Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator-Webnovel – Chapter 1187

Chapter 1187: North Mystic at the End of the Road!

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“You’re not going to lose?”

Divine Lord Tatian snickered as he stomped his foot. His massive, billions of feet tall body was like a towering pillar from the ancient world, while Chen Fan was even weaker than an ant underneath his foot. Chen Fan’s body had just been reformed and it was smashed once again by Divine Lord Tatian’s foot!

Divine Lord Tatian lowered his head indifferently and said with a cold voice, “Even if you’re not going to lose, you’re still underneath my feet and I’m still stepping on you like an ant.”

“Let go of my Master!”

A’Xiu was so agitated she immediately shot into the sky and sped towards the young man in a black robe.

Not even Lord Dragon was able to stop her that time. A’Xiu directly rushed out of Earth and performed the True Martial Divine Fist against the Divine Grade Golden Core. Her entire body turned into an earth-shattering golden light wheel, rolling over like Apollo’s chariot. However, although she had formed a divine-grade Golden Core, she was just a Golden Core cultivator after all. She was pressed down when she reached the hundred-mile rank away from Divine Lord Tatian; she couldn’t even move a finger.


“Is this your disciple? Chen Beixuan, I’ll crush every one of your disciples, from their heads to their feet, from their Divine Souls to their bodies, from their Qi Sea to their Purple Chamber, right in front of you. This girl will be the first; let’s see if you can stand it,” Divine Lord Tatian said indifferently.

“Master, don’t give in. Don’t care about me!” A’Xiu said as she shook. Her entire body was being pressed down in the sky and she knelt with her head lowered, directed at Divine Lord Tatian’s general direction, as if there were a mountain ten thousand feet tall on her back.

However, A’Xiu still looked up with difficulty. Even if her head had been raised just a bit and she had to pay the price of having half of her body collapse and countless bones shatter, she still looked up fearlessly and toughtly. Her eyes were full of determination; she didn’t regret anything at all.

“I appreciate your strong conviction, but if conviction helps, what do you need power for? We’ve been cultivating for a hundred thousand years and we constantly put in effort every day. If conviction could easily prevent the energy we’ve got from absorbing the Essence Qi in the world and realizing Dharma Laws in such a long time, what’s the point of all of it?” Divine Lord Tatian chuckled and gently pressed his hand down.


A’Xiu’s small body then shattered; she exploded into a bloody mist. Divine Lord Tatian only reached out and grabbed a pure soul covered with golden glitters with his hand.


At that moment, countless disciples of the North Qiong Sect on Earth had tears welled up in their eyes.

“Sister A’Xiu!”

“Xiu xiu!”

“Auntie Xiu!”

Many people shouted.

Auntie Tang, Qi Xiu’er, Lu Yanxue, Jiang Churan, Gao Baisheng… everyone’s eyes were completely red; they were surrounded by strong viciousness. Chen Yaoyao, the youngest one among them, even burst into tears.

Lu Yanxue pursed her pale lips and said, “It’s all right. A’Xiu is still alive. Her Divine Soul is still here. Xiao Fan can rebuild her body and save her life as long as he wins. You have to trust him; he’s going to make it.”

The others quietly stood next to Lu Yanxue and looked into the sky. Even though they knew there wasn’t a great chance for Chen Fan to win—they could even say that Chen Fan was awfully close to being defeated—they were still willing to believe in him. Believe in the last miracle.

“What do you think, Chen Beixuan? The Divine Soul of your best and most cherished disciple is in my hands. If you don’t obey my orders, surrender, kneel, beg and give me your Deity Art, I will have to thoroughly crush her to pieces. Tsk, this girl is quite talented. If this would have happened a hundred thousand years ago, I might have felt shaken and eager to take her in as my disciple. Are you really this cold-hearted?” said Divine Lord Tatian as he lowered his head with a smile on his face, but his eyes were full of indifference.


Chen Fan reformed his body for the tenth time and paid a price for it. His hair completely turned grey and white to allow his body and Dharma Power to reach the peak level. Once his body was reformed, he reached out and said, “The Passage Of Time!”


After Chen Fan said those words, the entire sky and the area within a ten thousand mile radius was immediately stopped. The wind stopped, the rain stopped, people stopped, Essence Qi stopped and even Dharma Laws had stopped. Everyone’s hair froze in the sky. Every movement, every motion; they couldn’t even move their eyeballs, as if they were mosquitoes in a piece of amber which they couldn’t turn, at all.

