Super Power – Chapter 3408

Chapter 3408 Back to Space Garden

Han Sen did not expect that even the geno tablet would be unable to test his gene mode. This was fairly hard to imagine. Even Qin Xiu’s genes were able to be analyzed by the geno tablet. This was something that had never happened before.If it was just as the geno tablet told him, he might have embarked on a path that was different from all other beings in creation. If that was true, Han Sen could not determine if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

A new type of evolution meant there was no pre-determined direction for him to follow. There was no prior experience he could use for references. Han Sen would not even know how to walk along the paths that now lay before him.

It was like one person traversing a foggy land alone. The next step might have him stumble upon holy fruit, god grass, gold mountains, or silver mountain. Stepping in another direction might have him plummet from a 10,000-foot-high cliff, encounter toxic snakes, and terrifying beasts. One step could lead to heaven, whereas another step could lead straight to hell.

The paths no person had walked before were mysteries. If there was a success to be found, the rewards and achievements were grand. Unfortunately, paths like this were often occupied by lots of blood and bones. It meant one’s general success was based on 10,000 bones.

Han Sen did not know if he was the person that could reach the altar or become a pile of bones scattered across the ground.

“With things the way there are now, I can’t go back. I have no choice but to keep on going. I hope that I can sort this disaster out before I die.” Han Sen was not worried about himself. He was just not sure if his body was enough to stop Qin Xiu.

Han Sen looked at the sky clock and said, “Geno Tablet, look at my body. What is it like when compared to Qin Xiu?”


The geno tablet went silent for a while and said, “I do not know. According to the theory, if Qin Xiu levels up to reach Reboot class and combines with the geno prototype armor, he will be the strongest life in this universe. Aside from your daughter, no other creature can fight against him.”

After saying that, the geno tablet paused for a brief while. It then said, “As for your genes, right now, they are hard to determine. Maybe something accidental and unforeseen might happen.”

“What you have just said does not mean anything.” Han Sen was speechless.

“To know something is to know something,” the geno tablet calmly said. “To not know something is to not know something. No one can tell or be certain of something if they do not understand things. Wait until you fight Qin Xiu. Only then can things be determined. You will know the results then.”

Han Sen looked at it with disdain. After he and Qin Xiu fought, the geno tablet could no longer be used for analysis.

“It doesn’t matter, anyway. I am going back. You can come on out of this now.” Han Sen no longer wanted to waste his time with the geno tablet. He lifted the sky clock while speaking.

“You do what you need to do,” the geno tablet said. “I will keep my spirit inside the sky clock.”

“Are you not leaving?” Han Sen frowned.

The geno tablet looked upset and asked, “What do you mean not leaving? I am staying inside the sky clock because I think you are great. My presence will only benefit you.”

“What good can you possibly bring me? When I participate in the geno tablet fights, will you help me?” Han Sen curled his lips as he spoke.

“Of course not,” the geno tablet said. “I created the geno tablet fights. I will not break my own rules.”

“If you are not going to help me, what is the point of you staying in the sky clock?” Han Sen harshly asked.

The geno tablet did not speak. It did not say anything, but it also did not lift itself from the sky clock. It was like it was trying to play cheap and not emerge from the sky clock.

“Hey! What are you doing? You are the geno tablet! You can’t just do this!” Han Sen shouted at the geno tablet, but he received no response. It was like the geno tablet was asleep.

There was nothing he could do about it. He put the sky clock away and abandoned the 33 skies. He returned to Space Garden.

The atmosphere in Space Garden was very tense. Huangfu Jing and the others were doing their best to battle the Break World beasts. They were hoping to reach 100 Break World points themselves, so they did not stay at the base. When Han Sen returned to the base, only Wang Yuhang was there. Zero and Little Angel had yet to return.

“Little Uncle, did you max out your Break World genes?” Han Sen sat in front of Wang Yuhang. He poured himself out a cup of water.

Wang Yuhang nodded. “They are maxed out. My Super God Spirit body evolved to ultimate mode, but my Super God Spirit body does not work in solo fights. It is only best when there are more enemies around. When it boils down to a one-on-one, it all depends on luck. I do not think I will be able to help you much.”

“Maybe not. Maybe you will have to use a lot of strength.” Han Sen smiled.

Wang Yuhang tossed a piece of fruit to Han Sen and smiled. “Do you expect me to defend Space Garden?”

“You are smart, Little Uncle.” Han Sen gave him a thumbs up. He was not afraid of the geno tablet fights. He was just afraid Qin Xiu might do something to Space Garden during the geno tablet fights.

Wang Yuhang squinted his eyes and said, “Do not worry. If the God Chaos Party attacks Space Garden, they will be sent home in body bags.”

Han Sen looked at Wang Yuhang. He felt safe and comforted. It was good to have someone to rely on.

Wang Yuhang patted Han Sen on the shoulder and said, “You can go. I have got things handled here.”

Han Sen returned to his yard. Ji Yanran was teaching Ling’er how to write. Upon seeing Han Sen come back, Ji Yanran stood up. Ling’er’s body flashed and vanished. When she appeared again, she was in Han Sen’s arms. She held Han Sen’s neck and loudly proclaimed, “Dad!”

“Isn’t that my teleportation skill. When did you learn that, Ling’er?” Han Sen was shocked. His teleportation skill came from the Very High’s God Wander. It was more complicated than the average example of space teleportation. Ordinary people could not practice this teleportation skill.

Ling’er was his daughter, but Han Sen never had the time to teach her how to teleport. Even if he did have time, to teleport cost a lot of energy. Han Sen did not believe she had what it took to use it.

Now, Ling’er had somehow learned his teleportation skills.

“In the past, you took me to play. When you used to teleport to hurry things up, I learned it.” Ling’er tilted her head as she explained.

“I only used it a few times. Did you really learn it from that?” Han Sen was shocked.

“Yes, it is very easy,” Ling’er said with a nod.

Han Sen was happy to hear this. He felt quite touched. “Maybe only you will think it is easy. Other people would be unable to learn it. Even if I went to teach them, they would not understand.”

“It is that hard, huh?” Ling’er looked unsure.

Ji Yanran, who was nearby, smiled. “Why don’t you look at who the mother is? It should not be a surprise how she can learn such things.”

“You are right, Master Wife.” Han Sen smiled and nodded.

As they chatted, Han Yufei was conducting a very special test in the Space Garden’s lab.

“Little Baby… Be good… Your mother will make you the strongest creature in the universe.” As Han Yufei stared at the machine, she looked crazy.

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