Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator-Webnovel – Chapter 1193

Chapter 1193: Five Element Wonder

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Deep inside Heavenly Jupiter, a green ball of light surrounded by light green glitters was pulsing softly in the deity ground, just like a heart. Countless rays of light connected it to the ground like veins. Every time it moved, the Spirit Qi on the outside world surged; it was linked to the pulse of the earth, as if it were the heart of that planet.

The Heart of Wood God.

Cultivators of the Five Elements Immortal Sect with Grand Divine Power had set up Deity Arrays and formed that Connate Divine Treasure with supreme Dharma Power. If it was whole, a Connate Wood Deity would have been born if it was ingested by a cultivator. Deities weren’t Soul Formation Grand Cultivators, but they also had countless Divine Powers and were even capable of living longer than Grand Cultivators, which were comparable to the Soul Formation Cultivators.

Such a kind of Divine Treasure had countless uses. Soul Formation cultivators would certainly do everything in their power to enter that place and try to get this treasure, if they knew about it. It was important for them, and wood-elemental cultivators would even go crazy about it, as it was even more essential to them than the Dao Fruit.


That Heart of Wood God was just an empty shell.


Its real core had been taken away by people of the Five Elements Immortal Sect a long time before. Only a layer which made a protective shell with light green glitters, or a “membrane,” was left. That membrane could be used to grow a real Heart of Wood God again with the powerful energy of that planet, even after a few hundred thousand years.

So, Chen Fan didn’t take it away at that time.

Of course, the main reason was that the Heart of Wood God was being protected by the Deity Arrays of the Five Elements Immortal Sect. That place was actually the core of the Deity Arrays. Normal Grand Cultivators would be killed by the Connate Yi Wood Divine Thunders if they touched them. Chen Fan was able to take the Dao Fruit back then, thanks to his understanding of the True Martial Sky-severing Array, but that didn’t mean that he would also be able to take the Heart of Wood God, or the other Connate Divine Treasures deep inside other planets as well.

But at that moment—

Chen Fan looked at the girl in his hand with a gentle gaze. A’Xiu’s Divine Soul was trembling in his planet-sized hand, and her aura became dimmer. Her Divine Soul would fall into the reincarnation cycle in the end and disappear from the world if she didn’t cultivate to become a Ghost Deity, or take someone else’s body to recultivate.

“Master… I’m cold, really cold,” the girl said as her pretty face turned as pale as snow.

Chen Fan looked up, reached out and grabbed the Heart of Wood God in the deepest place of the deity ground. The aura of the Azure Thearch God-trapping Array appeared at that moment and turned into layers of azure shields, like natural barriers.

And yet, Chen Fan’s hand was like an illusion. It passed through the shields with incredible Divine Powers and took the Heart of Wood God. Chen Fan’s current level might not be enough to destroy an Azure Thearch God-trapping Array, even if he had a ten thousandth of the Indestructible Primordial Essence, but it wasn’t difficult for him to take the Heart of Wood God with Divine Powers.

Once he took the Heart of Wood God…


Chen Fan reached out into the sky and grabbed four Connate Divine Treasures from the cores of four surrounding planets.

Lungs of the Gold God, Organs of the Fire God, Stomach of the Earth God, Liver of the Water God and the Heart of Wood God—he got five powerful Connate Divine Treasures in total, and each carried the essence of one of the energies of the five elements in the world. If one of them was put inside the bodies of ordinary people, a Connate Divine Temple could immediately be built. And later when all of them would gather, they could even create the legendary Five Element Divine Treasure, which was unbelievably powerful; it was said to be able to kill Soul Formation cultivators.

Those five Connate Divine Treasures were protected by powerful arrays. Chen Fan would have been unable to get through the arrays if he tried that by using the power he used to have. But then, with the earth-shattering tactics of the North Mystic Celestial Lord, he went into the arrays and took the treasures.

“Master… No, don’t waste these treasures because of me. I… I’m okay.” The girl forced a smile on her face as she trembled.

“Get ready!”

Chen Fan squeezed the treasures.

The five Divine Treasures turned into five beams of light, basically going into A’Xiu’s body. Her organs, including her heart, liver, lungs and stomach, were immediately enveloped in an aura. Looking from the outside, A’Xiu’s body seemed to have become transparent; her organs were covered with shiny glitters and were releasing countless rays of light, as it created some thunderous sounds.

The noises were mild at first—

But they got louder and louder in the end.

Her organs seemed to have come to life and were pulsing crazily at the moment. Countless tentacles stuck out and turned into colorful silk threads, spreading all over A’Xiu’s limbs. Every spot those silk threads reached would eventually puff up and make the body expand, as if a new body were forming.


In the end…

Those five Divine Treasures were just too powerful. A’Xiu’s Golden Core Divine Soul was not strong enough to bear them, at all. Not even Soul Formation Grand Cultivators might be able to take five Divine Treasures at the same time. Although the Heart of Wood God was just an empty shell, and was the “membrane of a Divine Treasure,” it still carried an unimaginably strong energy. If Chen Fan hadn’t restrained it forcefully with his supreme Divine Power, A’Xiu would have already exploded and died.

Swish, swish. The five-color silk thread came out from A’Xiu’s body and formed a giant cocoon that wrapped itself around A’Xiu.

Chen Fan felt the energy in his body recede like a flood when the five-colored cocoon appeared.


