Super Power – Chapter 3403

Chapter 3403 Time Figh

Moment God stepped forward. It was like time was floating behind her. It became a river of time light, and it roared at Han Sen. 

“Moment God, do you not remember that this is Time Sky? I am afraid your time powers will not be as effective here.” Han Sen used the sky clock.

The sky clock’s needles moved. Time Sky’s many stone clocks were moved because of the sky clock’s power. Moment God’s time river was affected by many different time areas. She immediately lost her advantage. Before she reached Han Sen, the time river scattered. It did not pose a threat to Han Sen. It was all thanks to the sky clock he was wielding against her.

“Time powers are not as simple as you might think.” Moment God’s face did not change. She pulled a hairpin out of her hair.

The hairpin was like a needle. Moment God clutched it as if she was gripping the hilt of a dagger.

Moment God followed the needle. Wherever the needle went, it made the sky clock spin differently. There was a great variety to the speeds. It went wild until it came to a complete stop. It was like time had just frozen.

“Moment God is very powerful. She is clearly different from how she was before.” Han Sen saw Moment God approach. All of the stone clocks ceased their spinning. Not even the sky clock could make the stone clocks move again.


Moment God walked to the sky clock’s proximity and stopped. The needle in her hand was on the edge of the sky clock. If Moment God stepped forward, the sky clock’s time would touch it.

“They are both time powers. Which is stronger, Moment God or the sky clock?” In the 17th sky, Qin Xiu looked at the geno tablet with profound interest.

“The sky clock should be stronger,” said Sky King, who was right next to him. “After all, that is Time Sky. The sky clock has the support of Time Sky’s laws. No matter how strong Moment God is, she cannot break the rules that govern Time Sky.”

He was a spirit in the 33rd sky. He should have been the leader of the 33rd sky, but the geno tablet’s existence took the 33rd sky. Sky King did not become the leader of any other sky. He just followed Qin Xiu around like a handmaiden.

“Time Sky’s power is a dead power,” Qin Xiu coldly said. “Moment God commands a power that is alive. Therein lies the pickle, you see! A dead rule might not be able to stop a living god.”

“Are you saying that Moment God might have a way to break the suppression of the rules that govern Time Sky?” Sky King asked with visible shock.

“That isn’t what I said, but you seem to get the gist of it,” Qin Xiu said. “Yes, they are both using time elements. Itchy’s Break World rate had almost reached a hundred. In their fight before, Itchy lost to Moment God. This Moment God is not a simple enemy to tackle.”

“If she is able to reach the legendary 100% Break World rate, destroying the restrictions of the rules that govern Time Sky should not be too difficult to do, but God Spirits don’t exactly use Break World powers. What can she do to break Time Sky’s rule suppression?” Sky King still did not believe Moment God could break the rules that governed the suppression of Time Sky.

“Well, I wholeheartedly suggest you shut your mouth and keep watching,” Qin Xiu coldly said. “I am sure we will find out in due time, so stop hassling me with long speeches and nonsensical questions.”

It was not just Qin Xiu feeling this way either. The God Spirits in the geno hall were watching this fight too. They were eager to find out whose time powers would prove stronger.

If the geno tablet could control the universe, Time Sky’s leader would be the future god of time. Moment God was currently the god of time.

This fight was between the future and present gods of time. It was like two factions were having a showdown.

Of course, while Han Sen was the leader of Time Sky, he did not possess any actual time elements in his body. He was not a genuine god of time.

Moment God did not hesitate. The needle went to the sky clock’s time area.


The needle entered the area. Two powers collided. It resulted in the creation of a scary time storm. The whole area of time was twisted. Sometimes things went forward, and sometimes things went in reverse. Han Sen was just a part of the audience watching this unfold. He did not join the combat between sky clock and Moment God.

First, it was because his body had a problem. He could not fight unless he was provoked by the outside. Second, he wanted to see which of the two was stronger. Was it going to be the sky clock or Moment God?

The geno tablet remained in the sky clock, but it did not do anything. It was unknown whether or not it thought it was worth fighting Moment God or not. It just watched and did not participate.

The sky clock’s needle reversed. The needle in Moment God’s hand followed her fingers. It spun clockwise. Two powers were going in forward and reverse. Nothing could stop what was going on. The whole area was stopped in time. There was an absolute balance of stillness.

“Moment God, I still have not been struck. Are your powers really this lame?” Han Sen squinted his eyes as he looked at Moment God.

Moment God did not move. She maintained the position of her needle, continuing to fight against the sky clock and its power.

Everyone thought this fight was going to last forever. Suddenly, Moment God’s needle started to spin in reverse.

The main and reverse powers of time canceled each other out. Now, Moment God was able to reverse time too. The whole area became a scary counterclockwise place.

In just a moment, all of time went back 10 million years.

Han Sen was in the reversed time. He said to Moment God, “That is putting in a good effort, but it is a shame your effort is wasted. I am the leader of Time Sky. Time here cannot take away my youth or alter my lifespan.”

“That is impossible,” Moment God said with a frown. “Even if you were the leader of Time Sky, it does not mean you should not be hurt by time power.”

“The truth is right in front of you. You can refuse to believe it, but you cannot deny cold, hard facts.” Han Sen laughed. He did not plan on leaving the reversal of time zone. That scary reverse power could not do anything to him.

If this was another creature, even a top-class time-element Break World beast that had become the leader of Time Sky, it would not feel absolutely nothing in the reversal of time.

Han Sen was only like this because his body was weird. He was not affected by time power, so he might as well beat down Moment God’s confidence.

It was a shame Moment God’s confidence was not easily subdued. She did not stop there. She spun the needle even faster to make the reversal of time go even faster and scarier.

“You are not affected because the reversal of time is not fast enough,” Moment God said while coldly looking at Han Sen.

“If that is what you choose to believe, then fine. Allow me to help you.” Han Sen’s will moved. He hurried the sky clock to make the sky clock go in full reverse.

The sky clock’s and Moment God’s time powers went in reverse. The whole area of time was unbelievably reversed. One moment became a billion years.

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