The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6330

On the Internet, the voices criticizing and insulting the Rothschild family have also reached an unprecedented new height.

The Rothschild family The reason why he has not spoken out is because Howard has become the number one target of attacks by netizens. If he speaks out now, it will be like hitting the target of the people across the country. We

have to wait for the results of the investigation to be made before making any plans.

Just in the Sanchez family While busy with the Rothschild family, Brooklyn Prison also ushered in an important event.Big changes.

The FBI that arrived temporarily took over this federal prison, which was already at the forefront of the United States. All previous prison guards and managers were suspended on the spot, pending investigation.

In the cell, charlie Wade could hear the prison guards on duty being replaced one by one by the FBI.

So he said to Gustavo, “Gustavo, if the FBI comes later, they may take you away and hold you in solitary confinement. Then you just go with them honestly.”

Gustavo asked quickly “Mr. Wade, they won’t keep me in a single cell all the time, right?!”

charlie Wade smiled and said, “If it can protect your safety, a single cell is also a good choice.”

Gustavo said with a sad face . A single cell is just a small dark room. If you live there for a long time, you will become depressed…”

charlie Wade asked, “Would it be better to be depressed or to die?”

Gustavo said helplessly, “Then it is definitely better to be alive…”

charlie Wade nodded and said, “When you posted that video, you gave up all your privileges in this prison. Only in this way can you make your son and the Rothschild family fear you.” , and at the same time, it can also make the US government pay more attention to your personal safety. Although your privileges are gone, but you are still alive, isn’t it the best outcome?”

Gustavo was speechless.

What charlie Wade said is indeed the truth. It is better to die than to live. As long as you can still live, who is willing to die like this?

So he asked charlie Wade, “Mr. Wade, what if they investigate what happened during the day? Do I tell them the truth about you?”

charlie Wade said casually, “It’s almost dawn now. They shouldn’t have so much time. Start the investigation immediately. I will go out as soon as dawn. No matter how they investigate in the future, it has nothing to do with me. Besides, I have nothing worthy of their investigation. It is not me who gives you privileges. It is not me who wants to kill you or use you. It’s not me who controls Mexico, but I’m just an old friend of Joseph’s father. I just said a few kind words at the critical moment and saved your life.”

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