An azure shadow—ten thousand feet tall which wore ancient formal clothes—stood behind Chen Fan, as if he belonged to an old myth. That man was even more concrete and majestic than the one Chen Fan had summoned in the Realm of Kunxu’s Snowwolf Valley… Just like a supreme king that dominated the ancient world.

The Grand Divine Power, the “Passage Of Time!”

The Azure Thearch had used that supreme Divine Power to dominate the world for two lifetimes and set foot in the boundaries of time. It was one of the most powerful trump cards Chen Fan had ever had and he would barely use it; that is, until a critical moment of life and death came to pass.

Such a Divine Power was indeed unreasonably powerful.

Even the powerful Divine Lord Tatian—who had a body billions of feet tall—also froze in the air right then. His entire body seemed to have fallen into a swamp; every move looked downright difficult, as if he were carrying a mountain in his back. He could only look at Chen Fan with shock and greed. He was stunned, seeing that Chen Fan still had such a terrifying, powerful and unpredictable Divine Power handy.

Not even the people on Earth were able to move a bit, as if detained by time. That was the power of the Grand Divine Power, Passage Of Time.


Chen Fan reached out and made a gripping order in the air, as if he were really holding something.

Then, the image of the Azure Thearch in a formal robe behind him also raised his hand with his supreme Deity Treasure which had shaken the ancient times. Chen Fan’s hand moved forward; he slowly pulled out a thin sword that couldn’t be described with words, which was completely shapeless; not even his blade was visible.

The viciousness in the sky froze an inch and the air also became more concrete whenever an inch of that sword was pulled out. At the same time, Chen Fan’s hair turned even grayer and whiter. In the end, when only the tip of the “Blade of Time” was left, Divine Lord Tatian had been completely frozen in the air; he couldn’t even move his hair or his eyeballs.

While countless people were thrilled, thinking Chen Fan was going to win…



Just like glasses shattering and the water surface breaking, the sky was torn, as if it were a painting. The entire world suddenly cracked and the frozen time in a ten thousand mile range returned to normal. Everyone—including Divine Lord Tatian—were able to move again.

“What’s going on?”

Countless people were shocked.

Chen Fan was one step away from winning. He tried to kill the evil Tatian with a supreme Divine Power of Time. Why did it suddenly fail? Many noticed quickly that Chen Fan’s hair had turned completely white at the moment. It was grey and white; there wasn’t even a single black hair, at all. His energy even became weak, akin to that of an old man. His skin was dry, his pupils were cloudy and his body seemed a bit bent.

The image of the Azure Thearch—which was ten thousand feet tall and was wearing a formal robe—also heaved an almost imperceptible sigh as he slowly vanished with the Blade of Time in his hand.

“Why did he lose? Wasn’t he going to kill Tatian with that Divine Power of Time?” someone wondered.

Lord Dragon also sighed, then lowered his head and said, “A Divine Power able to control time like this might be domineering and can even freeze time for a while, but Divine Lord Tatian is too powerful. It’s like standing in a river, trying to catch a fish with a fork. It isn’t a big deal if you catch a normal fish, but what about a white shark or an ancient dinosaur? Your fork will break and you’ll die. This is what’s happening to Divine Lord Chen right now. His energy isn’t enough to kill Divine Lord Tatian!”

Like Chen Fan, only disciples from a supreme Celestial Sect were able to perform such a terrifying, unbelievable Divine Power.

“What a shame. He was just one step away, one step…” Lord Dragon shook his head.

Many people on Earth also knew this; everyone’s faces became pale. Some even struck their chests out of frustration.

Even Tatian had been a bit shocked for a moment. He then looked more indifferent and his eyes had almost been filled to the brim with the cold wind that whizzed by. He stared at Chen Fan and said, “Chen Beixuan, I can’t believe you still had one trump card. Is that energy from a Deity Art, a Divine Power or the secret treasure of time hidden in your body? Whatever it is, it’s mine. Hand it over, or I’ll immediately crush the Divine Soul of your precious disciple and kill everyone on Earth.

“Chen Beixuan, don’t try my patience. It’s already reached the limit,” Divine Lord Tatian said as the greed in his eyes became so strong he was almost unable to repress it.

The Divine Power of Time!

