The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6324

He couldn’t help but feel annoyed. If Joseph had taken action one day earlier, or if Joseph had seized the opportunity today, wouldn’t he have solved all the problems in advance?

However, the current situation is that no matter how upset he is, he can’t solve the problem at hand, so he can only hope that Joseph can find a breakthrough point. If that doesn’t work, he will send a killer to Brooklyn Prison to look for opportunities to kill his father. .

As for the United States, with the arrest of Bruce Weinstein and the surrender of Matt Rothschild, this matter has seemingly come to an end.

The Rothschild family can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Especially Howard Rothschild, who was very old and still stayed up so late anxiously. He persisted until he was exhausted both physically and mentally. After seeing the dust settle, he was finally able to relax and lay down in bed to rest. At

this time, another video was uploaded to major online platforms.

The protagonist of the video is Gustavo Sanchez, a well-known drug lord in the United States.

When Gustavo was extradited by the United States and put on trial, the U.S. government did a lot of publicity, so almost all Americans knew about Gustavo’s deeds. He is definitely one of the most famous prisoners in the United States.

As far as everyone knows, Gustavo has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. This person will be imprisoned in a U.S. prison for the rest of his life until he dies of illness or old age.

But who would have thought that suddenly, late at night after the noise, he would see his own selfie video on the Internet.

A prisoner serving his sentence in prison suddenly posted a self-portrait video online. This illustrates two incredible things. One is that this guy can use a mobile phone in prison, and the other is that this guy can still use a mobile phone in prison. Can access the Internet.

This made American melon-eating netizens extremely interested.

The content in Gustavo’s video is even more explosive.

At the beginning of the video, he said to the camera angrily, “Hello everyone, I am Gustavo from Mexico.Sanchez, I am currently in the Brooklyn Prison in New York, USA. I want to accuse the Rothschild family of betrayal and burning bridges because this shameless family broke their promises and stabbed them in the back. Today at noon, I Almost died in Brooklyn jail! “

When the video reached this point, all the viewers felt a burst of mind-exploding surprise and pleasure!

Unexpectedly, another big melon came in the middle of the night! And it was a super big melon!

One of the most powerful drug lords in the world. The biggest family in the world is torn apart in prison. This kind of drama cannot be called annual. It may not be our turn to experience it in three to five years.

It is precisely because of the identity of the person involved that this video has never been seen since ancient times. From the moment Stavo showed his face, the viscosity and retention rate were astonishingly high. Almost no one would close the video at this time. Everyone was in front of the computer or mobile phone screen, watching without blinking. At this moment

, Gustavo said angrily, “When the U.S. government wanted to extradite me from Mexico to the U.S. for trial, I was absolutely unwilling. I even tried to escape from prison in Mexico and seek refuge in other countries several times. I am a member of the Rothschild family.” People found me and promised me that as long as I was successfully extradited to the United States by the U.S. government, they would definitely put me in a prison they had full control over and let me enjoy the same living conditions as outside prison. Later, they will help me operate, modify the non-parole sentence, and let me return to Mexico for retirement…” “

It is because of this that I was sent to Brooklyn Prison by the Rothschild family. At first, the Rothschild family did They fulfilled their promise and gave me relatively favorable conditions, but I never imagined that the famous Rothschild family would break their promise so quickly! They hired killers from prison to launch a death attack on me, and I almost died in their hands! “

Speaking of this, Gustavo said with great sadness, “Hector, my good son! You must never fall into the American trap! If your father dies, you must do everything you can to avenge him! And you must remember that from now on, the Sanchez family must never cooperate in any form with the Rothschild family. They are a bunch of treacherous and shameless people!

Immediately, Gustavo said again, “There is more! ” All Sanchez family members must remember that unity and loyalty are the keys to the Sanchez family’s success! Therefore, no one, under any circumstances, must betray the family. This is the high-voltage line of our family! As long as anyone dares to touch this high-voltage line, no matter who he is, the entire Sanchez family will not let him go! “

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