Super Power – Chapter 3406

Chapter 3406 Dead Cycle That Cannot Be Broken

Moment God was pulled away by Han Sen. Her body lost tension and fell toward him. 

Han Sen stood to the side. He used his hands to take Moment God’s time needle away from her. Moment God’s body flew away. She hit a stone clock. The stone clock broke.

A scary amount of time had been reversed, but that came to an end now that Moment God had been tossed away. The whole of the Time Sky was calm again.

The two universes went silent. All of the creatures were shocked. Moment God was the base of Time Sky and able to reverse time, yet Han Sen had easily been able to steal her weapon. Through doing that, she was sent soaring through the air. It was like a child being destroyed. It was hard to imagine.

Everyone’s mouths stayed open. The geno tablet’s and Time Sky’s lights had already faded. The videos of the geno tablet were gone. The leader fights were over.

Many elites were very shocked. They did not calm down after the video stream ended. The powers they had witnessed were too shocking. The images were seared into their minds. No one was able to forget them.

Sky King’s face still looked shocked. He asked Qin Xiu, “Mister Leader, did Han Sen really ascend to that step?”


Qin Xiu remained silent. After a while, he shook his head. “He does not have that feature just yet. I believe that his body is a little bit weird. It seems…”

“It seems what?” Sky King quickly asked.

Qin Xiu quietly said, “I wanted to use a self-gene to reach the last step in my past life, so I made this geno evolution skill. It was called The Story of Genes. It was for using your own genes to escape the boundaries of this universe, but one man’s genes are very limited in their ultimate scope. They cannot evolve the universe, so The Story of Genes was just something fake. It was nothing real that could amount to anything tangible and great. It did not achieve anything. I could not even learn it myself in my past life.”

“Mister, have you practiced The Story of Genes in this life?” Sky King asked Qin Xiu.

Qin Xiu shook his head. “I have spent this life researching The Story of Genes. This skill could make people’s genes have a breakthrough, but The Story of Genes itself, at the end of the day, was just a hypothesis. It was never more than that. It never worked. The skill required far too much body power. If I had a body that could achieve that, I would have already reached the final step. I would not need The Story of Genes. If I did not have a body like that, I could not practice The Story of Genes and would not be able to make the last step. Therefore, this is a dead cycle that cannot be solved. That is why I said The Story of Genes is a hypothesis that does not bear fruit.”

Sky King looked weird as he asked, “Now that you are talking about The Story of Genes, can you determine whether or not Han Sen practiced The Story of Genes?”

“Maybe he hasn’t,” Qin Xiu said. “If I have guessed it right, he might have actually practiced with The Story of Genes. He used the gene prototype armor to get himself a basic The Story of Genes that was at a beginner level.”

“Are you saying that he practiced with The Story of Genes to make that step?” Sky King was in shock.

Qin Xiu laughed coldly. “He is only at a beginner level. To be at the beginning does not suggest he practiced with it. Did I not say that to achieve it, you must take that step? Without that step, it cannot work. It would be a dead cycle. Now, Han Sen is just like me in my past life. He has reached a dead end with no way back. He has no chance of breaking away. The step he has reached cannot be abandoned. He will be forever forced to remain at the precise point he has reached.”

“Is there a way for him to take that step?” Sky King looked worried.

Qin Xiu coldly said, “If there was a way to make that step, I would not be forced to reincarnate after my past life. I could not do it in my past life, and he is just a normal, mixed human.”

“You are correct, Mister.” Sky King thought of who Qin Xiu was before. He felt safe and thought, “If that person cannot walk out of that dead cycle, I do not think anyone can.”

In Time Sky, Moment God got up from the rubble that was strewn about. She had white hair. Her god body was extremely frail. She no longer shone shine with a god light. She was like a woman with white hair who had fallen ill. She looked very pale and drained of life. Blood was leaking from the corner of her lips.

“Why don’t you kill me?” Moment God bit her lips. She ignored the blood on her lips and stared at Han Sen.

“Why would I want to kill you?” Han Sen asked. “You are not my enemy. In some way, we share a common enemy. The enemy of an enemy is a friend, and I do not kill friends.” The truth was that he could not actually kill Moment God.

“We are not friends. We will never be friends. If you do not kill me today, I will come back for you. You took my God Spirit, and I am going to take it back.” After Moment God said that, she turned around. She dragged her weak body with her in an attempt to break space.

“I will return it to you.” Han Sen threw the time needle to Moment God.

Moment God accepted the time needle and gnashed her teeth. She threw it back and coldly said, “I will take back what I lost. I do not need your pity and charity.”

After that, Moment God broke space and abandoned Time Sky.

Han Sen took the time needle. He looked where Moment God had departed and shook his head. “I wonder if this will work on the God of Wealth Temple. If it works, I can let her use it.”

Han Sen put the needle away. The sky clock started to fly. The geno tablet on the wheel smiled. It surrounded Han Sen, checking him out.

“What are you doing?” Han Sen asked with a frown.

The geno tablet’s voice was heard in Han Sen’s brain. “Moment God’s time power reached the max of what is possible in this universe. It only needed one more step to go beyond this universe. With that power, your body should be affected by your level, but you are fine. That is so weird.”

People thought Han Sen used the sky clock power to block Moment God’s time power, but the geno tablet knew Han Sen did not use the sky clock power.

Han Sen’s heart jumped. He pretended to remain chill and asked, “Does that mean I made that step?”

“If you had made that step, the entire universe would repel you. You would not be sitting here.” The geno tablet paused and said, “Your body truly is weird. Give me a drop of your blood, and I will test your genes again.”

“I thought you said there was no point in doing that,” Han Sen said with a smile.

The geno tablet felt embarrassed. It sounded angry as it said, “Just do as you are told and stop talking crap.”

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