The Legendary Man Chapter 1384

Chapter 1384 Awakening The Key

Jonathan landed steadily on the ground, reaching out to grab the chair that had been knocked aside. After dusting it off a few times, he sat down again.

At Jonathan’s feet, a large black magical net was spread out on the smooth ground.

Beneath the vast net, nine heads buried in the ground were clamoring for Jonathan to set them free.

However, no matter how much they struggled, the ground that trapped them was as solid as hardened steel, showing no signs of damage whatsoever.

Watching their faces turn red from embarrassment and immense pressure, Jonathan casually took out a bottle of coke and started drinking it nonchalantly.

“Stop struggling. I’ve just altered the soil structure of this ground using magic.”

“With my spiritual energy and this vast net, I can trap all of you to death.”
As Jonathan spoke, he also took out his phone and started taking selfies with the angry heads in the background.


Zack across the room let out a loud shout, putting an end to this farce.

Jonathan looked at Zack, his eyes filled with an icy indifference.

“What’s up? Have you tried the coffin? Can you open it?”

Zack looked at Jonathan with an ashen face.

Even though he didn’t want to admit it, he had no choice but to acknowledge it. Whether it was natural talent, strategic planning, or courage…
Jonathan was far superior to most of the scions from their families.

Even when compared to successors of prestigious families like Caleb, Jonathan’s natural talent was way better.

Unfortunately, such a talent had bypassed the eight respectable families, and directly became the opposition of their camp. It was indeed a bit of a pity.

With a forceful swing of his arm, Zack once again tossed the coffin back to Jonathan.
“You just want to save face, don’t you? I can grant you that.”

Zack spoke in a calm tone, then began to walk towards Jonathan. He stopped about five meters in front of Jonathan, and slightly bowed his hand in a gesture of respect.
“I am Zack Gray, the current head of the Gray family.”

“You can let them go now, right?”

Although Jonathan was arrogant, he was not brainless.

Since he was in a cooperative relationship with the respectable families, all he asked for was to be on an equal standing.

After all, if one started off by making concessions, seeking compromise at every turn, they would likely find themselves at a disadvantage in future collaborations. In fact, they would always be in a lesser position. By the time they wanted to take action, they would have already missed the opportunity.

Rising to his feet, Jonathan summoned the large net below, his spiritual energy slightly trembling.
“Which one of you turnips belongs to the Gray family?”

Upon hearing Jonathan’s words, the few people buried in the earth almost lost their breath.

So, Zack respected Jonathan, and all this guy could think about was letting the Gray family’s cultivators go!

Isn’t this just too reasonable?

Jonathan looked at the cultivators buried in the ground, his eyes filled with confusion.

“Why is everyone so quiet? Do you really want to end up being planted in the ground like radishes?”

How would Jonathan know that at this moment, even the cultivators he had imprisoned were so frustrated that they wished they could curse out loud.

The patriarchs and elders of their families were watching nearby. Regardless of whether they were cultivators from the Gray family, if they were to shout out ‘it’s me’ now, or even show the slightest hint of eagerness to come out, it would be unwise.
That’s a disgrace to our family!

At this moment, the nine cultivators were each gritting their teeth in persistence, none of them willing to make even the slightest sound.

Jonathan extended his thumb, giving a slight nod to the people below.

“You people are the epitome of respectable families. I applaud you.”
As he spoke, Jonathan turned his head to look at the Divine Realm cultivators from the Mallory and Salladay families in the distance.

“Two elders, please continue at your own pace. I have all the time in the world to spend with you.”

Upon seeing Jonathan about to sit on that chair again, the two cultivators at Divine Realm could no longer contain their impatience.

“I am Gregory Salladay.”

“Cypress Mallory.”
The two cultivators at Divine Realm each stepped forward and spoke to Jonathan with a cold voice.

With a cold laugh, Jonathan lightly stomped his foot, directly withdrawing the spiritual energy from the land beneath him.

One by one, the cultivators at God Realm leaped up from the crumbling ground, rushing towards Jonathan.

But before they could even reach Jonathan, they were repelled by an extremely powerful spiritual energy.
With a gentle smile in his eyes, Sirius slowly withdrew his hand and began to speak.

“Enough. Now is not the time for internal disputes. We have important matters to attend to.”

Upon hearing this, Zack and the others signaled their own kinsmen and disciples to retreat.

Jonathan gently patted the top of the coffin, causing the lid to slowly open. Several cultivators at Divine Realm all turned their gaze towards the inside.

Damoyed stepped out from the coffin. Among the few people confined there, Damoyed was the only one not forcibly restrained by Jonathan.
Dressed in a white robe, Damoyed slowly stepped out of the coffin, then turned to Jonathan, his hands clasped together in a slight gesture of respect.

“Many thanks, Mr. Goldstein.”

“Please don’t mention it,” Jonathan said with a hearty laugh.

At this moment, the few individuals in Divine Realm around him looked at Jonathan with a hint of caution in their eyes.

Judging by their relationship, it seemed they had formed some sort of alliance. Otherwise, Damoyed wouldn’t be able to move in and out of the coffin so effortlessly.

After all, apart from Damoyed, the others were all floating around as if they were strung together.

Damoyed gave a slight bow to the few people present, then stood silently to the side.

If the reason the few individuals didn’t want to deal with Jonathan earlier was due to the difference in status, then Damoyed’s reason for not wanting to engage with them was the same.

What did these respectable families have in abundance? Counting both the direct and collateral lines, it was nothing more than tens of thousands of descendants.

Devotees of Seboxiasm could be found all over the world, with a preliminary estimate of over half a billion.
Thus, it would be a load of nonsense if they expect Damoyed to start schmoozing with a few family heads and elders first.

“Grandpa, can we get someone else to stay inside this coffin?”

Caleb lamented, floating in the middle of the coffin.

“There’s absolutely no freedom in here. I can’t even go to the bathroom. This is just too unbearable!”

Looking at Caleb’s complaints, Zack could only turn his head to look at Jonathan as he was rather helpless.

“No way.”

Before Zack could even speak, Jonathan had already opened his mouth to refuse.

“Only when you enter the coffin and are imprisoned by me, will I let your grandson go.”

Zack was nearly choked to death by Jonathan’s words.

“Jonathan, actually, I’m not the most important person in the Gray family…”
Caleb wanted to say more, but Jonathan gently waved his hand to silence him.

Joshua was gently lifted out of the coffin by Jonathan’s spiritual energy, slowly descending onto a rising mound of earth.

“What’s wrong with him?” Graeme asked with a puzzled expression.

Jonathan gave a slight shake of his head.
“We’ve been tricked, turned into scapegoats in the small world where people scheme against each other.”

“While escaping from the Northern Outer City, Joshua overexerted his mental energy to lift the city gate’s restraining barrier, which caused him to fall into a deep slumber.”
“If you want to use him as a key, then the first thing you need to do is to awaken this key.”

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