The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6326

Howard spent his life trying to move as far as possible in the cesspit, and he just barely managed to avoid getting excrement on himself by relying on Ramat to enter the cesspool as a stepping stone.

Just when Howard was standing on the edge of the manure pit rejoicing, Gustavo suddenly rushed out from nowhere, hugged Howard without hesitation, jumped into the manure pit, and gave Howard a decisive blow.

In an instant, insults against Howard sprung up on the Internet.

The Rothschild family never dreamed that they would be stabbed in the back by Gustavo, and they panicked for a moment.

Making deals with drug traffickers, giving them prison privileges, and using drug traffickers to obtain benefits in Mexico is simply not a possibility.

It would have been easier to put it in the semi-civilized 19th century during the Opium War. After all, everyone was a drug dealer. Even the British nobility and royal family were drug dealers. It was no big deal that the Rothschild family was involved with drug dealers.

But now is the 21st century of modern civilization. The British royal family has long since whitewashed itself. The Rothschild family is still dealing with drug traffickers. This is an extremely disgusting behavior in today’s society. The Rothschilds were almost instantly The family’s reputation was at its lowest point.

Howard sat up from the bed angrily, looked at the eldest son who came to report the news and asked angrily, “Who is going to kill Gustavo?! When did I say I was going to kill him?!” The eldest son said awkwardly,

” Father, we have a cooperation agreement with Gustavo. How could we kill him? There is either some misunderstanding or Gustavo has not finished this chapter

is just made up. Howard

asked, “Gustavo has already reached an agreement with us. What good does it do him to make up nonsense and frame us at this time?” And what I can’t figure out is that in Brooklyn Prison, he is enjoying a lot of food and drinks, and gets whatever he wants. Only we can give him this kind of treatment. Now that he has come forward to report and expose us, it does not mean that he has also treated himself badly. Sold? Once the US government starts investigating this matter, he will lose all the privileges we have given him. By then, what good life will he have left? The

eldest son said with a confused look on his face, “I don’t understand why this is happening. Reasonable and reasonable, I shouldn’t have come forward to bite us this Gusta.” “

Howard said very seriously, “Let’s think about it carefully, what is the reason that makes Gustavo give up his current privileged life and stand up against us? The eldest son shook his head and said, “

I can’t think of it. For him, the best choice is to cooperate with us. Even if the entire Sanchez family is like this, betraying them at this time will do them a lot of harm but nothing good.” ” 

Howard was silent for a moment and said seriously, “Unless Gustavo’s life is really threatened, someone must really want to kill him, so she was forced to do nothing. , to drag us down. The eldest son quickly asked, “

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