The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6323

charlie Wade nodded, waved his hand and said, “Okay, hurry up and record the video. After recording, let me take a look. If there are no problems, you can upload it to the Internet. “

“good! Gustavo hurriedly said, “I’ll record it right now!” “

The online video conference of the Rothschild family finally came to an end.

The investigation team led by the FBI has also arrived at the Brooklyn Prison and found the secret passage in the video in the warden’s office.

The secret passage was found, and Zhou Liangyun, who was imprisoned below, was naturally rescued by them. However, Zhou Liangyun was a criminal who had committed the crime of theft after all. After the FBI brought

him in, they had no time to question him too much, so they hurriedly He was sent to Manhattan Hospital.

After all, Zhou Liangyun suffered an inhumane lynching to extract a confession. Out of humanitarianism, the FBI had to let the hospital conduct a detailed physical examination of his body before determining whether he was still alive based on his physical condition. He can continue to serve his sentence normally in prison.

And because he is a victim in this scandal, in order to ensure that he does not sue the judicial department, after his physical examination is completed, the judicial department will come to have a closed-door discussion with him. They need to pay compensation or reduce the sentence to satisfy Zhou Liangyun.

From this moment on, Zhou Liangyun has completely taken back the initiative.

As for Bruce Weinstein, who was psychologically suggested by charlie Wade, because He abused his power and was temporarily detained by the FBI. After that, the investigation team will prosecute him after the entire investigation is completed.

Matt Rothschild has also surrendered to the police under family pressure.

Although he is He is a core member of the Rothschild family, but in the face of family interests, his personal interests are no longer worth mentioning. What’s more, he was the one who brought the whole thing to light. At this time, he can only stand up and be the one behind the scenes. Pot Man.

However, Hector Sanchez, the son of Gustavo Sanchez, who was far away in Mexico, was a little upset at this time. He did not expect that Joseph’s people did not succeed in killing his father today. Originally, he was a little upset

. He said

I don’t care too much. After all, just because I don’t have a chance today doesn’t mean I won’t have a chance in the future. Maybe I can get my wish tomorrow.

However, the sudden series of big scandals in the United States instantly made him feel worried. In his opinion, if there was such a big scandal in Brooklyn Prison, the relevant departments in the United States would immediately tighten the management of this prison. Now, if Joseph wants to take action again, it may not be so easy.

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