Super Power – Chapter 3410

Chapter 3410 With Light and Dus

“You are right. I do not want something to happen to Bao’er. Don’t you worry. I know what to do.” Han Sen paused and said, “Giving Bao’er too much pressure is flat-out not good for her. Let her rest for the night. Let her come home with me to have dinner. Let her relax, unwind, and get some energy back.” 

“Sure.” Chaos nodded in agreement.

Han Sen took Bao’er back with him to Space Garden. He called for his family to convene. Together with Bao’er, they all had dinner.

Aside from Littleflower and Ling’er, Tang Ming’er, Zero, Little Angel, Little Silver, and the others were all there. The whole family was complete.

Bao’er did not enjoy practicing. She had been trying hard for so long that she had grown bored of it. Now, she was like a happy girl again. This was a night that gave her a chance to have fun.

Bao’er and her siblings, the three of them, were playing games. Han Sen and Ji Yanran sat on the couch watching them. Little Silver lay across Han Sen’s lap. Its eyes were closed. It allowed Han Sen to stroke its silver hair. Han Sen wished time could freeze then and there.

Han Sen’s phone rang. It was displaying Mister White’s number, so he answered the call.


Han Sen could not help but ask, “Mister White, have you learned anything on the matter we discussed?”

“It is difficult for me to describe with mere words,” Mister White said. “If you are free, I suggest you come visit my place.”

“Sure. I will head over there now.” Han Sen put the phone down. He had no choice but to send Bao’er back to the sanctuaries. He then went to the place in Space Garden where Mister White lived.

When Han Sen saw Mister White, he quickly asked, “Mister White, have you found anything?”

Mister White looked at Han Sen and said, “I have some predictions, but I am not too sure how accurate they are. I will have to conduct more tests. Can you use the Dongxuan Sutra now?”

Han Sen thought, “This is hard for me to say. I cannot use the Dongxuan Sutra like I used to. When I am in danger and need to use it, I can use the Dongxuan Aura and feel everything that poses a threat to me. It not quite like the Dongxuan Aura I used to know. It is difficult for me to describe.”

Mister White nodded. He suddenly reached his hand out and patted Han Sen on the chest.

Mister White stood in front of Han Sen, who was not aware of Mister White’s movement. His hand had suddenly moved. It was like a phantom ghost hand.

Even if Qin Xiu was there, he might not have been able to avoid it. Just as Mister White’s hand was going to touch Han Sen, his body reacted on instinct and moved to avoid Mister White’s incoming hand.

Han Sen did not fight back. He did not look alert. He did, however, give Mister White a questioning look. He did not believe Mister White wanted to hurt him. He must have had his reasons to do that.

Mister White looked at Han Sen’s body and said, “I see. Your body has reached With Light and Dust level.”

Han Sen was confused, which he shared with Mister White via a look. He asked, “With Light and Dust level? What is that supposed to mean?”

“I thought you were a student of Xuan Men. Are these simple Xuan Men words already beyond your understanding? Did you not read the Xuan Men dictionary I gave you?” Mister White looked like he was smiling at Han Sen, but he was not smiling.

Han Sen felt embarrassed. “You know I cannot find time to relax and read. Plus, I have very bad luck. Bad things follow me like a bad smell. I can never have the time to study literature.”

Mister White laughed and said, “That is certainly nonsense. You just don’t want to read books. Otherwise, with your evolving speed, remembering these Xuan Men dictionaries would not be difficult.”

Han Sen blushed. He felt rather sad by the insinuation and said, “I am afraid this is useless. The Xuan Men is not really like mathematics. If I cannot understand the text, remembering it would be pointless.”

Mister White nodded and said, “You really are not suitable at learning Xuan Men. If you do not practice Xuan Men but can practice the Dongxuan Sutra to such a level, it is something I can only describe as odd. If you have the time, you should explain the Dongxuan Sutra to Ji Yanran. She is very good with Xuan Men. She will achieve a lot with the Dongxuan Sutra.”

“If things are indeed that way, then that is great. I will go and teach her tonight.” Han Sen felt a bit excited. When he started speaking, his smile started to become bitter.

“You miss the Dongxuan Sutra.” Mister White looked at Han Sen with a soft smile.

Han Sen shook his head. “Ji Yanran is a wife who has gone through life-and-death situations with me. It is not just the Dongxuan Sutra. I am willing to teach her anything and everything I know. But like you said, Ji Yanran is very good with this stuff. When she learns the Dongxuan Sutra, she will see through everything and be more sensitive. That will be very hard for me to live with.”

“What you are saying makes sense. If the water is too clear, there can be no fish. If people get too close, there will be a fissure growing. It is always good to have some space and distance.” After saying that, Mister White said smiled. “Don’t you worry. I already told you that your body has already reached the With Light and Dust level. Even if Ji Yanran practiced the Dongxuan Sutra to your level, she will still be unable to see through you.”

“Mister White, was does this With Light and Dust level mean?” Han Sen quickly asked.

“With means flat,” Mister White explained. “It means to cover. And means equal, so there are no differences. Mirrors capture dust and forbid shining. Whoever has the light will one day burn out and go dark someday. It means to cover yourself with the light. It is to be like dust. If you do not have light, you will not be dark.”

After thinking about Mister White’s short speech, Han Sen asked, “Are you saying to wait for the chance to come and do not reveal yourself? What does any of that have to do with my body?”

Mister White nodded. “People are aware that swords are sharp, and they know cannons can be destructive. There are things in this world that cannot be sorted out by swords and cannons. It is like when you are thirsty, you require water. When you are hungry, you require food. Even if you have an indestructible, ultimate sword or a cannon that can obliterate planets, they are pointless to have in such situations.”

Han Sen retreated into thought. It looked like he was understanding something, but he didn’t understand a thing.

Mister White went on to say, “Ordinary creatures evolve along a path. There is a path of progress that leads them into obtaining more power. That sort of guided evolution is very limiting. It can be overbearing in the universe. In another area, such powers can be useless.”

“Are you saying that my body can do anything in this area?” Han Sen understood what Mister White meant.

“Yes. You are not so stupid after all. Although your understanding is not very accurate, that’s what it means.” Mister White smiled.

“Why did I not have any feelings like that? Let’s not just say I can do anything in any area and at the same time. Why can’t I do something that my power is capable of achieving?” Han Sen looked at Mister White with confusion trying to figure out was had happened to him.

“That is because you have yet to understand your body,” Mister White seriously said. “The hardest thing to understand in this world is yourself. Try to understand yourself, and you will make progress someday.”

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