The Abandoned Husband Dominates – Chapter 1448

1448 The Plan to Kill Him

Only then did Levana realize who the person who could enter her secret room and guess the piano piece “Love is Simple” was.

If not for the fact that Jordan was not on the Celestial King Planet, Levana would have thought of him first!

Levana was very touched. She still remembered every little thing that happened between her and Jordan on Earth. Even after returning to the Celestial King Planet, she would often think of Jordan.

How could Levana not feel emotional when she found out that Jordan had come to the Celestial King Planet to look for her? However, at the same time, she was worried!

She knew what Jordan wanted to do. He wanted to end the marriage and deal with Donovan Cross!

However, with Jordan’s strength, it was impossible!


Levana asked immediately, “Where’s Jordan now? Don’t let him do anything stupid. He’s definitely not Donovan Cross’s match!”

However, Victoria said, “You’re underestimating Jordan’s ability too much. On Earth, when did he fail to protect us? When did he disappoint us? In fact, he’s already at the Unrivaled Realm now, just like Donovan Cross.”

Levana was in disbelief, “Unrivaled? How… how is this possible…”

Levana was sure that even if Jordan came to the Celestial King Planet, he had come after her and Victoria.

In such a short period of time, how could a person cultivate from scratch so quickly?

At this time, Victoria revealed the answer. “His current name is Dawn. The tenth-tier genius of the Fairy Academy is him.”

Levana’s mouth was wide open. She had always heard of Dawn’s name, and her father wanted them to meet. However, Levana had always been conceited and unwilling to meet someone more talented than her. She did not expect this person to be her husband!

While Levana was pleasantly surprised, she still shook her head, “No, Jordan’s advancement is too fast. His foundation is unstable. Donovan Cross has been cultivating for hundreds of years. Even if Jordan is also at the Unrivaled Realm, he’s definitely not Donovan Cross’s match. I have to stop him!”

Levana did not know where Jordan was, but she knew that Jordan would definitely find an opportunity to look for Donovan Cross.

Hence, Levana went straight to Donovan Cross’s residence.

Donovan Cross was surprised to see Levana. “My beautiful fiancée, there’s still some time before our wedding. Why did you come early?”

Levana looked elsewhere. “I… just came to take a look.”

Donovan Cross went forward and hugged Levana’s waist. He smiled and said, “Haha, welcome, welcome. This will also be your home in the future. You can visit as you please. Do you want me to bring you to our bridal chamber?”

Levana pushed Donovan Cross away. She would not have come here if it was not to wait for Jordan.

“I will stay here for a few days. Don’t even think about touching me before we get married!”

With that, she flicked her sleeves and left.

Donovan Cross was a little confused. “What does Levana mean? If she hates me, why did she come to live with me? To play hard to get? Hmph, little girl, after the wedding, you will be my legitimate wife. At that time, if you want to play any tricks, I won’t let it go. I won’t argue with you for the time being!”

Levana stayed in Donovan Cross’s residence for three days. She thought that Jordan would come to assassinate Donovan Cross in these three days. However, there was no news.

In reality, Jordan was cultivating alone on a small island under the jurisdiction of the Fairy Academy. At this moment, he was meditating on a rock on the beach with his eyes closed, allowing the sea breeze to blow against his face.

After three days of silence, the mysterious man could not sit still anymore. He asked, “I thought that you would be eager to compete with Donovan Cross after eating the Thousand Star Grass. I didn’t expect you to quietly cultivate here for three days.

“Mm, you seem much calmer now that the decisive battle is about to begin. You know that if you go directly to Donovan Cross, you might not be able to defeat him. You should be thinking of a countermeasure, right? Tell me what your plan is. Perhaps I can give you some pointers!”

Jordan had been silent for the past three days, causing the mysterious man to speak because he knew that as long as he asked for help, the mysterious man would definitely reject him.

However, the mysterious man was very curious about him. He had been looking forward to the battle between him and Donovan Cross for a long time.

Therefore, Jordan bet that he would take the initiative to ask him this question.

At that moment, Jordan slowly opened his eyes. “This time, I won’t snatch her back at the wedding. There are too many people at the wedding venue. I can’t even take care of myself when dealing with Donovan Cross. If there are other experts around, I have even less chance of winning. Therefore, I plan to have a celebration at the Fairy Academy and invite him over.”

The mysterious man said, “Yes, it’s a smart decision. At least it’s safer in your own territory. However, even if you fight in the Fairy Academy, no one other than you will dare to stand up and help you. When the time comes, you and Donovan Cross will still have to fight one-on-one. Do you have a chance of winning if you fight him one-on-one now?”

Jordan shook his head. “No, so I thought of another way.”

The mysterious man became curious. “Oh? Tell me about it!”

Jordan said, “When I was on Earth, I developed an independent space for people to fight in. I’ll pull Donovan Cross into the space to fight. However, even if I fight in the independent space that I’ve carefully designed, I’m afraid I’m not his match.”

The mysterious man laughed out loud. “Hahahaha, Jordan, you’re finally not blindly confident. You’re right. Even if you plan some traps in your independent space, it’s possible to trap him for a while, but it’s impossible to obtain a decisive victory.”

Jordan continued, “Therefore, when he enters my independent space, I want him to believe he is in a dream instead of my independent space!”

The mysterious man was shocked. “What? You mean to make him fall into a dream the moment you pull him into an independent space and defeat him in the dream?”

Jordan nodded. “That’s right. I only have a chance to kill him in the dream. In the dream, I can become a hundred times stronger than him as long as this dream is real enough and he doesn’t notice.”

The mysterious man was overjoyed. “Hahahaha, I didn’t choose the wrong person. Your idea is really amazing! However, creating his dream world out of nothing is something that can only be done by half-immortals or even Immortals. Are you sure you can do it?”

Jordan sighed and shook his head. “I can’t do it. Besides, I don’t have much time left. Donovan Cross and Levana’s wedding is coming soon. Sigh, this is just my wild imagination. Perhaps, I won’t have the chance to put on such a showdown with Donovan Cross in my life. Forget it, let’s not think about it anymore. I’ll go find the director now and ask her to hold my birthday party.”

With that, Jordan stood up to leave.

Unexpectedly, after Jordan took a few steps, the mysterious man suddenly said, “Wait!”

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