The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6314

The person the Rothschild family dare not touch now is Bruce.

Bruce exposed two major scandals of the Rothschild family in one breath, and the evidence is conclusive. Under this situation, if something happens to him, the Rothschild family will not be able to escape the involvement, and the people will definitely put the charges on him. On the head of the Rothschild family.

By that time, not only will neither of the two scandals be solved, but two will become three, and another person will be killed.

At this time, Howard’s eldest son answered a phone call, and then said solemnly, “Father, the short video platform has rejected our request to meet.” “Rejected?”

Howard frowned and asked him, “I’m Howard Ross. Childe, deigned to meet him, the head of North America, and he still dared to refuse?”

“Yes…” the eldest son said helplessly, “We have made it clear that you want to meet with them, but they still refuse.”

Howard After pondering for a moment, he said coldly, “I didn’t refuse on the spot, but refused after a few minutes. It seems that I reported the matter to China. It seems that the Wade family does not want to see me.”

As he spoke, Howard gritted his teeth and said, “I didn’t expect that bruce Wade  has been dead for so many years, and the Wade family is still so stubborn. With their small size, there are no people like bruce Wade  to gather together and… Mobilizing resources, they are just clowns in front of the Rothschild family, and they dare to continue to oppose the Rothschild family. This is overestimating their capabilities!”

A young man from the Rothschild family said in a video conference He said, “Grandpa, the short video platform has developed extremely rapidly in the past year or so, and has a large user base around the world. Although it has not yet been listed, the current market value estimate given by the capital market is almost US$400 billion.”

“Four hundred billion?!” Howard asked in surprise, “Are you sure? A mere short video platform can have such a high market value?!” The other

party nodded and said, “Now short videos are sweeping the world. In this In the process, China’s short video platform has been so popular that our established Internet companies have not been able to catch up with them. Moreover, short videos have now become the traffic portal for all walks of life. Anyone who is doing business is trying to find a way. Obtain traffic through short video platforms and realize traffic monetization. They are very powerful in empowering the e-commerce industry, virtual services, and value-added services. The US$400 billion is actually a conservative estimate. If they are given a little more time, they may be able to surpass it. Facebook’s market cap is $800 billion.”

> “Damn it!” Howard cursed angrily, “How could such a large company fall into the hands of the Wade family? The Wade family’s own size can only last for one to two hundred billion US dollars, right?” The other party said helplessly

. He said, “Grandpa, the Internet industry is like this. As long as you stand on the forefront, you can rise to the sky overnight. You also know Facebook’s Zuckerberg. Didn’t he make the company have a market value of 800 billion US dollars?” Howard couldn’t help but click

. He smacked his lips and cursed, “Damn! The Wade family really found a treasure! If the short video platform is successfully listed and really reaches a market value of 400 billion US dollars, wouldn’t the Wade family directly become the first family in China?!”

” Yes.” The other party nodded slightly. “It’s a foregone conclusion.”

Howard said bitterly, “It seems that whether a family can rise can’t be determined by one or two outstanding talents. bruce Wade  is so powerful, but he can’t do it. The Wade family brought the number one position in China, and now the Wade family can easily acquire a short video platform.” Just when

Howard was feeling depressed, his eldest son received the call again, and then he looked nervous He said to him, “Father, public opinion is fermenting rapidly. An investigation task force has been set up in Washington. They will immediately go to Brooklyn Prison to investigate. Moreover, the New York Bureau of Prisons and the FBI are going to take over Brooklyn Prison. The takeover team has already set off. It’s over!”

Howard said with a dark face, “The trouble is getting bigger and bigger…”

After that, he quickly said, “Do you have the contact information of Bruce Weinstein? I want to call him!”

At this time, Bruce Weinstein is sitting in his office recording his third video.

In order to concentrate on recording the video, his mobile phone had been switched to airplane mode. However, what he did not expect was that the landline phone on his desk suddenly rang.

He grabbed the phone impatiently and said angrily, “What’s the matter?”

Howard patiently introduced himself, “Hello Bruce, I’m Howard Rothschild, the patriarch of the Rothschild family. I’ll take care of your business.” I’ve heard about it, and I’m deeply sorry for it…”

Bruce cursed angrily, “You bad old man, you’re so sorry! Don’t think I don’t know what’s going on in your mind, don’t you just want me to change my mind? Let me tell you, I will never give you this chance. This time, I will fight to the death with you, to the death!”

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