Super Power – Chapter 3414

Chapter 3414 Special Genius

As Han Sen read, he spoke in a very excited manner. “I should be able to understand a little.”It did not matter if he was to make food or study books, they were the sort of tasks Han Sen had never been good at. Now, Han Sen was performing really well with all the stuff he was supposed to be bad at. If that was the With Light and Dust level Mister White talked about, to Han Sen, it was an unimaginable boon.

“Mister White said my body can be used in any field. Does that mean my body will become a genius that is talented in everything? No matter what I do or what I learn, will I be better than others?” Han Sen read the Xuan Men Hidden Real Explanation and came to understand Xuan Men a whole of a lot more. He had tried learning it for many years, but now he was understanding it a lot more.

Although reading that book did not mean he had learned Xuan Men, it was not like before when he only knew a small amount.

He closed the book and looked at Ji Yanran’s face. He looked at Ji Yanran and felt bad.

“What are you looking at?” Ji Yanran reached out her hands and pushed Han Sen. She felt bad.

“I am looking at your face.” Han Sen did not look away. He reached out his hands and touched Ji Yanran’s jaw. He smiled.

“You know how to look at people’s faces, don’t you?” Ji Yanran looked at Han Sen with shock.


In the Xuan Men, faces were not an aspect of superstition. There was a skill that allowed them to be observed, however. It was called Be Born from the Heart. It was not like if one thought of evil things they looked ugly or thought of good deeds and looked dashing.

Be Born from the Heart meant a person’s temper and personality could affect one’s face. For example, people who worked hard did not usually have much in the way of emotion. They loved frowning, so their foreheads tended to have more wrinkles.

People who laughed a lot had more wrinkles around their eyes and mouth.

To go deeper, if a person had a bad temper, their livers would be on fire. If they stayed up late, they developed a bad throat and bad nose. They got dark circles around their eyes and would lose their hair.

All of life’s experiences left traces on a person’s face. They were traces others could see on a face, so one could use that as a foundation for judging a person.

Knowing a face required a lot of knowledge like one would need to study medicine and biology. They were the most basic fundamentals. Han Sen used to learn some of this stuff. Because he thought it was too much trouble and a big waste of time, he didn’t bother learning it.

Han Sen, who was half a Xuan Men student looking from the outside in, was not as accurate as the average fortune teller one might find on the street.

As Han Sen looked at Ji Yanran’s face, he saw her in a completely different light. In the past, he could not identify and register the traces. Now, they were illuminated in front of him.

It was reminiscent of the phrase, “When you are inside a circle, you are looking inside. When you are outside, you are always just looking for the heat.” Now, Han Sen could see something that was technically inside him.

“Sure. Now, tell me what you see in my face.” Ji Yanran removed Han Sen’s hand. She put her face in front of Han Sen and looked at him with interest.

“Four days ago, Littleflower went to the Alliance, right?” Han Sen asked with a smile.

Ji Yanran looked at Han Sen’s face and asked, “Did you get all of that just from looking at my face?”

Han Sen reached out his finger and touched Ji Yanran’s lips. There was a lighter color on Han Sen’s finger.

Han Sen said with a smile, “This is the lipstick you always use. This brand can only be found in the Alliance, and it the latest. It has only been out for four days. I bet the manager will deliver the newest thing to our house. Only Littleflower can fetch the lipstick from the Alliance for you.”

After thinking a moment, Ji Yanran asked, “How do you know for sure that it was Littleflower who went back to the Alliance? Maybe it was yesterday, or perhaps it was two days ago.”

“No.” Han Sen shook his head with certainty. “You really like to focus on your appearance, but you don’t do makeup. Usually, you focus on skincare to moisture your face and give it a subtle sheen. This lipstick is the product you always use. There is nothing more than that. Every time there is a new product, you always make sure to try it out first.”

Ji Yanran looked at Han Sen and smiled. She did not speak. It made Han Sen feel a bit worried. “Why are you looking at me like that? Am I right or not?”

“I did not expect this,” Ji Yanran said, with a roll of her eyes. “You even know what sort of lipstick I use. How did I not know you cared about me that much?”

“What does that mean? You are my wife. How could I not care about you? I just never told you I do.” Han Sen held Ji Yanran by the waist as he spoke.

Ji Yanran squeezed his waist and said, “Stop talking crap. Tell me, did you really learn how to read people’s faces? What else did you see?”

“I could see my father-in-law has not been doing so well. He must have gotten bullied by my mother-in-law.” Han Sen looked at Ji Yanran’s face as he spoke.

Ji Yanran opened her eyes wide and asked, “How can you know that?”

“That is not something difficult to know. The necklace around your neck belongs to your mother-in-law…” Han Sen explained the story. It shocked Ji Yanran.

Ji Yanran then asked Han Sen something. He was able to answer her smoothly. From what he saw of her body, he could predict a lot of stuff, even what she did daily could be seen. It gave Ji Yanran quite the shock.

She had learned how to read people too. After a long, arduous time of learning it, she had only grasped a bit. She was better than Han Sen before, but Han Sen was far better than her now.

“Did you really read all of the Xuan Men Hidden Real Explanation?” Ji Yanran looked at Han Sen with a doubting look.

“I would not say I read it all,” Han Sen said. “I read about half of it.”

“You would not be researching it secretly without me knowing, would you? After you understood it, you came here and put on a show just to one-up me.” Ji Yanran found it hard to believe that Han Sen had only read it once and understood it so well.

“It takes 10 years of hard work off the stage to go up on stage for one minute, and that is how it is for a commoner. Your husband is a unique genius. I do not need to practice for 10 years. I only need a moment to be up on stage.” Han Sen looked cocky.

“I do not believe you.” Ji Yanran did not believe it. She pulled out another Xuan Men document and presented it to Han Sen. “This is a smaller book. You should go and read it. If you can understand what is in this, I will believe you are a genius.”

“Dear, it is bad to not trust your husband,” Han Sen said.

“I only trust my own judgment,” Ji Yanran said while curling her lips. “Men cannot be trusted. They are liars and cannot be trusted.”

Han Sen said, “What you are saying is wrong. I am not like any other man.”

“Yes, you are right,” Ji Yanran seriously said. “You are more untrustworthy than the average man!”

Han Sen’s mouth opened wide. He had suddenly been rendered speechless. He rolled his eyes and laughed. “Fine, I will read this smaller book. If I understand everything, you will have to pay me back with something.”

“What do you want?” Ji Yanran asked with a blink.

Han Sen grinned. He whispered something to Ji Yanran. It made Ji Yanran’s face turned red. She madly pinched Han Sen’s waist and replied, “You go to hell!”

“What? Are you afraid? Do you not want to bet? Do you not trust yourself now? You know your husband is a genius, therefore, you are afraid.” Han Sen lifted his lips.

Ji Yanran gnashed her teeth and said, “I am not afraid. We can make the gamble. I do not believe you can just read this book once and learn it all.”

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