His giant Dharma Form, which was billions of miles tall, had begun to gradually shrink. A billion miles, a hundred thousand miles, five hundred miles… In the end, it turned back into Chen Fan’s ordinary body and appearance. Chen Fan only sensed a hint of faint energy coming from the Deity Soul in the deepest, most unremarkable corner of his soul. He felt that the energy of the Dao Fruit hadn’t been used up and the Indestructible Primordial Essence could still be used to launch a couple of attacks, but without true Connate Divine Treasures or other things… The Indestructible Primordial Essence can help you go into a deep and fulfilling sleep.

“It’s unfortunate that the Five Element Membrane isn’t quite useful to me. Even if it were, I wouldn’t take it from my own disciples.” Chen Fan shook his head.

His Indestructible Primordial Essence was too powerful.

At least true Connate Divine Treasures, like a whole Dao Fruit, could support its consumption. Half a Dao Fruit before was only stimulating. Chen Fan could release such terrifying and powerful energy mainly because of the power the Indestructible Primordial Essence he escalated in his past life.

“This energy is truly fascinating. Even less than one ten thousandth of it is enough to defeat thousands of enemies.” Chen Fan reached out and stared at them quietly.

He felt as if his body were empty after losing the Indestructible Primordial Essence… What if he turned from Hercules to a baby?

But Chen Fan knew.

That was merely an illusion.

“The power from my past life belongs to the North Mystic Celestial Lord after all. I’ll be able to restore my power in a short period of time. It may even be stronger and more perfect than before.” Chen Fan thought as he put down his hand and glanced at Qin Jian, the King of Falling Stars, who was stunned and trembling.

He had captured Qin Jian just recently. When Qin Jian noticed that Chen Fan was staring, he lowered his head and begged with a pale face, “Divine Lord Chen, please don’t kill me. I’m willing to be your servant and work for you. I know a lot of things about Apollo Palace and the imperishable sects in the Little South Heavenly Realm. Don’t kill me, Divine Lord. I know I was wrong… it would be fruitless to kill me. Please let me serve you, so you can have a servant who’s a Half Grand Cultivator…”

Once Chen Fan crushed the Golden Bird Emperor with a wave, Qin Jian was completely convinced that he was truly the reincarnation of a Grand Cultivator with a background that was beyond his imagination; he might even be more powerful than his father. So, Qin Jian had to act respectfully when facing Chen Fan, not daring to offend him, making himself feel disgraced.

“No, you’re not qualified to be my servant,” Chen Fan said as he stretched out and captured Qin Jian from where he was floating in the sky.

“Grand Art of Soul Searching.”

That was a Grand Divine Power used to look into a Divine Soul. Although Qin Jian was powerful—and was already a Half Grand Cultivator—there was a difference between the level of his Immortal Will and that of Chen Fan’s Deity Soul. Chen Fan soon got what he wanted; he was certain the person he had defeated easily was the top Overlord of Apollo Palace, the Golden Bird Emperor.

“Hm, you’re just a small Soul Formation cultivator. How dare you call yourself an Emperor! Those ancient Divine Kings and Divine Emperors deep in the universe, the ones who stand on top of all Soul Formation cultivators, wouldn’t call themselves that. You really don’t understand the rules.” Chen Fan grunted. He didn’t kill Qin Jian After getting the information; he merely detained him inside the Six Sacred Fiend World.


Chen Fan sat in the deity ground on Heavenly Jupiter and waited for that “membrane” to peel off; that would be the sign of A’Xiu’s rebirth.

Meanwhile, the entire Earth had been raging like a storm. The star of the Divine Lord Coronation Ceremony had left; it would be wrong to continue without Chen Fan. And yet, Chen Fan was a well-deserved Divine Lord in everyone’s minds right then. Even if the real Grand Cultivators made an appearance; people believed that they were definitely no match for Chen Fan.

Billions of people in the different countries found on Earth were celebrating. Countless cultivators from the Abandoned Planet Region and the Little South Heavenly Realm had even rushed over to congratulate Chen Fan. New Overlords then arrived on Earth almost every day.

In the end…

The Nascent Soul cultivators were gathered, and there were tons of Golden Core Cultivators.

There were several more Nascent Soul cultivators present for the ceremony at the North Qiong Pavilion. Xiao Mang and Heaven’s Equal had even gone there in person. The Divine Lord Coronation Ceremony wasn’t canceled without the star of the event; it became grander instead. Earth had even turned into an ocean of joy after hearing the news, and they celebrated for a few months.

The North Qiong Sect rose to the top of the whole Abandoned Planet Region after that battle. Some people had even suggested naming the planet region as Planet East Region or North Qiong Planet Region. Everyone knew the North Qiong Sect would become the dominator of the entire Abandoned Planet Region from then on.

Even though Chen Fan hadn’t been present for a few months, nobody dared to ask about it and have any thoughts in their minds. That was the power of a Soul Formation cultivator. The life of a Soul Formation Cultivator was calculated in ten thousand years. So, who would be crazy enough to offend a Soul Formation cultivator? Weren’t people afraid that he would take revenge on their offsprings thousands of years later? Even the Little South Heavenly Realm laid down their flags.

Many cultivators in the Little South Heavenly Realm even talked about etiquette, deciding on how to address Chen Fan and his sect, while remembering that the sect had called Chen Fan first, and they wanted the name of the institution to be: ” North Qiong Sect as the “North Qiong Divine Sect!” That would mean that the North Qiong Sect was already qualified to become a Divine Sect.

Time flew by in a flash.

Three months later.

Chen Fan was sitting on a huge azure rock, cultivating and feeling the energy of the Indestructible Primordial Essence. A crackling sound came from the five-color cocoon and a gap appeared on its surface.

Chen Fan lifted his head and looked at his disciple—who had been reborn—in anticipation.

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