It was a super Divine Power of the rarest kind, even in the Central Galaxy; it might even have the chance of being included as a top cultivation art on the “Universe Wonderful Art Roll.” Tatian had never heard of it before, let alone seeing it. As for secret treasures to harness time, they were even more precious. That type of treasure might not even be categorized as Divine Treasures or Sacred Treasures…

Still, each of them was on the top among all the Divine Treasures and was rarer than Sacred Treasures. Normal Soul Formation Grand cultivators weren’t even qualified to touch them; only those Overlords that stood at the top of the universe were powerful enough to control them.

“Great! The Grand Opportunity of Planet East is right here!”

There was only one thought in Divine Lord Tatian’s mind right then.

The greed in his face became stronger, but so did the coldness in his eyes. He had apparently decided to swiftly eliminate Chen Fan and the entire Earth, right after getting the cultivation art. Such a bold decision was to prevent anyone from knowing about it. That kind of Divine Power or treasure was precious enough for the leaders of the large sects in the Star Ocean to personally make a move; they would surely request to fight with him, even if that required for them to enter the Abandoned Planet Region.

“Ahem, ahem!”

Chen Fan trembled as he stood once again. His Divine Power had been broken and his body became decrepit. He couldn’t even withstand normal Dharma Powers. And yet, he still straightened his back forcefully, standing upright like a javelin as he faced Divine Lord Tatian.

A Soul Formation cultivator was a Soul Formation cultivator after all.

Although he had cultivated the Half Nascent Soul Power and mastered countless Grand Divine Powers, it couldn’t compensate for the unimaginably, insurmountable gap between their cultivation realms. Divine Lord Tatian was the biggest enemy Chen Fan had ever encountered in his entire life. He still couldn’t win the battle, even after having used all his trump cards and going all out. Nevertheless, Chen Fan kept his body straight, seemingly unafraid.

“Why aren’t you talking?”

Divine Lord Tatian snickered.

He had done nothing yet, but a large group of his followers had already moved to stand behind him.

“You ant, His Highness is giving you a blessing. He was offering to take you in if you could just give him a cultivation art. It would have been the biggest honor you and the entire Earth could have gotten, but you rejected him. You’re digging your own grave!”

“Right, Chen Beixuan. You have no idea what you’ve missed. You’ll certainly pay for your mistake today.”

A group of cultivators condemned him.

Divine Lord Tatian had recruited those followers from different planets, and he gave them a bit of training. Each of them was a Nascent Soul cultivator; some were even at the peak of the realm. Even though such a level wasn’t worth mentioning in front of Chen Fan, they were like mountains above the people on Earth.

A peak-stage Nascent Soul Cultivator of the Kindred looked at the Earth and said with hands behind his back.

“Whoever brings the disciples of the North Qiong Sect to me will be given Heavenly Pills. If you capture their senior members, or even Chen Beixuan’s disciples alive, I’ll offer you a top Heavenly Treasure and I’ll take you in as one of my followers, so that we can conquer the world together!

“We’ll give you two hours to think about it. We’ll kill everyone on Earth if you disobey,” said the Kindred cultivator with a cold voice.

At that moment—

Countless people on Earth felt chills down their spines and their hearts were as cold as ice.

The disciples of the North Qiong Sect were sad and furious at the same time. They could feel that those Nascent Soul Cultivators from Planet Tianhuang and the other planets—like Heavenly Lord Anpo, Xing Hu and the Ancestral Patriarch of the Gold Clan—were looking at them with malice, making them feel extremely angry and upset.

Jiang Churan looked up.

All the people in the main hall of the North Qiong Pavilion had an axe to grind. The cultivators from the other planets were staring at the disciples of the North Qiong Sect like hungry wolves. The North Qiong Sect had completely turned into a big sheep after losing Chen Fan; it had no power to resist the invasion of those traitors. Heavenly Lord Xing Hu even smirked and walked forward, looking at Qi Xiu’er and Lu Yanxue with evil intentions.

“We’re doomed. The entire Earth and the North Qiong Sect are doomed…”

Jiang Churan closed her eyes with sadness.

The moment Chen Fan lost represented the decline and destruction of the North Qiong Sect. Chen Fan was the root of the sect and of the entire Earth. When others lost, they could still wait for him to arrive and save the world. But then, even Chen Fan lost. So… who else was there? Many people had relied on him to turn the tides countless times. Everyone seemed to think that they would never lose with Chen Fan present, but the current situation only left them in despair, even considering the most optimistic people like Qi Xiu’er.

