The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6338

When charlie heard the news, he knew that this must be Gunbir’s decision.

Gunbir was an orphan left by illegal immigrants, and he had been following Arman in Chinatown and saw many ordinary merchants. The life here is humble and miserable. Now that he has become the boss of the Chinese gang, it is a good thing that he wants to make some real changes for the compatriots in Chinatown.

This also makes charlie appreciate Gunbir a little more. After all, he does not bully the weak. , has always been his basic principle in life. If a gang wants to grow bigger, it must look up instead of down. If he only thinks about making money from small businessmen and hawkers in Chinatown in the future, the Chinese Gang will be in his It will definitely be difficult for him to achieve great development in his hands.

Now that Gunbir can decisively abandon the income brought by the lower class people to the Chinese Gang, it can be seen that he is determined to let the Chinese Gang take over the money-makingOrientation is locked at a higher level.

Having upward determination is a good start.

Seeing that the roast goose shop was so busy, charlie didn’t squeeze in anymore. Instead, he took out his mobile phone and called Arman and asked him to meet at a nearby park.

After the two met, they found an empty bench, and charlie introduced the energy he had put into the prison to Arman.

When Arman heard the story of Sifang Baozhuang, he was stunned. He asked charlie, “Master, what are your plans now about Sifang Baozhuang?”

charlie said, “Now I want to make Sifang Baozhuang safe first.” Take it out from the Zhou family, and then find a way to transport the Sifang Baozhu back to China.”

Arman thought for a moment and said, “Young Master, the Rothschild family must be monitoring the Zhou family now. If you want to take things from the Zhou family, I’m afraid it will It’s not that easy…”

charlie nodded and said, “The Rothschild family cares so much about that square treasure house. I’m afraid they have turned the Zhou family upside down. If they don’t gain anything, they will definitely not give up. They will secretly guard the entire Zhou family. family, so I plan to go to the Zhou family later today to get a feel for their background.”

Arman asked, “Master, if you approach the Zhou family rashly, will it scare the snake?”

charlie said calmly, “It’s okay, I I won’t go to Zhou’s house rashly. I will definitely find all the people who are secretly watching before looking for opportunities. I’m sure of this.”

After saying that, charlie said again, “By the way, Uncle, I plan to find an opportunity to bring Sifang to justice tonight. Get the treasure building back and then find a way to transport it back to China. Which channel do you think is the safest?”

Arman thought for a moment and said, “Master, the Rothschild family has great power in the United States. If the Sifang Treasure Building is lost, they On the surface, they just arrested Zhou Peter, but in fact, I am afraid that they have already laid a dragnet within a hundred kilometers of the Zhou family. It may be difficult to take the Sifang Baozhuang out through normal channels, especially the entry and exit channels. The key point of their strict defense.”

charlie nodded and said, “The Zhou family’s manor is on the edge of New York. After I get the Sifang Baozhuang, I will drive back to New York first and make plans after returning to New York.”

Arman asked, “Why do you want to return to New York, Master?”

charlie said, “Since there is a dragnet everywhere you go, why not just come back to New York. New York is the headquarters of the Rothschild family and the most defensive place for the Rothschild family.” It’s a strict place, but it’s also the place where they have the most loopholes and weaknesses. Only here can they find a suitable breakthrough!”

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