The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6895

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6895-The next moment, a brilliant cascade of divine light burst forth, revealing a handsome young man with a tall and commanding presence before James.

Clad in a black robe adorned with shimmering hues of holy light, he exuded an aura of majesty and power.

He fixed his gaze on James and gracefully settled into a cross-legged position, radiating an air of serenity and composure.

“Allow me to introduce myself. I am Youcef Maevik, known by the courtesy name Quenton Xavian, and I bear the title of Cosmic Lord. I’m from the FortyNinth Heaven and am a disciple under Taishi. Much like yourself, I am also one of the Chosen Ones.”

Upon hearing this introduction, James’ curiosity was piqued. The man before

him appeared to be mysterious and possessed unparalleled strength.

At that moment, Lesia’s voice broke in abruptly. “Youcef is Emperor Qadeer’s sole heir and also Yehria’s half-sibling. You should be careful. He is considerably powerful.”

Upon receiving this revelation, James scruntinized Youcef with interest.

Youcef queried in a deep voice. “Well? We’re competitors, yet you can’t even extend the courtesy of an introduction?”

James replied, ‘Why bother with such formalities since you’ve already come looking for me? Well, take your pick on how I should talk to you?”

Youcef chuckled before nodding slightly. “You’re quite entertaining, more so than the elders in Zymurgy.”

His words dripped with condescending arrogance, tinged with contempt.

James responded with a calm smile, “How about something more entertaining, Youcef? Are you up for it?”

Youcef grinned nonchalantly, summoning two exquisite wine jars into existence within the void. With a casual flick of his wrist, one of the jars floated before James.

Then, he said, “This is Wuia Wine. Even in the Forty-Ninth Heaven, it’s considered a rare treasure. The Five Path Emperors would only unveil two jars during the Wuia Grand Event, presenting them to deities and emperors of Zymurgy.”

“I’ve heard you’re quite the fan of fine wine. Before engaging in combat, why not indulge in some wine and chat about cultivation.”

James replied with a smile as he waved his hand, “Courtesy before the conflict.

I quite like the notion.”

The Wuia Wine jar before him promptly opened, releasing a potent aroma that permeated the air, accompanied by an overwhelming surge of Innate Energy.

James lifted his head abruptly, bursting into laughter. “Excellent wine!”

Youcef cautioned, “Don’t indulge too much in it. Wuia Wine is a concoction of Waltraud Power and Innate Energy. It naturally ferments over countless epochs and contains Wuia Essence. Its potency surpasses any treasures and elixirs.

“With just a sip, those below the Daeclon Rank can forge a golden body and become qualified to enter into the Daeclon Rank. However, they’ll also be intoxicated for ten thousand entrapochs.

‘Those at the Daeclon Rank can enter the next stage of cultivation, yet they will be drunk for thousands of entrapochs.

“Even someone at the Daeclon Mahayana can barely handle a single jar.

Consuming more could lead to death, bodily dissolution, or even explosion.”

James scoffed, “Your true colors have emerged. Are you trying to prevent me from enjoying myself?”

Youcef retorted, his gaze intense, “I simply fear you’ll perish in an explosion, depriving me of an entertaining opponent. Wuia Wine differs from your Chaos Absinthe, so take small sips.”

James remarked with a grin, “Isn’t that better for you? A jar of wine could eliminate my competition. You wouldn’t have to waste extra effort.”

Youcef snorted, his tone growing cold, “Spare me your insults. My achievements result from my strength, devoid of conspiracies or deception.

“As the first in the Greater Realms to integrate the Three Treasures, I regard you as a worthy opponent. If I am to defeat you, it must be through fair and honorable means. I want to engage in combat and use my strength to overcome yours. How could I stoop to such despicable tactics?”

Amused by Youcef’s sudden display of anger, James chuckled. “You’re unlike those supreme beings of Zymurgy. You’re honorable. I respect that.”

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