Super Power – Chapter 3419

Chapter 3419 The Geno Tablet Fights Begin

“Maybe.” Han Yufei did not argue, but everyone was able to tell Moon God had been unable to convince her. 

Moon God did not carry on with this subject. She addressed Han Sen and said, “You are good. Your body is strong. I cannot say for certain that you are greater than Qin Xiu, but in this universe, you certainly rank amongst the best. Few could ever hope to rival you. With the way your body is, fighting alongside Bao’er would be beneficial. You could aid her a lot.”

After Han Sen thought about it, he thought what she said made sense. With Bao’er’s power, she would be able to activate the power inside Han Sen’s body. Perhaps he could see where the limitations of his body resided.

“We are only four days away from the geno tablet fights,” Moon God said. “You should make the most of the time you have to practice. I will be leaving. I hope I will see you guys live.” She then walked away. She did not try to stay. After a few steps, she vanished into thin air without a trace.

Han Sen wanted to go back to the sanctuaries to find Bao’er. Han Yufei stopped him and asked, “Han Sen, what are you planning on doing?”

“I do not know what I can even do. I think I will go back to the sanctuaries. It is as Moon God said. I should use my body to fight Bao’er. Perhaps I will be able to help her.” Han Sen was half lying and half speaking the truth.

Han Yufei’s eyes were like a pair of sharp blades. It was like her vision was slicing up Han Sen’s heart. She smiled coldly and proceeded to ask, “Is this about you helping Bao’er, or will Bao’er be helping you?”


“Is there a difference between the two?” Han Sen was shocked, but he pretended to remain calm.

Han Yufei looked at him with disdain. “With your personality being what it is, I do not think you will permit Bao’er to take the risk. I don’t think you ever planned on allowing Bao’er to participate in the geno tablet fights. You will get Bao’er to fight you for your sake. She will help you. It is not you helping her.”

Wang Yuhang, who was on the sidelines, laughed loudly. He did not say anything, but he obviously agreed with the assessment.

“Can I be seen through that easily?” Han Sen asked with a wry smile.

Wang Yuhang smiled. “Do I have to explain it to you? We have known each other for a very long time, and I know exactly what kind of person you are. Things like this should not be guessed.”

“Fine. You guys do whatever you want. I am going back to the sanctuaries for the time being.” Han Sen felt bad as he bid them goodbye.

Han Yufei patted him on the shoulder and said, “Do not worry, you can go. Even if you die, all will be fine. Your genes and Blood-Pulse will live on.”

Han Sen thought Han Yufei meant what she said purely because of the fact he already had kids, so he did not think too much about what she said to him.

“I do not want to die yet. Stop cursing me, OK? I am leaving. Do not mention anything about this to the others.” After Han Sen gave them a warning, he waved goodbye and returned to the sanctuaries.

Han Sen wanted to fight Bao’er and obtain a better understanding of himself, but Chaos denied Han Sen’s desire. She said Bao’er and the gene seed were in a critical time, and that combination was very much nigh. She had to focus on her combination with the gene seed. There was no time for Han Sen to meddle and get involved.

Han Sen felt pretty glum about that, so he gave up on his proposed idea. He tried doing something else to understand his body more.

If Han Sen had counted on luck and effort in the past, his genes now made him into some sort of super genius. No matter what he did, he could just learn things.

He released Holy Pirate and played a game of chess with him. He beat him 19 times in a row.

Even though Han Sen was not very good with music, learning an instrument sounded much simpler. He was quickly able to learn all sorts of songs and melodies. It was like he had swiftly become a musical maestro.

Even Feng Fei Fei and Feng Yin Yin thought Han Sen’s musical talents were beyond incredible. They thought the Han Sen they were seeing was someone else in disguise.

“Being too smart is actually troublesome.” Han Sen soon found out that everything was fast becoming a bore.

In the past, everything he did was new, so losing was fine by him. Now, no matter what Han Sen did, he could not lose. Everything was boring to him now.

Many of the things Han Sen once found interesting were now dreary and dull. He was no longer in the mood to do them.

Four days went sluggishly by. Han Sen did not make much progress in the realm of understanding himself. He only knew his body was able to be the best at whatever he sought to do, but he still did not know where his limitations—if there were any—lay. He still did not know.

“Never mind. When I fight Qin Xiu, I will know where the limitations of my body reside.” Han Sen looked at the clock. The geno fights were on the cusp of starting. Bao’er had yet to combine with the gene seed. Han Sen felt relieved by that.

“That is good. Bao’er has not combined yet. She will not be able to take part in the geno tablet fights. That has saved me a lot of trouble.” Han Sen looked at Bao’er and left the sanctuaries.

Many of the elites in Space Garden were waiting for Han Sen. He picked up Ling’er. With Ji Yanran standing next to Littleflower, they waited for the geno tablet fights to begin.

Ji Yanran held Han Sen’s hands. She lowered her head and said, “No matter what, you must make it back. You must remember that there are people waiting for you to come back.”

“Do not worry. If I am unable to fight, I have a skill that enables a quick escape. In this world, not a single person can break that skill of mine.”

Ji Yanran rolled her eyes. She took out a pen and grabbed Han Sen’s hand. She wrote down three names: Ji Yanran, Han Fei, and Han Ling’er.

“Who is Han Fei?” Han Sen was shocked. It was then that he remembered it was Littleflower’s real name. If Ji Yanran had not written it down, Han Sen would have forgotten all about it.

Ji Yanran lowered her head and said, “If you cannot hold on, just look at these three names.”

Han Sen would not have to look at Ji Yanran’s eyes to know they were red. Tears were holding on and trying their best not to fall.

“Do not worry. With you guys backing me up, there is not a single person that can kill me.” Han Sen’s heart was wanting a fight.


Space suddenly lit up. The 33 skies unleashed a god light. It was like a weird, bright, flickering light was coming out of a headstone.

Atop the big gravestone-like structure was a geno tablet. It glowed with a god light. It could not be explained how weird it looked.

Han Sen, Ning Yue, and Wang Yuhang’s bodies had some sort of power of attraction. They were pulled back into their skies in rainbow light.

The names of 32 leaders flickered across the geno tablet. The 32 names shone a sky full of worlds. The main and reverse universe creatures remembered this.

Han Sen was brought back to Time Sky. The stone clocks of Time Sky were fixed to the hour of 12. The bell sounds shocked the sky and the ground.

“This scene is so bad luck,” Han Sen sadly said. “It is like it has sent me to my funeral.”

A beam of light came from the 33 skies. It shone on Han Sen and took his body to the geno tablet’s 33rd sky.

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