The Legendary Man Chapter 1373

Chapter 1373 Spirit Animal Sphere
Damoyed, trapped in the coffin in the distance, was wholly floored by the scene unfolding before him.
When Seboxia made a move earlier, Jonathan vanished from beside the man by using Earthly Escape.
He had assumed that Jonathan was planning to flee, but unexpectedly, the key to the battle turned out to be the latter’s sneak attack.
Besides, it was as though Seboxia had conspired with Jonathan in spiritual energy form, from building momentum to making his move, reaching out to slap Alec on the head after being restrained.
All of that flowed as smoothly as though it had been rehearsed a thousand times.

Unbeknownst to Damoyed, Seboxia and Jonathan had once left a trace of their spiritual sense in each other’s minds, allowing them to communicate on the spiritual level.
And just like that, in the blink of an eye, they had reached a consensus to work together earlier.

Jonathan watched Seboxia and Alec in the distance. Due to their continuous battles, Seboxia’s spiritual energy form was severely damaged by then.

Judging by his spiritual energy form, he could not repair himself either.

His spiritual energy form was composed of spiritual energy. With the small world’s rich spiritual energy, a mere thought was all it would take to repair his damaged body, considering the intensity of his spiritual sense.

Right then, however, there were many damaged parts on Seboxia’s spiritual energy form.

Even though life force continued to linger, it was still incapable of making any repairs.

Seboxia’s blow was incredibly light, yet it sent Alec’s body spiraling through the air and crashing heavily onto the ground.

Jonathan picked up the bronze bell, grabbed the black piece of wood, and ran toward Seboxia.

Although he couldn’t exactly identify the object, he surmised that it must be a magical item in the ranks of wood struck by lightning.

But it bore the imprint of Alec’s spiritual sense, so Jonathan could not put it into his storage ring.

“How is it, Seboxia?”

Jonathan approached Seboxia and voiced that question nervously.

Seboxia stared at Jonathan. After a long while, he slowly shook his head.

“I created various illusionary realms in divine space. However, he possesses Temporal Pryncyp, so I cannot use the time in the illusionary realms to erode his will.”

Jonathan looked at Alec, who had collapsed to the ground. Without a word, he drew Heaven Sword and plunged it at the latter’s heart.

Before the sword could find its target, it was firmly held in place by a burst of spiritual energy.

You can’t kill him!” Seboxia shouted at the top of his lungs.

The constraint of spiritual energy on Jonathan dissipated, and he turned to Seboxia in bafflement.

“His consciousness isn’t lost in Divine space. If we don’t take him out now, we’ll be in hot water when he regains consciousness.”

“He won’t be able to do so,” Seboxia said placidly.

He elaborated, “You forgot that I mastered the Pryncyp of Life. When my true form cut me out, it was also split in two. He took away the condensation of the life force, but I inherited the part that absorbs others’ life force. I didn’t only use that slap just now to drag Alec into the divine space, but I also absorbed his life force. His remaining sliver of life force could only keep him from dying. Although his spiritual sense remains active now, his vitality has diminished so much that he can no longer react. He is now just a beast trapped in a cage, with no possibility of standing up again.”

While saying that, Seboxia reached out and gently brushed a hand over the piece of wood in Jonathan’s hand.

Jonathan enveloped it with his spiritual sense, no longer facing any obstacles.

Leaving a trace of his spiritual sense, Jonathan casually tossed the charred piece of wood into his storage ring.

At the same time, Seboxia also waved a hand and took the storage ring from Alec’s hand.

“Damoyed is the last disciple of Seboxiasm, so you cannot kill him,” Seboxia murmured, personally handing the ring to Jonathan.

The coffin was specifically crafted by Seboxia himself to imprison his spiritual energy form, the formations within unknown to even his spiritual energy form.

At that moment, Damoyed was bound by the coffin. The only way to save him was through Jonathan’s agreement.

Jonathan looked at the coffin in the distance. He activated a spell, and the earth shifted and transported the coffin to him.

“Damoyed, it’s true that I’ve caused trouble to Seboxiasm, but that’s all in the past. As long as you promise not to pick fault with me, I’ll agree to Seboxia’s request to let you off the hook.”

Damoyed was a cultivator, so there was no way he would succumb to the man’s threats.
However, Seboxia was right in front of him then. Although he could sense that the aura of the figure before him was different from that of the Sage he worshipped, he couldn’t put his finger on it.
Shooting Jonathan a look of extreme resentment, Damoyed took a deep breath and turned his gaze to Seboxia.
“Whatever you say, Sage.”
Seboxia gave a slight nod.
“You’ve done well. Let bygones be bygones.”
Upon hearing these words, Damoyed could only slowly lower his head in the end despite the towering reluctance within him.
“Understood, Sage!”
Subsequently, Jonathan examined the storage ring in his hand. He saw a pile of blue Holy Blood stacked up like a hill.
In a corner of the storage ring were also hundreds of spirit stones.
At the blue glow on it, it didn’t take much thought to gather that whatever was sealed inside must be the item Michael and Alec consumed previously.
That aside, there were various cultivator’s treasures, too numerous and diverse to count.
Even the ring itself was a treasure. His gain this time could be aptly described as a windfall.
However, at that moment, his attention was not at all on those things.
The was only one thing he was searching for—emperor’s heart.
“It isn’t here,” Jonathan said lightly, shifting his gaze to Seboxia.
Upon hearing that, Seboxia startled slightly. With a swift motion, he summoned the storage ring back to his hand.
“How could this be? Given Alec’s character, he would undoubtedly carry the emperor’s heart with him all the time.”
“Heart?” Damoyed ventured with a hint of uncertainty.
Seboxia turned to him. “Why, you’ve seen it before?”
In response, Damoyed shook his head slightly.
“I’ve never seen it, but when I was on the brink of death, I heard a man proclaiming himself as an emperor. I thought I was hallucinating previously, but when I heard that from you just now, it came back to me.”
Hearing that, Jonathan utilized a technique and released the man from the coffin.
“Where did you hear it when you were on the brink of death?”
Damoyed slowly pointed at Alec.
“In his spirit animal sphere.”
Following that, a hint of solemnity flashed in Seboxia’s eyes.
“Darn it! The spirit animal sphere isn’t like the storage ring where we can forcibly erase the spiritual sense with some tricks. Unless he willingly opens the spirit animal sphere, we won’t be able to enter it.”
At that moment, Jonathan also understood the gravity of the matter.
To put it plainly, the spirit animal sphere was the predecessor of the small world, with the same basic operational Pryncyp as the small world.
Without it, they wouldn’t be able to get in, even if they were to kill Alec.

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