Super Power – Chapter 3421

Chapter 3421: Fighting Demon Alpha

Han Sen and Demon Alpha looked at each other. Nobody struck first.

“I cannot believe my first opponent turns out to be you.” Demon Alpha had a black lace veil covering her face as she coldly sighed.

“Back in the day, Ancient Devil had eight generals. Were you one of them?” Han Sen looked at Demon Alpha as he spoke.

“Yes. My name was Asura. I was one of the eight generals operating under Ancient Devil’s command.” Demon Alpha swiftly confessed to this. She was not planning on hiding anything.

“If you were Asura, there is something I would like to ask you. Back in the day, the eight generals and Ancient Devil killed an injured god. Can you clarify which sort of creature that being was? Would you be willing to tell me?” Han Sen had always been thinking about this. He really wanted an answer, but Ancient Devil, who summoned the god, did not know what sort of god he ended up summoning either.

The summoning was supposedly an accident in that Ancient Devil ended up summoning a creature he was not supposed to. He accidentally ended up summoning an injured god.

“You said it was an injured god, yet you still ask me what sort of creature it was,” Demon Alpha coldly said. “Why are you still asking me?”


Han Sen was shocked. “Does that mean you guys killed a God Spirit?”

“Aside from the God Spirits, what sort of race would have the audacity to also call themselves gods?” Demon Alpha looked at him with disdain.

Han Sen went silent. He then asked, “What was the level of the God Spirit. What was his title?”

“If you manage to defeat me in combat, I will be willing to tell you.” Demon Alpha’s eyes looked extremely frosty. She raised her hand. It became a knife. It came slashing toward Han Sen.

Her slash did not seem to have any power. It looked like a random slash.

Han Sen’s body reacted. His eyes looked weird. He saw the universe’s most basic structures and the cause power cogwheels spin.

When his body evolved, he was unable to use the Dongxuan Sutra anymore. Han Sen could not see the universe’s cogwheels. Now, he was able to see them as clearly as crystal. Yet how he saw them was different from before.

In the past, the Dongxuan Aura’s area enabled him to see things clearly. Now, it was like whatever he saw enabled him to see the connections between the universal cogwheels. All of that was in his eyes.

Han Sen reached out his hands. The cause universal cogwheels on him came to a stop. Without the cause power connection, Demon Alpha’s Asura Sutra power did not work.

Demon Alpha’s random wave became a real wave. It did not have any power. It did not create any movement.

The people watching could not understand what they were seeing. They thought Asura waved her hand, and nothing was happening. It was like she was just fooling around.

“I did not expect you would have any cause powers,” Demon Alpha said. She looked at Han Sen with shock, but she was only a little bit shocked.

Her powers were not just simply cause powers. She was taking this step, but it did not just depend on the Asura Sutra.

“I know a little.” Han Sen was a bit confused when it came to Asura. He did not strike. Seeing her not attack, he asked, “The Shura race are your heirs, yes?”

“Kind of,” Demon Alpha said.

“What does ‘kind of’ mean? Are you saying they are not?” Han Sen looked at Demon Alpha with shock. He did not expect this was the kind of answer he was going to receive.

“The Shura were created from my genes. They were used as a blueprint.” Demon Alpha stared at Han Sen. She then went on to say, “I hope you will quit. You are strong, but you are not Qin Xiu’s rival.”

Han Sen looked at Demon Alpha and asked, “Am I not Qin Xiu’s opponent? What? Do you think you can be the one to defeat him?”

“At least I have a chance of taking him down,” Demon Alpha said. “But you? You don’t have any hope.”

Han Sen was not mad. He looked rather calm as he asked her, “Tell me, where did this chance of yours come from?”

“That is none of your business,” Demon Alpha said. “You just need to know that by helping me, you are helping yourself. Stop wasting my power, quit, and fall back for now. The more of my power I keep, the greater the chance I have of beating Qin Xiu.”

Han Sen looked at Demon Alpha with surprise. He did not know where her confidence in this regard had come from.

“Are you going to quit or not?” Demon Alpha coldly asked.

“I can quit, but you need to show me your strength.” Han Sen looked at Demon Alpha, wanting to know where her confidence came from.

“That means we must fight,” Demon Alpha said with a frown.

“Of course, we have to fight. Otherwise, how am I supposed to know you are bluffing me?” After pausing, Han Sen said, “I do have a question I would like to ask. Are you willing to answer my question?”

“That entirely depends on what it is you are going to ask,” Demon Alpha coldly replied.

“I know a mixed Shura that looks exactly like you. Do you know her?” Han Sen looked at Demon Alpha with eyes that were on fire.

“Did I not tell you that the Shura are a race based on my genes?” Demon Alpha asked. “What is so special for there to be one that looks like me?”

“But this one looks exactly like you, and she is a human and Shura mix. That kind of Shura is certainly rare, is it not?” Han Sen patiently explained things to her.

“A human and Shura mix?” Demon Alpha frowned and said, “You are right. That is rare, but it is nothing special. Maybe a human or a Shura just wanted to conduct some tests.”

When Han Sen saw that Demon Alpha did not seem to be lying, he thought, “Weird. Demon Alpha really does not know who Zero is. In that case, where did Zero come from?”

“If you are not going to quit, we are going to have to fight. Stop wasting more of my time.” When Demon Alpha spoke, she waved her hand at Han Sen and tried slashing in his direction.

Demon Alpha’s jade hands kept slashing. Many Asura powers came slashing toward Han Sen.

If this was another creature bearing the brunt of such forces, even if it was a top-class Break World creature, they would be unable to dodge that cause power that never missed.

But Han Sen just held onto the cause universal cogwheel tight. The cause power would not land on him. Demon Alpha’s attacks would all be made in vain.

The scary Asura powers were useless in front of Han Sen.

The elites watching this fight all looked at it weirdly. That was because they did not understand what was actually happening.

Han Sen and Demon Alpha stood a thousand feet apart. Demon Alpha was waving her hands, but no visible power materialized. Han Sen was not damaged either. It was like they were just rehearsing an act.

“What are these two doing? Are they faking a fight?” The people in the universe of kingdoms could not watch this anymore. They did not seem to be fighting seriously.

Demon Alpha knew her Asura powers were not working on Han Sen, so she stopped attacking. Her black eyes peered at Han Sen as she said, “I do not want to kill you, but you just had to get in the way. If I do this next attack, you will be dead. You will not even reincarnate. I suggest you quit now.”

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