Super Power – Chapter 3412

Chapter 3412 Spring Autumn Mea

“Let me try it.” Han Sen did not have power like Dragon Lady. He could only enter the kitchen and use ordinary kitchen utensils and instruments to cook with. 

The Spring Autumn Meat contained three ingredients. The first was a heap of spring spices. The second ingredient was autumn mushrooms, and the third was a prime cut of thunder beast meat.

The skin of a thunder beast was tough. Although it was not a high-class xenogeneic, ordinary weapons were unable to damage its skin. The meat, however, was very fresh. That was especially true of the meat on its back. It was very thin and small. It made for excellent food to fry.

The spring spices were crispy. The autumn mushrooms were smooth. When combined, the two of them could effectively get rid of the gamey taste. The three of them worked to present a wonderful dish. The meat accentuated the smells of the spring spices and autumn mushrooms. The meat was able to make the vegetables oily but not too greasy. It provided a refreshing taste.

That dish seemed easy to make. All one had to do was put the three ingredients in, and then get to work frying. Regarding the seasoning, all one had to add was some salt and sugar. The three ingredients were enough to make an award-winning taste.

However, a dish like that was hard to improve upon. The spring spices were the freshest they could be. To cook at a high temperature meant perfect timing was needed.

After a long amount of time, the spring spices tended to lose their crispiness. If they were not done well enough, their spicy tastes would not come out to compliment the dish, rendering it all difficult to swallow. Without the spices to erase the gamey taste of the thunder beast’s meat, it would taste poorly.


The thunder beast meat was fresh, so it could not be cooked for too long. The autumn mushrooms, however, could be cooked for a long time. One could not cook it for long though. Otherwise, the natural mushroom taste disappeared.

These three ingredients required three different fires. The timing for each was very strict.

One had to control the fire accurately and sort out the ingredients. It was a complicated process. The spring spices and autumn mushrooms had to be cooked in slices. The heat needed to be equal, so the autumn mushrooms had to be thin while the spring spices had to be thick. That was how they were able to be cooked at the same time.

The thunder beast meat needed to be clean. Dragon Lady had already done that on Han Sen’s behalf, so he did not need to worry about that.

That simple meat actually had many rules for cooking. Dragon Lady did not think someone like Han Sen could prepare a decent spring autumn meat dish. Then again, Han Sen was known for constantly surprising people. Therefore, Dragon Lady was wise enough not to underestimate him.

Han Sen always cooked meat, but he never fried his food. After watching Dragon Lady fry the spring autumn meat, he somehow seemed to understand something. He had a confidence that could not be described.

Although he did not have Dragon Lady’s magical tools, he was able to use ordinary cooking and make great use of them. He looked like a pro while using them. He was not a rookie. That was for sure.

The cleaver in Han Sen’s hand had a rhythm to the way it sliced. It did not go fast, but it did not go slow. Its usage produced a melody that could not be described. Even Dragon Lady thought Han Sen’s way of cutting up food was an art form.

Dragon Lady stared at Han Sen as she thought, “His skills and cooking skills go hand in hand. Han Sen’s knife skills are so good. Even his cutting is so good. Just because his cutting is good, it does not mean he can cook good food. How will he be able to fry this spring autumn meat?”

Han Sen did not think much. He cut the ingredients up and put them in the wok. Everything was so smooth that it was as if he had done this a thousand times.

Han Sen had only seen Dragon Lady prepare and cook the spring autumn meat, so the feelings were amazing.

Dragon Lady looked at Han Sen. The more she watched, the wider her eyes became. Han Sen conducted every step with amazing precision and accuracy. It was truly brilliant. Rather than just focusing on the accuracy, one could also say his rhythm was perfection. Even Dragon Lady did not think she could do better than Han Sen when it came to that.

“Since when did he learn how to cook?” Dragon Lady was shocked. This level of cooking finesse did not happen in one day.

As she watched Han Sen prepare the ingredients for cooking, she knew he must have been really familiar with the textures of the food. He could do whatever he wanted with them.

Shortly after, Dragon Lady’s surprise morphed into confusion. Han Sen’s process was the same as hers. In the end, there was a slight difference.

The spring spices should have been dropped into the pan after the autumn mushrooms, but Han Sen reversed this process. This time, he cooked the spring spices first. From Dragon Lady’s point of view, this was wrong. When the autumn mushrooms were cooked, the spring spices would be overcooked. They would not be crispy, and the taste would not be so fresh.

“If he cooks like this, the spring autumn meat will be ruined.” Dragon Lady shook her head.

Dragon Lady was most surprised by the fact that Han Sen did not actually fry the autumn mushrooms. He only fried the spring spices a little. Then, he picked them up. He picked up the meat and the spring spices.

“You haven’t cooked the autumn mushrooms,” Dragon Lady reminded him.

“You can put them in now,” Han Sen said. He put the thin slices of autumn mushrooms on top. They covered the spring spices and thunder beast meat.

Dragon Lady was shocked. She did not know what Han Sen was doing. Han Sen poured some oil into the wok and watched the oil.

When the oil was heated, Han Sen lifted the wok and put the oil onto the plate.

The golden oil was on the white mushrooms. The mushrooms became yellow. It was like a layer of gold, and it produced a delicious smell.

The smell of the mushrooms, oil, meat, and spring spices all swirled together in an intoxicating haze. The chemical reaction was unbelievable. It created a vegetable smell that drew saliva out of people’s mouths. Even Dragon Lady had to gulp down a lot of saliva when she saw it.

“It is done. Please, try it.” Han Sen put the spring autumn meat in front of Dragon Lady.

Dragon Lady was shocked. She grabbed the chopsticks and picked up spring spices. After placing them in her mouth, her eyes opened wide. She looked as if she could not believe what she was tasting.

The spring spices had absorbed the tastes of the autumn mushrooms and the meat. The spices themselves were so crispy that they made a large impact on the tongue the moment they touched down on it. Dragon Lady’s mouth was overwhelmed by the orgy of flavors. With the right amount of salt and sugar in her mouth, it kept going and going to tease her tongue’s most sensitive tastebuds. It made Dragon Lady keep producing saliva. Before she could taste it all, she could not help but gobble it all up.

Dragon Lady could not wait to try out the autumn mushrooms and the thunder beast meat. She hastily stuffed them into her mouth. The tastes were strong. The meat and mushrooms were all around her teeth as she gnashed, drenching her mouth in flavor. It conquered her tongue. The tasty presence exploded in her mouth.

“How did you do that?” Dragon Lady looked at Han Sen with a look of disbelief. It was as if she did not know who he was.

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