The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6328

“What did you say?! Something happened to my father?! Really?!”

Hector, who was thinking about his father’s death, heard this sentence in a daze. As he spoke, the whole person was a little uncontrollably excited, and even when he spoke, he accidentally brought a bit of excitement.

Ricardo on the other end of the phone couldn’t help but asked with some doubts, “Hector, are you awake? I mean, something happened to your father. Why do you look so happy?”

Hector came back to his senses at this time, Realizing that he was indeed a little too excited, he quickly changed his words and said, “I really didn’t wake up. When I was dreaming just now, I dreamed that the Americans had released my father back, and I was very happy…”

After that, he quickly said “Uncle Ricardo, you said something happened to my father, what happened?”

Ricardo quickly said, “I sent you a video, take a look.” !”

Héctor quickly hung up the phone and clicked on the video. When his father told him that he was almost killed today, he was so scared that he almost peed.

He always thought that Joseph had not found an opportunity to take action for the time being, but he did not expect that Joseph had already taken action and failed.

Fortunately, the father in the video asked him for help, which meant that the father did not know that his son was going to kill him, which made Héctor feel a little relieved.

It seems that although Joseph failed, fortunately he did not betray himself.

But if this is the case, what should I do next?

Continue to look for opportunities to kill your father?

Or are you pretending that you just learned all this?

Just when Hector didn’t know what to do, his military advisor and his most trusted right-hand man called him.

As soon as the phone call came through, Hector asked, “Jose, have you watched the video?!”

Jose on the other end of the phone quickly said, “Boss, I just watched the video, so I called you quickly. You also Have you seen it?”

“Have seen it…” Hector asked anxiously, “What do you think I should do now? Should I continue to let people kill the old guy, or should I just pretend to be stupid to the end?”

Jose asked him, “Old manBig, risk aside, which one do you prefer? “

Ector said without hesitation, “Of course I am inclined to kill the old guy, otherwise it will always be a big trouble! What if one day he finds out the truth of the matter, or if the Americans are out of mind and let him go, what will I do then? “

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