The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6322

For charlie Wade, Gustavo has lost its use value after he successfully approached Bruce Weinstein.

A Mexican drug lord who has lost his power is imprisoned by the Americans, and his son is still thinking about killing him as soon as possible. Such a person really has no practical value.

Unless you take him out of prison, take him back to Mexico, and help him regain control of the Sanchez family.

But this is not cost-effective for charlie Wade.

First of all, Gustavo is a notorious drug dealer. From the bottom of his heart, charlie Wade does not want to have too much involvement with such a person, especially in terms of interests;

secondly, Gustavo is a person who the US government spent a lot of money from Mexico. The effort to extradite a major drug lord is also a major achievement of the U.S. government’s anti-drug campaign. For the sake of its own face, the U.S. government must ensure that he remains in a U.S. prison. Once he escapes from prison, it will be a defeat for U.S. justice. The face of the system;

when the time comes, the U.S. government will only become more frantic in trying to capture him. In this case, even if Sanchez returns to Mexico to regain power, he may not be able to survive for a few days, and he will still return to this place when the time comes. .

Therefore, the best way for charlie Wade now is to let Gustavo use his remaining energy. As long as he is willing to kill himself and sell the Rothschild family, he can give the Rothschild family what they just got. That little bit of initiative was lost in an instant.

Moreover, charlie Wade is not simply using Gustavo. As

long as Gustavo succeeds in finding a survival gap between the Rothschild family and his son according to what he said, he can live with peace of mind.

In this case, he would not only hit the Rothschild family, but also save his life, and he would also be grateful to charlie Wade, killing three birds with one stone.

At this time, Gustavo also understood the basic logic of charlie Wade’s plan. In the past, as a major drug lord who acted as a private arm, he didn’t like to make such twists and turns when doing things, whether it was dealing with colleagues or with others. When dealing with the government, he basically has two tricks that are used all over the world. One is to take it for his own use, and if he can’t take it away, he will kill him directly, so he can’t think of such a psychological attack strategy in his mind.

After sorting out charlie Wade’s logic, he was filled with admiration and quickly praised, “Mr. Wade, your method is so wonderful! I never thought of it… Someone once recommended your Chinese book “The Art of War” to me. “, I haven’t taken it seriously yet, but now look, I still have to study and learn these profound Eastern wisdoms.” Charlie  looked at him, smiled and said, “You don’t need to learn these now, anyway, you will be here all your life.” It’s impossible to get out of this prison. As long as you do what I say, you can stand on your ownIn the land of immortality, let’s lie down in this prison from now on. “

Gustavo sneered, nodded enthusiastically and agreed, “Mr. Wade, you are right, I will only be able to spend my remaining years in this prison. “

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