked.

Han Sen was the God of Wealth. They could not believe it. The scariest thing about it was the fact that Moment God had confessed to Han Sen having killed her. The humans of the universe of kingdoms believed the 12 Annihilation main gods were as good as they got. They thought they ruled absolute supreme. They could not imagine something like this happening.

That was especially true of the Qin Kingdom’s nobles. Their mouths were wide and agape. They were big enough to allow a fist to fit in. They were all frozen, unable to believe what their ears were hearing.

“Han Sen, that big and evil man… He is an Annihilation-class main god… He killed Moment God…” They all felt as if their brains were failing.

“God, what did we do wrong?” Many nobles of the Qin Kingdom were crying. It was like they had just woken up from a dream.

If they could establish a good relationship with Qin Bai, it meant they could meet an Annihilation-class main god. Then, their kids and grandchildren would be on the God of Wealth’s doorstep.

God of Wealth had many powerful members. After the last god fight, God of Wealth became very famous. It was not just Han Sen either. Even Ingot had shocked many people.

But they were unable to be friends with Han Sen, and they treated a big god like the biggest evil person in the history of the Qin Kingdom. They felt very bad. It was as if they could not breathe.

“God, what have we done? Han Sen, you are an Annihilation-class God Spirit. Is it really so fun to become a commoner and walk amongst us? You f*cking did this deliberately.”

Many nobles of the Qin Kingdom were sad. They envied Qin Bai. Although Qin Bai was not exactly king material, if Han Sen was not going to die and supported Qin Bai, he would be the king.

This was an Annihilation-class main god that killed Moment God. Aside from Qin Bai, all the Qin Kingdom nobles had missed a good chance.

They had no idea that when Han Sen and the others tried to kill Moment God, her powers had yet to recover. She was no longer the way she was then.

“In the past, you helped me escape. I owe you one. Why are you doing this to me?” Han Sen did not want to fight Moment God for nothing.

Even if he beat Moment God, it was a pointless victory. It only gave Qin Xiu one less enemy.

“Did I not say I was not there to save you? I was saving Miss Bao’er. You do not owe me anything. Today, we must fight.” Moment God stepped forward and approached Han Sen.

Han Sen now understood why Han Jinzhi tricked Bao’er into going to the 33 skies. He wanted to use the geno hall’s power to save him.

The cause power was complicated, so he went to the 33 skies for Bao’er. If Bao’er had not gone to the 3 skies, Han Sen would not have gone inside either. He could not tell if Han Jinzhi had done this as a mistake or not.

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