Super Power – Chapter 3392

Chapter 3392 Fighting

After walking all that way, Han Sen had found nothing. Suddenly, a stone clock appeared ahead of him. The needle was madly spinning. It was moving so fast that the needle couldn’t be seen anymore.Han Sen observed it for a while. The needle was continuing to spin counterclockwise. Based on the speed it was going, any creature to enter its zone would have been instantly turned into an egg.

Han Sen stepped into the area. His eyes looked surprised. His body did react. His stone-looking body felt power from the outside. Time was like a wave of water outside of him. Han Sen felt the flow and float of the river of time on his skin.

Although his body was not moved by the reversal of time, it still shocked Han Sen. He looked at the crazy, spinning needle and thought, “Is the reversal of this spinning time too fast? Is that why my body has actually prompted some sort of reaction? Is it just this clock itself that is weird?”

Discovering the answer to that questions was not going to be difficult for Han Sen. He stepped toward the spinning needle.

As he moved, something surprised Han Sen. It thrilled him with sheer delight. When he walked to the needle, the speed of the needle increased. It was going faster than it was before.

“Something is wrong. Something is wrong with this stone clock. The needle’s speed on an ordinary stone clock is connected to Time Sky. The speed cannot be changed through ordinary means. If the speed was changed, the whole of the Time Sky would be affected. The stone clocks would be changed too unless my luck really did come.” Han Sen’s eyes looked as if they were on fire as he stared at the needle. He stopped all hesitation and went to the needle.

The closer Han Sen got to the needle, the faster the stone clock spun. The impact of the river of time was stronger. The reverse time power almost turned something he could actually see.


When Han Sen went to the needle, it was like he was a boat sailing out across a stormy sea. It was like he was trying to drive it up a waterfall. Every step he took, his body felt an absurd amount of pressure fall on him.

Since his Super God Spirit mode had evolved, this was the first time Han Sen’s body had been able to feel pressure of some kind.

“This body does not deny the ability to feel power. It is just because all opposing powers thus far have been too weak for me to feel.” Han Sen stepped forward. The time power was able to give him quite a bit of pressure, but that was all that it was. The power was not enough to move Han Sen’s body. Most importantly, it didn’t come anywhere near the realm that would see his body devolve.

Han Sen walked in front of the needle. He reached his hand out to grab the stone needle that was madly spinning. The moment his hand stopped the needle, the needle had a surge of power that made it spin even crazier. It made Han Sen’s body spin half a cycle with it. Ultimately, the needle’s movement was brought to a standstill by Han Sen. It shook, but it could no longer spin.


The stone needle was not like any other needle. Han Sen did not stop it. Instead, it exploded with power. Han Sen’s power was uncontrollably pushed away. His feet touched the stone ground, creating a deep trench in it.

Han Sen’s body used power. His hands pushed the stone edge of the uncompliant needle. The stone needle’s force was made still.

The needle continued to quiver as if it was still trying to fight back. When Han Sen held the needle and tried to suppress it, no matter how much the needle tried to move, he could not do anything.


Suddenly, Han Sen heard a cracking noise. The stone needle cracked. It made a butterfly-like crack. It spun so fast that it seemed to be too powerful. It was like the needle was going to break.

Quickly, the 90-foot-long stone needle had developed cracks along its entire structure. The needle continued to apply more power until it shattered to bits.

Amidst the cracked stone was a crystal light. It was like sword light slashing toward Han Sen.

Han Sen reached out for the crystal light and stopped it. His body was pushed back the crystal light. His legs formed two deep trenches in the ground. He was unable to stop its force, so he drew a circle in the ground.

Han Sen was now able to see that this was not a sword light. It was a needle made of crystal. It looked rather pretty, and its crystal shape was shining. It looked like an extraordinary lance built from the finest, most gracious materials. Either that, or it looked like a weird, crystal-like sword that was very big.

The crystal needle had been in the stone needle all that time. It only revealed itself when the stone shell around it broke.

“That must be correct. This must be the sky clock.” Han Sen was very happy. His body kept using power, and the crystal needle’s power kept fighting against him. The crystal needle’s spinning speed finally started to slow and cease.

Katcha! Katcha!

More cracking sounds were coming from beneath Han Sen’s feet. Many giant cracks were spreading across the face of the stone clock. A crystal light was atop that clock.

On the stone clock that was cracking and flaking away, Han Sen immediately saw the presence of what appeared to be a crystal clock. Because the needle power kept fighting Han Sen, the powerful power cracked the stone clock shell on the outside to reveal its true self.

Quickly, the stone clock was cracked. It revealed the presence of a big, crystal clock. Han Sen was standing atop the crystal clock, holding the needle. The needle kept shaking, but it could not move.

Not too long ago, Han Sen had triggered a big fight. Now, most of the creatures in the realm had been drawn there. He suspected his discovery of the sky clock would have started a big fight and brought creatures his way. By keeping them occupied elsewhere, it meant he was free for now.

“How do I claim the sky clock?” Han Sen held the needle as he fought against the sky clock. Although he could keep it under control, the sky clock had no intention of submitting and obeying him. It still tried to fight and go against Han Sen’s will for it to submit and adhere.

While Han Sen was thinking about how he might gain control of the sky clock, he felt as if someone had just arrived. He turned around and saw Ancient Devil approaching. His heart jumped.

“Why did Ancient Devil not show up any other time? Why is he only showing up now? Has this guy been following me the entire time?” Han Sen’s mind flashed with many different ideas about Ancient Devil.

Ancient Devil walked close to the sky clock and smiled at the big, crystal clock as he said, “Your luck really isn’t all that bad. It looks like you have managed to find the sky clock.”

Han Sen stared at Ancient Devil and asked, “Ancient Devil, have you been following me?”

Ancient Devil laughed. “You used to follow me! I thought it would be OK if we switched for once. That being said, I did not expect you would end up lucky enough to find the sky clock in a relatively short amount of time. You surpassed my expectations.”

“Yeah, I found it, and that which belongs to me cannot be stolen by others,” Han Sen said with a squint of his eyes.

“You have not managed to conquer it yet, so it is not yours.” Ancient Devil’s face did not change. He walked over to the sky clock.

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