The Legendary Man Chapter 1375

Chapter 1375 You Cannot Escape
In South Outer City of the small world, Neil sat in the stands, controlling the formation within the arena.

Behind him, a massive Three-Headed Tiger, tens of meters long, was sprawled out on the ground, deep in sleep.

On top of the throne behind the tiger seated a God Realm cultivator who resembled a mountain of flesh.

“Neil, quickly bring up the image of that foreign female cultivator. I want her alive!”
The cultivator, who resembled a mountain of flesh, took a piece of fruit from the hands of two plump maidens and stuffed it into his mouth, all while shouting loudly at Neil below.
Neil’s fingers formed a hand seal quickly, conjuring an image above their heads with an arcane array. He then zoomed in on one of the scenes.

The female cultivator from a foreign land was in it. Unlike the women of Aploth who strived for a slender figure, female cultivators of Adrune strived for a robust physique.

This female cultivator was just like that. Standing at around one point eight meters tall, her physique was considerably more robust compared to other female cultivators.
However, her powerful figure exuded a unique beauty due to her consistent and long-term training.
Unlike the time when Jonathan and others were fighting in the arena, the arena was now packed with people as far as the eye could see.

Everyone from South Outer City flocked to the arena to catch a glimpse of the beauty’s face.
In this small world where a strong physique was considered beautiful, the Adrunian female cultivator didn’t realize that she had become the focal point of the crowd.

“Those people are attacking my beloved!”
The man, who resembled a mountain of flesh, looked at the screen and bellowed in anger, “Neil, use a formation to bind those lowly people for me. I want them to be slain by the beauty!”

Neil stopped forming his hand seal and, after a brief hesitation, turned to look at the cultivator behind him.

“Your Majesty, right now, tens of thousands of people are watching the contest in the arena. If I were to intervene by force, it would surely draw the dissatisfaction of others. Besides, that woman doesn’t look like she’s losing to me—”

Before Neil could finish his sentence, a streak of yellow light had already struck the top of his head.

It was a fruit similar to a mango. When it hit Neil’s head, it instantly burst open like a broken egg yolk, drenching Neil’s head.

Moreover, it wasn’t just that. The sharp pit of the fruit had cut through Neil’s scalp. Accompanied by a stinging pain, red blood continuously flowed down Neil’s cheeks, dripping onto the formation beneath his feet.

“You b*stard! How dare you question my decision?”

The cultivator, who was as massive as a mountain of flesh, growled at Neil in a cold voice.

“If my memory serves me right, you secretly took a few foreign cultivators with you after I left, didn’t you?”

Neil bowed his head, watching the fresh blood dripping from his nose and splattering on the ground.
Within his gaze, a murderous intent kept surfacing, yet it was forcefully suppressed by Neil.

“Your Majesty, the individuals I escorted away a few days ago have all met the requirements to pass. They have already obtained the seals from the square platform on Ascension Peak—”


With a crisp sound, the man sitting in the stands suddenly stood up.

Holding a broken chair, he swiftly swung it toward Neil.


Neil didn’t dare to dodge and was sent flying by the impact of the chair.

Amidst the sound, Three-Headed Tiger who was sleeping beneath the corpulent man slowly opened its eyes.

The demon tiger bared its fangs at Neil, its aura swelling with each passing moment.
“Neil, do you really think that being Grand Commander of Outer City makes you untouchable? You have squandered the merit of your ancestors! Do you really think no one in Yannopolis knows about your little schemes behind the scenes?”
Upon hearing these words, Neil stiffened slightly before rising to his feet and, once again, bowed deeply.
“Your Majesty, I don’t understand what you’re trying to infer…”
The rotund cultivator let out a cold chuckle upon hearing those words.
“Hmph! Don’t try to trick me. If I discover anything, your life won’t be enough to pay for it!”
Neil suppressed the fluctuations of his spiritual energy, maintaining an air of humility.
“I wouldn’t dare!”
At that moment, the portly cultivator had once again set his gaze upon the transparent image.
“Bring this beauty to me right now!”
Upon hearing this, Neil was about to manipulate the formation in the arena when he noticed a one-eyed burly man rushing up from the side of the stands from the corner of his eye.
The one-eyed burly man, upon spotting the corpulent cultivator across from Neil, immediately halted.
However, the unusual behavior caught the attention of the portly cultivator.
“Neil, who is that?”
Neil glanced and respectfully said.
“Your Majesty, that is a patrol officer of South Outer City. His presence here likely indicates he has something to report.”
The rotund cultivator snorted coldly upon hearing this.
“Let him step forward and speak.”
Upon hearing this, Neil gestured lightly, beckoning the one-eyed burly man to come forward.
“What brings you here?”
The one-eyed man glanced somewhat evasively at the corpulent cultivator.
“Grand Commander, news has arrived from North Outer City. Its governor, Roy, and deputy, Celestus, have both been killed.
North Outer City has been attacked by foreign cultivators, the governor’s seal has been lost, and the entire city is in ruins. At this moment, the city has completely descended into chaos. The governor’s residence hopes that you can lead the envoys from the South Outer City to quell the unrest and assist North Outer City in capturing the foreign fugitives!”
Once the portly cultivator heard that statement, a sharp glint suddenly flashed across his eyes.
“How dare these foreign cultivators cause chaos in Outer City? Where are the images of the fugitives? I’m curious to see how monstrous these guys are supposed to be.”
The words of the rotund cultivator brought an awkward look upon the face of the one-eyed burly man.

With the image-projecting spirit stone in his hand, the one-eyed man turned his gaze toward Neil.

“What are you looking at him for!”

With a cold huff, the plump cultivator reached out and lightly pointed forward. Instantly, the stone slipped out of the one-eyed man’s hand, drawn away by spiritual energy into the cultivator’s grasp.

Suddenly, Neil bowed and said, “Your Majesty, these matters pertain to the regions beyond Yannopolis. How about letting me deal with them?”

However, the corpulent cultivator was already channeling spiritual energy into the image-projecting spirit stone.

“I’m curious to see what you’re all being so evasive about and what’s really going on.”

As the words were spoken, several figures slowly emerged on the surface of the stone—Jonathan, Kathleen, Joshua, Hayden, Sirius, Merilyn…

Almost all the figures who appeared were the ones who had previously walked out of South Outer City’s arena.

The portly cultivator looked at Neil with a cold gaze.

“Neil! What on earth is going on?”
At that moment, Neil was gently wiping the fresh blood off his face with a silk handkerchief.

“Melvin, oh Melvin, as a member of the four great vassal families, why can’t you just stay put in Yannopolis just like everyone else? Now that you’ve disrupted my plans, how could I possibly let you go?”

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