The Legendary Man Chapter 1385

Chapter 1385 Making A Choice
“Damaged spiritual sense?”
Visibly upset, Gregory moved closer.
Reaching out, he firmly grasped Joshua’s wrist, his spiritual sense and spiritual energy wildly surging into Joshua’s body.
Since Joshua was in a coma, there were no obstructions in the meridians within his body, allowing Gregory’s spiritual energy to flow freely through them.
At that moment, Joshua’s Anima was sealed off, and his consciousness field had fallen into a deathly silence.
However, after Jonathan had healed his body, there was not a trace of spiritual energy left in his meridians and elixir field.

A few moments later, Gregory looked at Jonathan with a stern expression.

“How is bringing back a vegetable going to be of any use to us?”

“Vegetative state?”
At that moment, Cypress and Graeme also gathered up close.

After a thorough inspection by several Divine Realm cultivators, all of them wore grave expressions.

Joshua’s situation was far from optimistic. His spiritual sense was injured. Even in the ancient times when cultivation was at its peak, it was still one of the most difficult injuries to heal.
Graeme looked at Joshua, who was lost in thought. Then, as if he had thought of something, he turned his head to look at Sirius in the coffin.

“The condition of Sirius’ injury…”

Graeme wanted to approach the coffin for inspection, but as soon as he reached out his hand, he was blocked by a layer of spiritual shield on the coffin.

Jonathan had an apologetic look on his face.

“Mr. Blackwood, I sincerely apologize, but I cannot return Sirius to you at this moment. Don’t worry, though. He is only suffering from a physical injury.”

As he spoke, Jonathan made a hand seal with a flip of his hand.

The formation within the coffin glowed faintly, and Sirius quickly awakened.


Looking somewhat weak, Sirius gazed outside and spoke. Shortly after, his eyes widened in surprise.


Upon seeing Graeme, Sirius was so excited that he wanted to leap out of the coffin, only to realize that he was completely bound.

“Let me out, Jonathan! Let me out!”

Sirius spoke anxiously, his emotions running high. In his agitation, a surge of vitality caused a trickle of blood to spill from the corner of his mouth.

Seeing Sirius in this state, Jonathan whipped out the Golden Herb, which he had found when he first entered the small world, from his storage ring.

Seboxia had taken all of Jonathan’s life force back during the previous battle with Alec.

In order to ensure Seboxia’s victory, Jonathan even returned the remaining life force in his body to Seboxia.

As such, it became impossible for him to heal wounds with the life force like before.

However, the life force contained within this thousand-year-old Golden Herb was quite impressive. It was suitable for treating Sirius’ injuries.

Drawing out the Heaven Sword, Jonathan sliced off a corner of the Golden Herb.

“Here, eat this. It will help your injury.”

Jonathan lifted the palm-sized Golden Herb with his spiritual energy and delivered it to Sirius’ mouth.
The Golden Herb melted as soon as it entered Sirius’ mouth. Its bitterness was so overwhelming that even Sirius couldn’t help but want to spit it out. However, Jonathan flicked his finger and blocked Sirius’ mouth and nose.

“Good medicine tastes bitter. No need to thank me,” Jonathan said calmly.

A good ten seconds later, Sirius’ face turned beet red due to the potent effects of the medicine, and blood even started to trickle from his nose.

Upon seeing that Sirius had fully absorbed the medicinal effects, Jonathan finally lifted the restraining barrier that sealed his mouth and nose.

“Thank you, my a*s! I’m completely drained and unable to suppress the injuries within my body, so I just need something to gently nourish me. With such potent medicine, are you trying to make me lose my sanity?” Sirius shouted angrily.

Jonathan extended his hand to lift the restraining barrier, creating a small space within the coffin.

Sirius sat cross-legged and continuously dispersed his inner spiritual energy through channeling his cultivation technique. Caleb, who was watching from the side, couldn’t help but exclaim, “Mr. Goldstein, it’s a waste to let him enjoy such good stuff. Give it to me instead, I could use the nourishment!”


Zack felt disgraced when he saw his grandson’s shameless behavior.

Even though he verbally reprimanded his grandson for his lack of composure, Zack couldn’t help but fixate his gaze on the Golden Herb.

“My friend, this piece of Golden Herb, I’m not sure if you can bear to part with it. I’m willing to trade it for a spirit stone,” Zack offered.

Cypress, who was standing next to Zack, said, “What’s so special about a spirit stone? Listen, lad, hand it over to me and I can grant you a wish. How does that sound?”

Zack furrowed his brows, turning his gaze toward Cypress at his side. “I need this item for my new drug research, Stellario. What do you need it for?”

Cypress refused to back off either. “What the f*ck are you researching new drugs for? Just get more decade-old Golden Herb, then! This stuff is incredibly useful for my parasite breeding, so don’t compete with me for it! Don’t make life difficult for yourself!”

Seeing two Divine Realm cultivators bickering like petty hooligans, Jonathan felt quite a headache and waved his hand dismissively. “This thing is not exactly all over the small world, but it’s certainly not that rare either. If you really want it, then send your people out to look for it. I’m keeping this piece to save my own life.”
Jonathan then pointed toward Joshua, who was lying in the middle of the crowd, and continued, “Two paths now lie before us. Option one, we save Joshua. I believe that, under the current circumstances, Joshua should be willing to set aside his prejudices and join ally with you against the enemy. Option two, we don’t care if Joshua lives or dies. That way, we can forcibly extract his blood essence.”

With a wave of his right hand, Jonathan revealed the three supreme magical treasures—Formation Crusher, Troop Summoner, and Hailstorm Fan. After more than a decade, they finally appeared once again in such close proximity to the patriarchs.
“These three magical items are the finest of the finest, but their greatest function is not in themselves. Instead, their ability lies in breaking the formations within the small world. As long as we have Joshua’s blood essence, we can activate these three secret treasures. Of course, there’s something I need to remind you all of. Despite everything, Joshua and I have always been allies. However, Joshua has yet to utter a single word about the core secrets of the little world. I think there’s more than a seventy percent chance that we will need Joshua’s assistance to open the chaos portal between this small world and the outside world. Breaking into Yannopolis with his blood essence isn’t the hard part. The real challenge is figuring out where the chaos portal for exiting is located,” Jonathan said as he placed the three magical items, which the eight respectable families had spent a decade searching for, next to Joshua and let the cultivators handle them.
Apart from Graeme, the other three Divine Realm cultivators each held a magical item in their hands.
Meanwhile, Jonathan stood on the side and watched Joshua with a cold gaze.
As a friend, Jonathan would never hand Joshua over so easily.
However, those who wanted to leave were not just a few respectable families.
Even though Asura’s Office was not on the cleanup list for Enlighteners this time, given the numerous forces clashing outside, it was inevitable that the innocent would be caught in the crossfire.
On top of that, Jonathan also missed being on the outside world and wished to get out as quickly as possible.
If they couldn’t awaken Joshua, then draining his blood essence would be their only hope at escaping.
As for the Golden Herb, Jonathan was saving it to keep Joshua alive.

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