Super Power – Chapter 3422

Chapter 3422: Cause God Spirit

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“I am going to learn it.” Han Sen did not move.

“If you insist on becoming my enemy, then you cannot take it out on me for being cruel,” Demon Alpha said while looking at him coldly. She looked at him as if he was already a dead man.

Han Sen did not speak. He also did it look as if he was going to move out of the way. It was not as if he did not want to. His body had not been triggered by his opponent’s power yet. He did not have the power to kill Demon Alpha.


Demon Alpha looked at Han Sen. She did not raise her hand. In Han Sen’s eyes, Demon Alpha looked different..


A scary power arose from Demon Alpha’s might. The power was weird around her body. It was a pure spirit power. It was not a Break World power she was wielding.

Han Sen was no stranger to this sort of power. The God Spirits in the geno hall frequently used such powers.

“Demon Alpha is not a God Spirit, so how does she command a God Spirit’s power? Did she consume the power a God Spirit gave her?” Han Sen frowned. He looked at Demon Alpha.

A powerful God Spirit power generated the shadow of a man by her. That shadow was so bright and holy that it commanded spirit power. It was like a god was protecting and shielding Demon Alpha’s body.

That shadow was too bright. All Han Sen could see was the face of a man. He could not see what he looked like though. Judging from his face, he looked different from the God Spirits Han Sen knew.

“That’s a very powerful cause power. Demon Alpha consumed a God Spirit, so was it a God Spirit with a command of cause elements? I wonder if she is the one that created the Asura Sutra since it is based on cause power.” Han Sen’s and the shadow of light’s cause power were becoming stronger. He was pleasantly surprised.

Han Sen thought Demon Alpha was strong enough already, but he had clearly underestimated what the Shura alpha was capable of. Her spirit power clearly dwarfed Moment God. She was on a whole new playing field.

“Her God Spirit powers are greater than Moment God’s. What is the level of that God Spirit?” Han Sen kept thinking to himself.

Moment God was a main god of the 12 Annihilation God Spirits. While she was not the strongest, she was certainly not the weakest. She was one of the few Annihilation main gods that could fight.

Now, Demon Alpha’s God Spirit power was way above what Moment God was capable of doing. Han Sen could not imagine what sort of God Spirit had a God Spirit power like that.

As far as Han Sen knew, there was only one God Spirit that was stronger than Moment God, but that person was not very easy to kill. It was a Reboot-class God Spirit. It was like it was nearly immortal.

Ignoring the fact that the Asura and Ancient Devil were from the sanctuaries, even in the geno universe and the universe of kingdoms, no creatures should have been able to consume him.

Han Sen frowned and thought, “If it is not that guy from the geno hall, and he has a powerful God Spirit power, does such a powerful God Spirit even exist? Even if it does exist, how can such a powerful God Spirit find itself consumed by Asura, who is so weak?” He could not think of a solution to this little riddle.

Asura’s body was covered by a God Spirit light. The God Spirit light was created by a cause power. Even if the geno hall’s God Spirits or the 33 skies leaders did not know how to handle cause powers, they would not even see the light, let alone ordinary creatures.

Cause powers were the most unique powers in the universe. Not many creatures had powers like that. Even the leader in the geno hall was unable to control cause powers.

Only amidst the 12 Annihilation main gods could one Annihilation-class main god control cause powers. It saw Demon Alpha’s God Spirit light, and its face turned white.

“How is this possible? How can someone in this world command such powerful cause powers with a pure God Spirit power? Who is this Demon Alpha? How can she wield such cause spirit powers?” That God Spirit’s eyes were glowing. He used his cause powers to the max, but he still could not see what that God Spirit light was.

The cause spirit power was too strong. His power only enabled him to see a spirit light. He was worse than Han Sen. He could not even see the shape of a man.

Demon Alpha was like thunder. She looked at Han Sen from above and spoke to him. “You have one more chance. Quit now, or you will be killed. You will not even be able to reincarnate.”

“That Demon Alpha is way too cocky for her own good. She is the leader of the Demons, but how can she hope to compare with Mister Dollar?”

“It is so pathetic to be that ignorant. How dare she talk to Mister Dollar in such a way.”

Many of the high races in the geno universe believed Demon Alpha was ignorant. They could not see Demon Alpha’s God Spirit light. They thought Demon Alpha was merely bluffing the entire time. They thought she was too cocky for wanting Han Sen to concede.

Dollar’s name was more certainly famous than Demon Alpha in the geno universe. Many of the higher races in the geno universe did not think Demon Alpha could defeat Han Sen.

Only that Annihilation-class main god was shaking his body. The power of Demon Alpha’s cause spirit power was causing an Annihilation-class main god, who could wield the cause power element, to shake and quake.

“How is that possible? How is it possible that she has a cause spirit power that is stronger than mine?” The God Spirit stared at Demon Alpha, trying to figure something out, but he didn’t have the courage to face a power like that.

Han Sen kept looking at Demon Alpha’s God Spirit shadow. He thought the shadow was rather familiar in some way or another. He just could not put a finger on where that sense of familiarity came from.


“If I win, are you going to tell me which God Spirit you consumed?” Han Sen was curious and really wanted to know the answer.

“Of course,” Demon Alpha said. “Whatever I have said is something I will not betray, but no longer will you find yourself capable of learning the truth.”

Her body’s God Spirit light shadow raised its arm and slashed toward Han Sen.

Demon Alpha’s Asura powers were already very scary. Compared to the God Spirit light shadow’s slash, it was like a firefly being compared to the moon.

The God Spirit light shadow’s slash made all of space’s cause universal cogwheels to spin like mad. This was not the universal cogwheel’s power being buffed in aid of Demon Alpha. This was Demon Alpha’s power being forced to boost the whole universe’s cause universal cogwheels.

All the cause universal cogwheels, no matter if they were spinning clockwise or counterclockwise, all had to follow the God Spirit light’s power in spinning. That slash could reverse cause power.


Han Sen’s hands touched the cause universal cogwheel. It could not hold two people’s powerful power. While they were fighting, it cracked.

Although the cause universal cogwheel shattered, the powerful cause power was still like a sky punishment knife coming down. It was like it was slashing a thousand lifetimes’ worth of infinite cause. It ended thousands of millions of fates right there and then.

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