The Legendary Man Chapter 1371

Chapter 1371 Cause And Effect

Jonathan had initially wanted to step forward to dissuade Seboxia, but upon hearing Seboxia’s words, he felt as if he had been subjected to a paralyzing spell, his entire body tensing up.

Transcendence… This is not the true form of Seboxia at all! This is something Seboxia would often say in his spiritual energy form!

At that moment, it seemed as if Seboxia, in his transformed state, could sense what Jonathan was thinking.

Turning his head toward Jonathan, a naked murderous intent was revealed in his eyes.

“Jonathan, we shall settle our scores later!”

Seboxia shouted as he shattered the last five spiritual beads in his hand, each one imbued with life force.

The magnificent life force swirled around Seboxia’s spiritual energy form, enveloping him as if he were encased in a giant green egg.
Although Alec had used the Holy Blood to heal his injuries, the speed was slightly slower.

Seboxia’s spiritual energy form had already reached Alec before he could even react.

In the midst of the rush, Alex raised his hand once again to defend against Seboxia.


The two forces collided once again. This time, however, the impact was significantly weaker.

At the moment of impact, Seboxia’s figure surprisingly turned into streaks of green light and completely vanished.

Alec quickly drew a temporal barrier around himself for protection, but the clash with Seboxia’s true form just now has already consumed more than half of Alec’s Temporal Pryncyp.
Despite having drawn out a temporal barrier, it was still riddled with flaws.

Damoyed, who was covered in wounds in the rubble, burst forth from the ground.

Upon glancing at Seboxia and his companion, he noticed that something seemed off about Seboxia.

The techniques of Seboxiasm’s religious teachings, although capable of taking lives, were undoubtedly the epitome of firmness and positivity, rooted in the Great Pryncyp.

But now, even though Seboxia was using the same technique, it felt chilling to the bone. It was as if Seboxia was possessed and struck fear into people’s hearts.

Is this really still Seboxia?

Damoyed stared blankly at the battle unfolding before him.

At this point, Seboxia had completely given up on maintaining his spiritual energy form.

As Seboxia’s fighting style relied on his fists, he manifested dozens of fist shadows and attacked Alec from all directions.

This was not a clash of spiritual powers.

The Pryncyp of Life mastered by Seboxia surpassed the level of spiritual energy.

And as the master of the Pryncyp of Life, Seboxia possessed an extremely terrifying ability—outright plundering the very essence of someone else’s life.

Previously, Seboxia would have Jonathan kill people for him. When the person was about to die, he would completely absorb the person’s remaining life force and refine it into his own.

That’s because the vita of a dying cultivator was at its weakest, making it easy to seize directly.
However, that didn’t mean Seboxia couldn’t hurt those who were alive and well.
At that moment, every move he made against Alec was imbued with a streak of peculiar power.

To Alec, the punches and kicks that had slipped past the temporal barrier seemed incredibly fierce. When they landed on his body, however, it felt as though they were a gentle breeze brushing against him, which caused no pain or injury whatsoever.

However, with each punch he threw, Alec began to feel his body growing increasingly weary.

Even the flow of his Temporal Pryncyp began to experience stagnation.

“Get away from me!”

With a roar of fury, Alec pulled out a dark branch from his storage ring.

With a casual swing of his hand, he surprisingly conjured a thunderbolt as thick as a bucket.


Spiritual matter was supremely negative.

Objects that were supremely positive, such as thunder and fire, had the ability to counter them.

The moment the lightning struck, Seboxia let out a cry of pain and got blasted away by the thunderbolt.


With a cry of surprise, Damoyed didn’t hesitate at all and rushed directly to Seboxia’s side.


Damoyed’s body moved through the life force in the air, creating a spirit shield as he charged directly toward the opposing thunderbolt.

Seboxia’s spiritual energy form coalesced once again. A hint of peculiarity flashed in his eyes as he gazed at Jonathan.

“Why did you save me?” Seboxia asked Jonathan calmly.

At that moment, Jonathan was holding the massive coffin and positioning it in front of Seboxia.

Behind the coffin was a dazzling sea of thunder and lightning.

Damoyed had fearlessly charged forward with the intention to help Seboxia block that thunderbolt.

Jonathan understood that the trump card Alec had pulled out was definitely not something that Damoyed could withstand, even with the protection of his spirit shield.
If they were outside, those in the Divine Realm could summon the Pryncyp of Strength to completely shield themselves.

Since they were in this small world, Seboxia would still get killed even if Damoyed helped shield him.
The only thing that could save Seboxia was the ancient coffin that could shield the Heavenly Pryncyp.

Hiding inside the coffin, Jonathan glared coldly at Seboxia.

“I don’t know what your scheme is, but you’ve saved my life several times, so you are my savior. Although you were secretly trying to trip me up during my subsequent breakthroughs and prevented me from reaching enlightenment, I wouldn’t have had so many insights if it weren’t for you. We are bound by fate. If you die, I too will meet my end at the hands of Alec. Therefore, saving you is no different from saving myself.”

As he spoke, Jonathan forcefully brushed against his left arm by swinging his right hand at Seboxia.

Within his body, the remaining life force surged from the palm of his hand and rushed toward Seboxia.
The life force around them kept converging into Seboxia’s body, including the small amount of energy that Jonathan had let out.

The cold glint in Seboxia’s eyes gradually faded away as he felt Jonathan’s life force merging into his.
Within the massive coffin lay the true form of Seboxia, with a tail that resembled a fossil.

The spiritual energy form slowly raised his hands.

“Cause and effect, huh?”

The transformed figure stared at its true form, murmuring to itself, “I’ve realized it!”

A faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth as his gaze filled with a sense of tranquility and peace.
“My true self, years ago you cast me out in order to break through the Cavoid Realm, devoting yourself to understanding the laws of the Great Pryncyp. However, you’ve overlooked one thing. Without desire, without anger… Are you still the same person? The great path of Great Pryncyp has its pros and cons. You sought momentary advancement, but forgot the essence of the path. In the end, you’ve taken the wrong way.”

As he spoke, Seboxia bowed slightly at Jonathan.

“Mr. Goldstein, your words have aided me in my enlightenment. I am deeply grateful.”

As Seboxia bowed, the white robe that had manifested on his body gradually dissipated.

And that pure, bald head seemed to tear like a painted skin, slowly revealing a figure that resembled the true form of Seboxia, looking much like a monkey.

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