The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6313

Howard Rothschild is a very realistic person.

Although he is the helmsman of the entire Rothschild family, he has always been able to bend and stretch.

If a person is of high enough value to him or to the Rothschild family, even if the person is a beggar, Howard will treat him well.

At present, his appeal is that the short video platform can remove all videos related to the Rothschild family, so that the scandal of the Rothschild family has nowhere to spread.

Therefore, as the patriarch of the Rothschild family, he could even deign to meet the person in charge of the North American region of the short video platform.

You know, there is a huge difference between the head of a big family with a trillion dollars and a business executive worth hundreds of millions of dollars. If it were normal, the latter would not even be able to join Matt Rothschild. Erd’s discernment, not to mention Howard.

However, now Howard is eager to meet with the North American head of the short video platform. 

And he felt that since his status was so noble, if he went to see the other party in person, he would definitely be considered sincere. If this matter reached the ears of the head of the Wade family, the other party would definitely feel it. If you feel your sincerity, maybe you can even have an in-depth cooperation.

Soon, the Rothschild family contacted the person in charge of the North American region of the short video platform. When he revealed his identity to the other party, the person in charge of the short video platform was indeed shocked.

He didn’t expect that this incident would actually bring down the patriarch of the Rothschild family personally.

He immediately reported the matter to the person in charge of the short video platform. After receiving the news, the other party immediately called charlie Wade through the contact information left by Stephen Thompson.

When charlie Wade received a call from China Eastcliff in the cell, he roughly guessed the whole story. When he answered the call, a middle-aged man’s gentle voice came from the other end of the phone: “Is this charlie Wade?” Master?”

charlie Wade hummed, “Who are you?”

The middle-aged man said hurriedly, “Hello, Master wade, I am the founder of the short video platform and also the current CEO. My name is Brandon. You gave me your contact information a few days ago and asked me to report any major events directly to you.”

charlie Wade asked him, “You are calling me now because of the Rothschild family, right?” “

Yes. “Brandon explained, “The Rothschild family contacted our person in charge in North America and said that Howard, the patriarch of the Rothschild family, wanted to meet him and chat with him.When it came to cooperation, he didn’t dare to make decisions on his own, so he immediately asked me for advice. But to be honest, the patriarch of the Rothschild family has great influence around the world, so I didn’t dare to make a decision on his own. , that’s why I called you to bother you, hoping to ask for your opinion. “

charlie Wade said lightly, “You just ask him to reply to the Rothschild family and say that we have nothing to cooperate with them. If you want us to delete the video content on the short video platform, then there is nothing wrong with it. The room for negotiation made them give up. “

Brandon said hesitantly, “Young Master… The Rothschild family and similar plutocrats like them have a very large influence in the West, and can even influence laws and decisions of Western governments. Their lobbying group is the world’s largest. One, if they lobby the government to sanction us, it may have a great impact on our business in North America…” “

It doesn’t matter. “charlie Wade said calmly, “Let them do whatever they want. It doesn’t matter if one day we have to withdraw from the US market. At least we have maintained our bottom line at this stage, and the people of North America will see it. When the time is right, We can still make a comeback, but once we lose the bottom line, we lose the support of the North American people. What we do is a short video platform for all people. Once we lose the support of the people, even if the local government does not target us, we will lose our development. soil. “

With that said, charlie Wade added, “I understand that you want to take the overall situation into consideration and worry that all your efforts will be in vain, but you must remember that if one day we need to make a multiple-choice question between the people and the government of North America, we will always Choosing the former will always put the people first. “

When Brandon heard this, the doubts in his heart completely disappeared, his voice became a little louder, and he said loudly, “Okay, young master, I understand! I’ll reply to them right away! “

At this time, although the Rothschild family members were anxiously waiting for the response from the North American head of the short video platform, they did not sit back and wait. Instead, they were discussing how to deal with Bruce Weinstein. This person kept

posting The two videos are obviously intended to fight to the death with the Rothschild family, making the core members of the Rothschild family gnash their teeth.

For them, they can’t wait to send people to the Brooklyn Prison to kill Bruce right now.

However, As events continue to unfold,

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