Super Power – Chapter 3415

Chapter 3415 Challenging Qin Xiu

The next morning, Han Sen woke up from his dreams. Ji Yanran’s body was soft. She looked boneless on his body. She had slept well. It looked as if she was very tired after what they had done the night before.Han Sen kissed Ji Yanran’s cheek and felt very proud.

The previous night, he read the smaller book about Xuan Men once. It made Ji Yanran keep her promise to spend a good night with him.

For Han Sen, it was not just that it was amazing. His body was very strange. Even during S*x, it was very special. It was like he understood more than before. A gentle touch was enough to drive Ji Yanran crazy.

“Does that mean my body has reached that level?” Han Sen was very happy. He felt as if nothing in the world could stop him.

He got out of bed, put some clothes on, and left the house. He wanted to try out something he was not very good at to see if his body would adjust well to it. After opening the door of the house, he saw a light in the sky. The geno tablet was lighting up again.

“Someone has challenged a leader’s seat.” Han Sen raised his head and looked shocked.

The light in the sky that was shining was of the 17th sky, where Qin Xiu was.


“Who wants to challenge Qin Xiu?” Han Sen looked at the geno tablet. He wanted to see who had the audacity to challenge Qin Xiu. He could not think of anyone in the universe who would be willing to do such a thing.

Han Sen was not the only one who was confused by this. Many elites in the geno hall and the God Chaos Party were in shock too. They could not imagine who might have wanted to challenge Qin Xiu now.

Quickly, the geno tablet displayed an image of the 17th sky. Qin Xiu and another shadow appeared on the screen.

“It is her!” When Han Sen saw the shadow, he recognized who it was.

It was a beautiful woman. She was so pretty that she did not seem like a human. It was hard to make people think of her in a wrong way.

“It is Moon God of the Witch! Why would she challenge Qin Xiu?” Han Sen was very confused, but no one could provide him with an answer to the riddle.

“It is her! It is her!” Wang Yuhang’s voice was heard from afar. He was shouting as he approached.

Han Sen walked up to him and asked, “What do you mean it is her? Do you know who she is?”

Wang Yuhang quickly said, “When I was trapped in the 33 skies, she was the woman who saved me. But she wrecked me pretty good. I vowed to exact my revenge on her.”

“I think you should stay away from her,” Han Sen said with a wry smile.

Wang Yuhang looked as if he had been slighted. “I was unable to beat her, but my Super God Spirit body has evolved into ultimate mode now. I should have what it takes to defeat her.”

“Do you have any idea who she is?” Han Sen asked with a smile.

“I do not care who she is! If I see gods, I kill gods. If I see a Buddha, I kill a Buddha!” Wang Yuhang was screaming.

“Her name is Moon God,” Han Sen said. “Just like Han Yufei, they are Witches from many years ago. But Han Yufei is weaker among all other Witches. Moon God is one of the strongest Witches.”

Wang Yuhang stopped talking. In Space Garden, not many people put fear into Wang Yuhang’s heart. Bao’er was one such person though. Ling’er was another. It was Han Yufei he was afraid of the most, however.

Han Yufei frequently tested Wang Yuhang. He was scared just hearing her name spoken.

“Cough! Cough! We are both victims. You should have mentioned that sooner.” Wang Yuhang immediately agreed with Han Sen. He looked around, scanning their surroundings. He was now afraid Han Yufei was in the immediate area. He did not want her to hear what he had just said.

“Who are you with?” A voice was heard outside the door. It made Wang Yuhang’s legs go soft. He had to grab a hold of Han Sen’s arm as not to fall over.

Han Yufei then came out from the nearest door. She looked at Wang Yuhang as if she was smiling, but she was not actually smiling.

Wang Yuhang quickly said, “Sister Yufei, I was just joking. Sister Moon God is the same race as you, so that would make her my sister as well. Not to just trick me, but even if she wanted my heart on a platter, I would willingly end my life and give it to her.”

Wang Yuhang was really afraid of Han Yufei. He was afraid Han Yufei was going to conduct even more tests on him.

Although Han Yufei was not in the mood to deal with him now, he looked at Han Sen and asked, “Why would Moon God challenge Qin Xiu?”

“I should be the one asking you that,” Han Sen said. “Why has she gone to challenge Qin Xiu? You guys are from the same race, so you should be able to understand more than me.”

Han Yufei shook her head and said, “Qin Xiu broke the barriers of the universe to reach the geno universe. His body was repelled by the universe, and he was suppressed by the geno hall. My race is the one that saved him and allowed him to continue living. Although we only did this on behalf of Wan’er back then, Moon God fought the God Spirits because of it. She did so to keep him alive. She saved his life. Even if Qin Xiu became the new universe leader, he would not do anything to Moon God. I do not know why Moon God has moved to challenge him.”

“Do you think Moon God has what it takes to challenge Qin Xiu in combat?” Han Sen thought Moon God might stand a chance.

Qin Xiu was powerful, but the Witches were not bad either.

Back then, the leaders of the God Chaos Party and geno hall made a life form. One of them was Human Alpha. That was the first Qin Xiu.

The other life form was the alpha of the Witch race. Han Sen did not know what the Witch alpha was called. He did not know if they were even alive anymore.

Judging from all this, the blood of a Witch was enough to fight Qin Xiu. Moon God was the best out of all the Witch race, so perhaps she did have enough power to battle Qin Xiu. Otherwise, with her personality, why else would she challenge Qin Xiu?

“I don’t know.” Han Yufei shook her head.

In the 17th sky, Moon God stepped forward. She was like a god walking in the pale moonlight. She did not wield any fire. If a sky full of creatures did not know what this fight meant, they would think she was merely playing around.

Qin Xiu looked at Moon God. He did not look as full of himself as usual. He bowed and said, “Sister Moon, it has been many years. How are you?”

A sky full of creatures was shocked. They did not think there was another person who could make Qin Xiu behave like this.

Moon God coldly said, “But now, I am not doing so good.”

“Who dared to make you upset?” Qin Xiu smiled at her.

“It was you,” Moon God coldly said.

Qin Xiu knew she was going to say that. He did not bite back. He merely said, “If I made you upset, you can just beat me. I will not fight back.”

“Do you think I will feel guilty for you saying that?” Moon God coldly asked.

“That is not what I meant,” Qin Xiu seriously said. “Sister Moon, you were always so good to me and my sister. If you want to kill me, I will not fight back.”

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