The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6337


was a little surprised and asked him, “The square treasure building is made of metal. The detector didn’t find it. Does that mean it’s not here?” “

“Hard to say. “Hank explained, “Peter Zhou is very cunning. Since he dared to steal the Sifang Bao Mansion, he must be fully prepared. There are more than ten darkrooms in this villa, so maybe there are us in this villa. Maybe there is a darkroom that has not been found. “

“good! Steve nodded and said, “Even if we dig out the entire Zhou family three feet into the ground, we still have to find the four-square treasure building for me!” “

Hank said helplessly, “It’s not realistic to dig deep into the ground for the time being. After all, the FBI has warned us that if we go too far, it may cause a lot of trouble. Moreover, we have lost the opportunity with Peter Zhou. Now the whole United States has While blaming us, if we still dig deep into the Zhou family, I’m afraid we will be even more passive by then. “

Steve nodded and said thoughtfully, “Peter Zhou is still in the hospital, but I estimate that he will be discharged from the hospital soon. I estimate that by then we will be forced by external pressure and will not send him back to prison. Once he changes his mind, If he comes back here to be acquitted, maybe he will lead us to the Sifang Treasure Tower himself. “

At this point, Steve said calmly, “Sometimes, we should not catch the mouse stealing food, but let it go.

Go, follow it quietly, find the place where it hides food, and then feed it a nest full of food! When Hank

heard this, he immediately gave a thumbs up and said, “Young Master, you are absolutely right!” If Peter Zhou is released and we follow him secretly, he will definitely lead us to the Sifang Treasure Building! Steve

smiled slightly and said, “I will call my father later and ask him to make arrangements to acquit Peter Zhou and see if Peter Zhou will come back here. If he comes back, then we will win.” deal. “

At this moment, in Chinatown, Chen Kee Roast Goose.

Today is not a weekend, nor is it a traditional Chinese festival, but the whole Chinatown is decorated with lights and colorful, very lively.

At the entrance of Chen Kee Roast Goose, a large group of people gathered , several lion dance teams came from all directions with gongs and drums, and lined up to dance for a while at the door of the roast goose shop.

charlie was a little surprised, and didn’t know why these people wanted to dance the lion at the door of Chen Ji Roast Goose, so he Curiously, he asked the man in front of him, “Brother, why are there so many people doing the lion dance in front of Chen Kee Roast Goose?” ” 

The man said with a smile on his face, “Brother Gunbir, the owner of the roast goose shop, is now the new boss of the entire Chinese gang! Not only did they drive the Burning Angel out of Chinatown and take over Chinatown again, but more importantly, the new gang leader announced this morning that the Chinese gang has begun to reorganize and will permanently stop collecting protection fees from Chinatown merchants. This is very important to us who are doing small business. For me, this is of course great news! “

Since the day Chinatown was formed, it has never been able to get rid of the control of gangs. Merchants doing business here have never been exempted from protection fees. They are either handed over to local gangs in the United States or to Chinese gangs in Chinatown. Until today , the protection fee was clearly stopped by the Chinese gang.

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