The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6329

As he spoke, he asked tentatively, “Old guy, after this video was posted, the blame has been placed on Rothschild. As long as I do it cleanly, maybe I can solve the problem once and for all. What do you think? right? Jose

thought for a moment and then said, “Boss, theoretically it is what you think, but have you ever considered whether the Rothschild family is willing to take the blame?” Once they find out that you did this, they will not only make the truth public, they will even lobby the US government to target you. By that time, other members of the Sanchez family will be dissatisfied with you, and the Americans will also be dissatisfied with you. It will be full of hostility, and if they reach an agreement with your father, the Americans may try to find ways to replace you with him, and by then you may be the one in jail in the United States. “

With that said, Jose added, “Boss, don’t forget, your father asked you for help in the video. This is seen by the whole world. If he still dies in an accident, wouldn’t it be equivalent to telling the whole world? , you can’t even protect your own father? “

“Hold! “Ector’s expression changed and he asked in a low voice, “Then what do you think I should do? Jose

thought for a while and said, “Boss, I think the only way now is to publicly protest to the Rothschild family. First, behave as a filial son would do when his father is threatened with death, and then If you say harsh words again, as long as anything happens to your father, the entire Sanchez family will immediately launch revenge. Anyway, the reputation of the Rothschild family has collapsed now. This is the best time to add insult to injury. If most Americans feel that they are very Dirty, then they will take the blame! “

As he said, Jose added, “As for you saying you are afraid of the Rothschilds,

The clan finds out the truth. In fact, there is no need to worry about this. We only need to kill the person in charge of delivering the message. The chain of evidence for hiring Joseph will be broken, even if they find it from inside the prison. There is no point in breaking through. There is no evidence. Even if they come forward and say that you did it, we can still say that they are slanderous. We don’t need to care about what others say. What we really need to care about is what everyone believes. Hector

thought for a moment and asked, “Then according to your opinion, I can’t kill the old guy.” “

“yes. Jose explained, “Actually, in this situation, it doesn’t matter whether you want to kill him or not. Only when he is alive can he be good to everyone. If he dies, you will lose face and the Rothschild family will also lose its reputation.” , the U.S. government will also become the target of public criticism. As long as everyone is not impulsive, this matter will gradually be forgotten by the public. But if anyone kills him, the other two parties will definitely try their best to clear themselves of suspicion, and then we will be even more passive. . “

Ector sighed deeply, gritted his teeth and said, “This is the only way to go now. I hope the Americans won’t release the old things, and don’t threaten me with the old things. “

José said, “The Rothschild family has too much to take care of themselves now. Even Howard has to tuck his tail between his legs and be a good man. There will definitely be no more trouble in the short term. “

Soon, Héctor, on behalf of the entire Sanchez family, protested to the US government and the Rothschild family through a video.

In the video, in addition to angrily criticizing the Rothschild family, He also made harsh words, saying that if his father had any trouble, he would start a full-scale war with the Rothschild family.

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