Super Power – Chapter 3420

Chapter 3420: Controlling the Sky and the Ground

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All the names of all the 32 skies’ leaders lit up on the geno tablet’s face. When the names were lit up, the leader’s shadow arose from the geno tablet. It was like a demon god was floating in the 33 skies. It made a sky full of worlds see the leader’s name and face.

There were people there Han Sen knew. Besides Qin Xiu, there was also Human King, big sky demon, Ancient Devil, Bury Path God, Wang Yuhang, Ning Yue, Demon Alpha, and others who were all figures with whom Han Sen was well acquainted.

The geno tablet fights were a simple affair. The 32 leaders would be split up into teams and forced to kill each other. There would be sixteen winners. Then, the 16 would become eight, the eight would become four, and the four would become two. The last two would square off to determine the final winner.

Han Sen was hoping he could engage Qin Xiu in his first fight and show his true trump card.. He did not want to have to engage friends and be forced to kill them. That would not be a favorable result to things.

Things did not go how Han Sen wanted them to. The geno tablet took Han Sen to the 33 skies. Before long, he noticed he was standing before Demon Alpha.


When Demon Alpha saw Han Sen, she was given a fright. She did not expect her first fight would pit her against Han Sen.

The other leaders had their own enemies to contest with. Although they were in the 33 skies, the geno tablet’s powers had split them up into 16 separate arenas. No one was able to enter the arenas of others.

The creatures of the two universes watched. The creatures of the universe of kingdoms were watching Qin Xiu’s fight. Although most people did not know Qin Xiu was Wu Wei Dao Alpha reincarnated, the Qin Kingdom’s name was still something that shocked the universe. It was held in very high regard far and wide.

The creatures of the geno universe were more interested in watching Han Sen and seeing what he would do. The name Dollar was something embedded in the soul of every single living creature of the geno universe. They wanted Han Sen to win no matter what.

Bury Path God did not have much luck. When he saw his enemy, his face immediately became dim. His opponent was Qin Xiu.

“My favorite vice president,” Qin Xiu looked at Bury Path God and coldly said. Ah! So, are you going to fight me?”

“I am here. It does not matter who I am forced to fight. I am not going to fall back and cower like a fool.” While Bury Path God was talking, he waved his hand. A lot of stuff came flying out of his body.

Many bronze objects, such as stoves, tripods, pots and pans, bowls, and other types of stuff, came flying out. They suppressed all eight directions around him. They combined with the power of the 33 skies to glow with a god light and cover the whole arena.

If Han Sen had seen these items, he would recognize them as the stuff Chaos had left behind. Bury Path God was the one to receive them all.

Now, those items were glowing with a god light. They became a rainbow halo that suppressed the sky and the ground. They covered Qin Xiu too.

“Bury Path God, do you really think all of this stuff can be used to fight me?” Qin Xiu put his hands in the air. He let the items release a god light to shoot and fall upon him. They were brushed off with ease. They did nothing damaging.

Bury Path God coldly said, “This stuff alone cannot fight you, but with this, things might be a little bit different.”

After that, Bury Path God waved his sleeves. A scroll came out of it. It displayed a picture. When the picture left Bury Path God’s sleeves, it combined the sky and the ground.

The battleground combined with the drawing. The battleground was inside the painting, and the painting was the battleground.

Qin Xiu looked around and emotionlessly said, “You have the Sky Path Painting.”

“Mister Leader created this Sky Path Painting because it would benefit me,” Bury Path God said. “With the help of these other relics, the Sky Path Painting can combine with the sky and the ground for me. The sky and the ground are now in my hands. Even if you have the power of a god, without the help of the universe, to use just your own power to fight me will not be enough.”

The whole of the sky and the whole of the ground listened and adhered to his command.

The substance chains became a real dragon. They arose from the ground. It was like 10,000 dragons were stealing an orb. It was roaring at Qin Xiu.

“Bury Path God is so powerful,” a God Chaos Party elder remarked as he watched what Bury Path God was doing. He was in a lot of shock. “He has used the sky and the ground for himself. Now, the picture disconnects the powers and the rules from the outside. Qin Xiu looks like he is now fighting in Bury Path God’s world. He will be restricted by the rules of that world and unable to draw on power from the outside. It is hard to say who will win.”

People who did not think Bury Path God would win were now in shock.

“Bury Path God has achieved combining the sky and the path into one. Although he uses power from the outside, it is enough to shock the universe. Qin Xiu is in real trouble here.”

“I thought this would be a boring fight, but Bury Path God seems to be doing better than anticipated. It is no wonder why he was considered a vice president of the God Chaos Party.”

Everyone thought they would witness a big fight, but Qin Xiu just raised his hand. When the hand spread its fingers, many substance chains became real dragons. They went to his hands. Then, all the power in the sky and the ground went into his hands.

It was like that place was not actually a hand. It was a bottomless black hole. All of the power from the sky and the ground was absorbed into Qin Xiu’s hand.

Bury Path God looked shocked. He madly exploded his power. He wanted to control the Sky Path Painting and the power of all the items to stop Qin Xiu.

It was pointless to resist. The old items were flying to Qin Xiu’s hands as if he had an invisible big hand. They all went into his hands.

Even the Sky Path Painting was torn apart by the force of suction. It was like the sky and the ground was ripped to pieces by Qin Xiu’s hands.

The scariest thing about all of this was that Bury Path God’s body was also drawn closer to Qin Xiu. His Bury Path Power was leaking out of him like water. It was all going into Qin Xiu’s hands.

“No… Impossible…” Bury Path God tried his best, but he was unable to get away from the scary force of suction. His Bury Path Power became weaker and weaker as his body was shriveled to become fragile.

Bury Path God could not escape. He and the Sky Path Painting went into Qin Xiu’s hands as silence fell all around the arena.

The elites of the two universes were all frozen. That was the vice president of the God Chaos Party. He had the power to shock the sky. He was one of the strongest beings in the universe, but he was unable to block Qin Xiu’s hands.

“So scary!”

“It is no wonder Qin Xiu almost ruled the universe of kingdoms. He is so strong.”

“Bury Path God has been destroyed by Qin Xiu. In this geno tablet fight, no one else will be able to take the No. 1 position.”

“What about that guy from the geno hall? Can he stop Qin Xiu?”

“I am only afraid that guy can stop Qin Xiu and no other.”

Suddenly, everybody thought Qin Xiu was really hard to beat. They thought he was as mighty as a god.

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