The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6340

While drinking coffee, charlie Wade discovered that there were two black Cadillac SUVs parked outside the motel across the road. Although both cars were turned off and the windows were heavily filmed, there was actually something inside. There are always people, and every car has four people.

charlie Wade guessed that these people should be the Rothschild family’s subordinates, who are always on standby here. If there is any emergency, the eight people can immediately go to support.

Moreover, the SUV they ride in has strong performance and heavy weight, and is most suitable for interception. It will not be afraid of an ordinary car in front of it, even if it collides head-on.

charlie Wade couldn’t help but secretly think that these people had already started setting up a dragnet a kilometer away. If they got closer, he didn’t know how many people would be keeping an eye on them.

It seems that it is not that easy to take the Sifang Baozhu away from here without exposing yourself as much as possible.

At this time, several middle-aged men in plain clothes walked into the coffee shop. charlie Wade looked at a few more people and found that their walking gait, body posture and control of fine movements all seemed to be well-trained. He was a professional professional, so he stirred the coffee in the cup silently and quietly observed these people.

A few people chose a table in the corner by the window and ordered a few cups of coffee from the waiter. After the waiter left, one of them looked at the motel outside the window and cursed in a low voice, “These Rothschilds are the best.” Don’t cause any trouble for us. Once they cause another big scandal, our reputation will probably be completely ruined.” The

other person nodded and lowered his voice and said, “The higher-ups now want us to keep an eye on them here for the time being. , if they do anything out of the ordinary, we must immediately step forward to stop it, but the above also reminds us not to go any further. Rose

Childe’s people are very sensitive now. Once we get too close to the Zhou family, they will cause trouble. “

The man before sighed helplessly, “They don’t pay attention to the FBI at all. It’s pointless for us to keep an eye on them. Look at their personnel and equipment. They are several times better than us. They really want to do something. We can’t stop things. “

As he spoke, he lowered his voice and said, “I heard from people in the equipment department that the Rothschild family has brought in several sets of the most high-end thermal imaging equipment. Within a few hundred meters, you can even tell whether a mouse is male or female. I don’t know what they are going to do. The colleague opposite smiled slightly and said, “

If you can’t stop them, that’s the true intention of the higher-ups. If the Rothschild family insists on doing something, no one can stop them, and the White House has no chance. We just need to act like we’re trying to stop them.” We have completed our mission, and if public opinion really collapses, we can still explain that we did stop them, but they didn’t take us seriously at all. The third person who had been silent until now suddenly said, “

Did you see the helicopter passing by in the afternoon?” “

I saw it. ” The other two people nodded, and one of them asked, “Is there anything special about helicopters?” The Rothschild family has arranged at least a dozen helicopters nearby. The

third person pretended to be mysterious and said, “Those helicopters are just waiting secretly nearby. None of them has flown within a mile of Zhou’s house. The one in the afternoon is the only exception. You know who is sitting on that helicopter?” Who is it?

The two people quickly asked, “Who is it?

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