Super Power – Chapter 3417

Chapter 3417 Reboot Class

“Sister Moon, you have already maxed out and broken the world. I must congratulate you!” Qin Xiu’s face did not change. He did not seem to care about the wounds on his arm. He looked sincere in his bow and congratulations to her. 

As he bowed, the wounds on his arm and the broken black crystal armor had already recovered. No trace of the wounds he had just incurred was found.

Han Sen frowned and thought, “The geno prototype armor has a real body inside it. What does this mean? Did Qin Xiu give up his body and use a pure spirit body to enter the geno prototype armor? If this was true, there should not be any actual body inside it.”

“I must congratulate you as well, Moon God coldly said. “It looks like you did it. You reached Reboot level. You made your body.”

“This is as I expected all along. There is nothing particular joyous or special about this. But tell me, Sister Moon, do you still want to fight me?” Qin Xiu was neither happy nor sad. He looked like this was what was always supposed to happen.

“I said that I would deliver three palms, and now I have delivered my three palms,” Moon God said. “You do not need to try me.” She then walked away. She broke space and departed the 17th sky. The 33 skies’ bai sema was unable to stop her exit.

When Moon God left, the shadow of the geno tablet faded away. The 17th sky returned to how it used to be. No weird lights continued to shock the sky and all that jazz.


Han Sen felt a little strange after bearing witness to that encounter. He did not know why Moon God did not attack him more. She was very high-profile and had gone all the way up there to fight him, yet she had only wanted to attack the man three times. It did not seem as if that was something Moon God would do.

While Han Sen was lost in thought, he saw the space in front of him ripple like water. A beautiful body like a mirror flower water moon was spreading through space ahead like a shockwave. It was Moon God arriving, the one who had just struck Qin Xiu three times.

Han Yufei looked at Moon God. She looked a bit shy. She stood straight and called out her name politely. “Sister Moon!”

“Little Yufei, you are still so lazy. With your potential, if you were not glued to your research all the time, your accomplishments and strength would be no inferior to mine.” Moon God sounded as if she was trying to lecture her and as if she had raised her all her life but had failed.

“Our paths were always meant to diverge,” Han Yufei said while lifting the frame of her black glasses. She stared at Moon God. “It does not mean the path you walked was right and mine was wrong.”

“Whatever. It is good enough to learn that you are happy. Since you were young, I was never able to control or steer you in any particular direction that wasn’t your own.” After saying that, Moon God, proceeded to ignore Han Yufei. She looked at Han Sen and said, “Have you learned my three palms?”

Han Sen was shocked and asked, “The three times you hit Qin Xiu, was that something you actually wanted to show me?”

“So, have you learned them?” Moon God asked again.

“I understand a bit of what you showcased, but even if I did understand them fully, it would be pointless. My body has a problem. Thus, I will be unable to use them.” Han Sen had to answer her this way. He was just trying to be polite, but he actually understood what he had seen completely.

The three palms were three different levels of the Cold Sutra. The first two levels were called Ice and Jade Shatter. Han Sen was able to do those. The last one he saw was Moon Break. It should have been something Moon God had created after she reached a Break World rate of 100. Han Sen was able to understand it just fine, but his body would not allow him to use it whenever he pleased.

Moon God asked, “Have you been able to understand Qin Xiu’s power yet?”

“I understand some, but not all of it,” Han Sen said. “His body was only created when he reached Reboot class, isn’t that right?”

Moon God nodded and said, “Yes, that is correct. Upon reaching Reboot class, it means he has achieved an undying body. Even without a god temple or a base, he can infinitely reboot. He can reset his body to a certain time and space. No matter what kind of damage he takes, his body will be rebooted to that time. So, no matter how strong your powers are, you are unable to kill him. You can make his body turn into nothing, but he can still return to the time he was first able to revive.”

After briefly thinking, Han Sen asked, “Is there no other way to kill him? Like, can we use time power and prohibit him from going back to that time?”

“Rebooting is not a simple time power,” Moon God said. “Even if you achieved mastery over time and space powers, you cannot affect his reboot powers. Otherwise, why else do you think only Reboot-class people can assert control over the geno hall? Why would they be the ones labeled the masters of the universe? Reboot class means you have an immortal body. In this entire world, there are only five people who are Reboot class.”

“There are five?” Han Sen looked at Moon God. He could not imagine how there could be five such people.

Moon God said, “In the past, the Geno Hall Leader was the only Reboot God Spirit. He was the first, and he was the beginning of the Reboot class. Without him, there could not be another four Reboot-class people.”

After a pause, Moon God said, “The second Reboot-class person is someone you seem to know rather well. That person is Bao’er, who happens to have that leader’s blood. She will become Reboot class. It is only a matter of time before she does. The third person is the current God Hall Leader. Before the old leader rebooted the universe, he put his power into the geno hall. He controlled the geno hall, and that is why the universe has been able to maintain peace for so long.”

“So, are you saying the fourth is Qin Xiu? If that is so, who might the fifth person be?” Han Sen asked.

“If you knew Qin Xiu was Reboot class, then you should also know who that person is,” Moon God said to Han Sen with a smile. “Can you not guess the other Reboot-class person?”

“Witch Alpha!” Han Sen’s heart jumped as he said it out.

Back in the day, whoever earned the leader’s blood was not just a human alpha. There was the alpha of the Witch, but Han Sen did not know what happened to the Witch Alpha.

Han Sen peered at Moon God’s face. He knew he was correct, so he asked, “Is the Witch Alpha still alive? Is she still here in the current incarnation?”

Moon God smiled. “Do you think Qin Xiu only let me hit him because he owes me a favor?”

“Are you saying he is afraid of the Witch Alpha?” Han Sen’s heart was shaking.

“That is only half correct. He needed to return a favor to me, but he was also scared. However, the Witch Alpha is dead. Now, there is only Tai Yi of the Witch.” When Moon God mentioned those two words, Tai Yi, she looked a bit cocky.

“Tai Yi is the Witch Alpha in a reincarnated form.” Han Sen’s mouth opened wide. He remained frozen for quite a while.

Moon God sighed. “Not exactly. The Witch Alpha died and was reincarnated. When she was reincarnated, there was a problem. Her soul split into two. Tai Yi is one of those halves.”

“Was it really split in two? In that case, the other one…” Han Sen wanted to ask who it was, but then he thought about someone. He screamed and asked, “Is the other one Sky God King Qun?”

“You seem to know a lot, but King Qun is of the Witch.” Moon God looked at Han Sen. She was surprised he knew about the existence of Sky God King Qun.

Han Sen knew who King Qun was, but he was shocked all the same. He did not believe the allegation, so he said, “That can’t be right. King Qun and Tai Yi are different. How could he be another half of the soul of the Witch Alpha?”

Moon God sighed. “Sometimes an identity does not mean anything. Even though he is half of the Witch Alpha incarnate, he might not be able to reach the end. But that is fine. King Qun does not matter as it is the business of the Witch. You do not need to be involved. Tai Yi will handle it.”

After pausing, Moon God said to Han Sen, “You saw my three palms. You saw Qin Xiu’s body. This is good. Use my three palms to practice with Bao’er. If she can evade Moon Break, she can battle Qin Xiu. Otherwise, do not bother joining the geno tablet fights.”

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