“Master, are we truly going to die?”

Qi Xiu’er raised her head and looked at the trembling, vulnerable Chen Fan in the sky.

Lin Wuhua even pulled out the black sword on her back as she faced the approaching Heavenly Lord Xing Hu; she held her weapon with a cold look, seemingly resolute to die fighting.

At that moment—

While everyone on Earth was in despair—

While those of the North Qiong Sect pulled out their swords to fight with their lives on the line, no longer worrying about anything else—

While all the onlookers shook their heads, sighed and thought it was a hopeless struggle and that Chen Beixuan’s legend was going to end…

When Divine Lord Tatian sentenced Chen Fan to death—and was about to crush A’Xiu’s Divine Soul he held to threaten Chen Beixuan—who was on his last leg.

Chen Fan suddenly laughed like an innocent child, as if he would have found a precious treasure he had lost a long time before.

“What are you laughing at?” Divine Lord Tatian frowned and stared at him coldly, as he would a motionless fish on the cutting board. Many onlookers even shook their heads and sighed. They didn’t think Chen Fan had a chance to turn the tide anymore.

Chen Fan stopped laughing and slowly looked up. He said gently with extremely deep eyes, “I’m laughing because you think you can defeat me, but do you know who I am? Do you know what my name is?”

“Haha, why do I have to care about what your name is and who you are? Are you the Azure Thearch, a Sacred Prince from an ancient sacred ground or a disciple from one of the nine Celestial Sects?” Divine Lord Tatian laughed loudly.

The servants behind him also burst into laughter.

Countless onlookers shook their heads dispiritedly. Chen Fan had completely given up; otherwise, he wouldn’t have said something so dumb. He must have gone crazy… Did he really think he could scare a Soul Formation cultivator with the Divine Lord Chen title? Even if Chen Fan was the Sacred Prince from an ancient sacred ground, Divine Lord Tatian wouldn’t make concessions either, let alone a Divine Lord-to-be from the Abandoned Planet Region.

They kept laughing, but Chen Fan didn’t care about them, at all. He just looked into the sky with hands clasped behind his back and his eyes became deeper.

“Ever since I was reborn, people have called me Master Chen, General Chen, Immortal Master Chen, Perfected Cultivator Chen, Superpower Chen, Elixir Monarch Chen… And yet, none of them is my real title. I’ve been looking for ‘it’ for so long that I even thought I had lost it. When I placed half of Dao Fruit in my body and still was unable to find ‘it,’ I had already decided to stop searching, until just a moment ago, when the Blade of Time attacked… I realized ‘it’ has always been here…”

Divine Lord Tatian smiled and asked, “Oh? Who are you then?”

“Do you really want to see?” Chen Fan turned around and looked at him.

“That’s right, show me.” Divine Lord Tatian flashed an even wider smile in open disdain and his followers standing around him also looked over with a smile, as if they were looking at an idiot.

“All right!”

Chen Fan nodded.

He gently closed his eyes.

In a blink, the energy around Chen Fan declined and he seemed to be like an ordinary man. While everyone was about to burst into laughter, a beam of light suddenly shot out from Chen Fan’s dantian and Purple Chamber, from his body and the deepest spot of his Divine Soul; from an indescribable place.


At that moment—

Everyone’s smiles froze on their faces. They widened their eyes and looked over in shock.

They saw an unimaginable and earth-shattering Deity, who was billions of miles tall, surrounded by countless beams of light. He used the entire solar system as his bathtub, turned the sun into a marble in his hand and made the moon seem like dust as he appeared in front of Divine Lord Tatian. He was wearing a black outfit and his face was enveloped in chaos. The minimal parts exposed definitely looked like Chen Fan’s features. That Deity was so powerful that nobody could understand it; his energy was indescribable, as if he could break the universe by raising his hands and pierce through Heaven by lifting his feet. Divine Lord Tatian was like an ant underneath him, just like moments before when Chen Fan was facing the Divine Lord.

The next second—

As countless people were overwhelmed with astonishment, Divine Lord Tatian’s followers widened their eyes and Divine Lord Tatian was visibly stunned, that ancient Deity King slowly opened his mouth and spoke, making space and the world shake.

“My name is…”

“North Mystic Celestial Lord!”

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