The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6336

At this moment, near the Zhou family manor.

A large number of agents arranged by the Rothschild family are currently hiding around and inside the Zhou family manor.

They even bought another villa next to Zhou’s manor and used it as the command base for the operation.

In the room on the third floor of the villa that overlooks the Zhou family manor, they set up a large number of monitoring equipment and installed a whole wall of monitoring equipment. There are also thermal imaging pictures from multiple angles. In addition, there are More than a dozen people are here to guard the place 24 hours a day. 

On the roof of this villa, there are always multiple snipers on standby. Combined with the help of thermal imaging, they can accurately kill a mouse hiding in the grass from a distance of nearly a thousand meters. .

Ever since Sifang Baozhuang was taken over by Zhou Liangyun, they have started monitoring here. They dare not say that they can prevent a fly from flying out of Zhou’s house, but at least it is impossible for any warm mammal to slip away from under their noses. .

At this time, a helicopter roared into the courtyard of the villa. After the helicopter landed smoothly, Steve, who was in his prime, and his son Royce stepped out of the helicopter.

The person in charge of the scene was already waiting here. When he saw Steve, he immediately stepped forward and said respectfully, “Hello, young master, I am Hank Gilbert. You can call me Hank. I am ready for you.” If you have any other needs, please let me know.”

Hank is one of Howard’s most trusted confidants. He was formerly a top agent of the Department of Homeland Security. Although he only took orders from Howard to perform these dirty jobs for the Rothschild family, he also knew very well that Howard asked Steve to come here this time just to take the credit. Once Steve wins this Thanks to his hard work, he must be the future patriarch of the family, so he was extremely polite to Steve.

Steve also knew very well that Hank was his father’s confidant. If he could get closer to him and take him under his wing, it would be of great help to his future succession, so he said very politely. “Thank you for your hard work, Hank. I hope Royce and I won’t cause you any trouble.”

Hank said quickly, “No, no, you are here for guidance. We have not gained anything from being here for so long. If you’re here, you might be able to bring us a breakthrough!”

Steve didn’t expect that Hank, a tough guy from the Homeland Security Bureau, could be so nice when he spoke, and he felt a little light-hearted after being flattered. Yes, it’s very useful.

So, he said with a smile, “Hank, if we find the Sifang Treasure Building here, you will definitely be the number one hero of the Rothschild family!”

Steve knew very well that since he was here to pick peaches, the first hero must be his. The reason why he said this was to praise Hank and let him know that he would not treat him badly.

Hank smiled He said, “If we can really find the Sifang Baozhuang here, it must be the wise leadership of the eldest young master!” “

Hank also knew very well in his heart that Howard would not treat him badly if he found the Sifang Baozhu. As for whether it was the so-called first achievement, he didn’t care at all. The Rothschild family is just a family, and the family is naturally known as the family. The core members are oriented, and they can just take the money themselves. The empty reputation of credit should be left to Steve. After all, he is likely to be his master in the future. Therefore, the

two parties complimented each other’s business, and both of them were very happy.

Steve The father and son were led by Hank to the third floor. Looking at the Zhou family’s manor from a distance, Steve asked Hank, “Has the entire interior of the manor been searched? “

Hank said hurriedly, “More than just searching, we have quietly used detectors to scan the entire building and all the courtyard areas, and we haven’t found anything yet.

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