Super Power – Chapter 3407

Chapter 3407 Cannot Explain

Han Sen wanted to know more about what was going on with his body. He bit his finger and let a drop of blood fall onto the sky clock’s circular shape. 

Han Sen thought he would see the same scene he saw when watching Bao’er conduct the same test, but he quickly realized things were not right.

The droplet of blood he allowed to fall onto the circular shape of the clock was like a little red tadpole. It floated across the surface of the wheel. It was not absorbed by the wheel like it should have been.

The geno tablet did not say anything in response to that. The sky clock did, however, brightly shine. The needle started to wildly spin. It looked like it was trying to force the absorption of Han Sen’s blood.

The blood was very stubborn. It was still crystallized and very much alive. It kept jumping across the wheel. No matter what the sky clock attempted, it did not seem to work.

Han Sen saw that the blood was not being absorbed by the stone clock, so he could not help but ask, “Geno Tablet, care to tell me what is going on here?”

The sky clock suddenly stopped. The geno tablet’s voice sounded in Han Sen’s head. “Your genes are weird. With the sky clock’s power, it cannot be absorbed. It looks like you will have to go back to the geno tablet for a proper test.”


After that, the sky clock started to run again. It twisted space and opened another path to the geno tablet.

After watching the sky clock fly through, Han Sen quickly gave chase. He traveled through the time door. Han Sen found himself before the geno tablet again.

The sky clock was in front of the geno tablet. He let a drop of blood fall upon the wheel. It landed at the bottom of the geno tablet.

The geno tablet started to shine. It looked like countless symbols and spells were floating. That was especially true for where the drop of blood was. It was wrapped up by the light spell. It took on the guise of a small, bright sun.

Han Sen watched this quietly from the side. He did not do anything. He just patiently awaited the results of this test.

The geno tablet just kept spinning. It went on and on without an actual result being yielded. This was completely different from the first time he had gone there to test his genes. It made Han Sen wonder, “No way! Is the geno tablet unable to test and discover the condition of my genes?

Han Sen waited in front of the geno tablet for 30 minutes. The geno tablet was still spinning madly where it was. The entire thing was glowing and spinning, lighting up the realm in vibrant luminosity. It was like a machine that was in operation with overclocked speeds.

“Weird. This really is so weird.” The sky clock’s geno tablet made some strange sounds.

“What is going on now?” Han Sen quickly asked.

The geno tablet said, “This is so weird. If I had not watched that droplet of blood come out of you, I would not even believe this was a droplet of blood bled from a creature.”

Han Sen did not understand, so he asked, “What is that supposed to mean?”

The geno tablet weirdly said, “To say this is a drop of blood is mostly wrong. It would be more like a drop of water or a piece of stone. No, even water and stone have a structure to visualize. Your blood is like the most primitive of substances. It is like the most basic and primitive existence in all of creation. It cannot be analyzed, broken down, or dissolved.”

“How is that even possible?” Han Sen was frozen.

“I know that this should be impossible, but the geno tablet’s analysis of your blood really does yield these non-results. Give me another drop of blood. I would like to test this once more.” The geno tablet sounded as if it was in a rush.

Han Sen was not going to hesitate. This situation was starting to become far more than he ever thought it might. It was such a conundrum. He was absolutely dying to find out more. He wanted results.

Han Sen gnashed his finger and let more blood drop onto the geno tablet. In fear that one droplet was not enough, he let many more drops of blood fall upon the target.

“You should fall back a little,” the geno tablet said. “I am going to analyze your genes.”

Han Sen retreated a little. He saw the geno tablet was rising. All of the symbols and signs were lighting up across the geno tablet. It was like a machine that was operating at full power and firing on all cylinders.

The few drops of blood he had given were yielding results similar to the very first drop of blood Han Sen had given the geno tablet. They quietly stuck to the surface of the geno tablet. They were not going to blend into the geno tablet and be absorbed.

It did not matter how bright the geno tablet became. It could not corrode the blood and consume it. The blood forever remained fresh and was untainted by other things. It was like his blood droplets were individual stones.

The geno tablet’s light symbols were quickly spinning. The whole of the geno tablet became extraordinarily bright. It gave people the feeling it might explode at any second.

Han Sen fell back a little. He was worried that the geno tablet was going to blow up in his face.

Time went by. The geno tablet still could not refine Han Sen’s blood.

“Geno Tablet, you are going to have to tell me something about this eventually.” Han Sen knew there would not be any solid results, but he still wanted to know something.

“I am still trying to conduct these tests,” the geno tablet replied. “From what I can tell, these results are no different from things earlier. Your blood is like the most basic structure, and that denies me being able to analyze it.”

“That is impossible.” Han Sen frowned.

“Of course! Do you think I do not know that this should be impossible? If this kind of analysis does not work, there is only one other thing this means. It would mean you are a creature that is dumber than an amoeba. Let’s not talk about you being able to comprehend the actual concept of thinking, but it means you do not even know how to eat sh*t.” The geno tablet’s description made Han Sen speechless.

“From what you can tell, what is my situation now?” Han Sen carefully asked.

The geno tablet was silent a moment before saying, “I have not experienced a situation like this before. If I was to take a guess, I would say there are two possibilities.”

“What are these two possibilities?” Han Sen hastily asked.

“One is that your body’s structure is far advanced,” the geno tablet said. “It is too much for what I am able to analyze. Therefore, I cannot analyze it for you.”

“If things are like that, that means my body must have evolved to a very high level,” Han Sen thought.

“According to the theory, even if you did make that step, my gene data would not have a reference point for you to be compared to,” the geno tablet said. “I can still keep trying to analyze it though.”

“What is my situation now?” Han Sen was confused.

After being silent for a while, the geno tablet’s voice sounded again. “Unless your evolution speed goes over what I know and is in my power, then this situation can happen. The chances of something like that happening are very small though.”

“So, what is the second possibility?” Han Sen did not think his evolution level was so high that it could surpass what the geno tablet was capable of analyzing.

If his body was like that, it would not be as weak as it was. He would be indestructible and able to destroy the whole universe in one strike if he truly was that great.

The geno tablet remained silent for even longer this time. A while later, it said, “There is one more possibility, which is that you are on a new path of evolution. The direction you are on is different from every other one anyone has ever had before. It is a new model of evolution. That is why I cannot analyze the structure of your genes.”

Han Sen was shocked, so he asked, “Do you really think that is possible?”

“I do not know,” the geno tablet seriously said. “From what I can tell, that is the most likely reason why. That is my guess.”

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