The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6311

At this point, Howard changed the subject and said sternly, “But if you don’t do what I say, I will personally send you to prison, and then drive your father and your whole family out of the United States!

Matt asked in confusion, “Grandpa…what happened to Bruce Weinstein? ” ! He is just a dog under my control, why should I take the blame for him? !

Howard scolded angrily, “You idiot, go check out the short video platform! ” The video of Bruce Weinstein exposing you and your entire family, as well as the video of you having an affair with Bruce Weinstein’s wife, has become one of the top three hits in North America! After saying that

, Howard added, “You three have performed well. You will report to the family early tomorrow morning and have other appointments, so you don’t have to follow this loser!” “

When Jack and the other three heard this, they were immediately overjoyed, but Howard didn’t wait for them to express their gratitude and directly kicked Jack’s account out of the live broadcast room.

Jack found that the video connection was interrupted and said to Matt with a little embarrassment. “Master, these are the requirements of the patriarch, and we have no way to disobey, sorry. “

After that, he winked at his two men, and the three of them exited the room directly.

For the three of them, after tonight’s incident, they have completed a difficult time in the Rothschild family. Among the servants

of the Rothschild family, those who can serve direct members naturally have a higher status than those who are collateral members, but the servant with the highest status in the entire family is one who directly serves Howard. Yes, after all, Howard is the emperor of this ancient family, and the other direct members are just vassal kings. Now that

they are favored by Howard, they will naturally no longer take Matt, a grandson who has fallen out of favor, into consideration.

Three After the people left, Matt, who was shocked and frightened, quickly took out his mobile phone, turned off the airplane mode, and immediately opened the short video platform. Unexpectedly, 

Since his i-address is in the United States, the algorithm directly pushed two videos related to him to the home page.

Matt cautiously clicked on the video, and the more he watched, the more frightened he became. The first thought that came to his mind was to kill Bruce Weinstein, but the second thought that followed, he turned this The impulse was completely suppressed.

He is well aware of his current situation.

With the exposure of these two videos, Bruce Weinstein has become the person he cannot kill in his life.

What’s even worse is that Grandpa Howard asked him to take care of everything related to Peter next week. You know, cheating is not illegal in the United States, but manipulating federal prisons, affecting justice, and abusing lynching are all crimes without exception.

Once he takes on these charges, it means that he will stay in prison for at least a few years, and he will become a street rat in the United States that everyone wants to beat.

S*x scandals have never been a big deal in America, but political scandals are deadly.

Just when Matt didn’t know what to do, the Rothschild family video conference continued. Betrayed

and cuckolded, Charles was in an emotional breakdown. He shouted in the video that he wanted Matt’s father to give him an explanation.

And Charles’ father was also putting pressure on Howard, saying angrily, “Father! Whatever you say about this matter, Matt and his family must give us an explanation, otherwise, I will never agree!” Yes

! As far as Charles’ father is concerned, his son was cuckolded by his nephew. The key is that it was broadcast live in front of the core members of the family. This shame is considered to be lost to the bottom of the Pacific. If he doesn’t have an explanation, he and himself will be cuckolded in the future. The son will also become a laughing stock in the family and will never be able to hold his head high.

Matt’s father, Robert Rothschild, was also in a panic at this moment. He knew that his son had caused a huge disaster, but he had no idea at this moment what this incident would do to Matt himself, as well as himself and himself. What influence does Matt’s brothers have?

People in the Rothschild family are very fertile, and one of their main tenets is to have more children.

Therefore, Robert Rothschild did not only have one son, Matt, but gave birth to three sons and four daughters.

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