Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3757

Chapter 831 – Taboo Nucleus
“They found an entrance already?” Shi Feng was astonished by Hidden Soul’s report.

In his previous life, by the time the various powers’ exploration teams found a way into the Eternal Realm, the average level of players was already above Level 200. On the other hand, the average level of players in the current Eternal Realm hadn’t even reached Level 190. Events surrounding the Eternal Realm were clearly progressing much more rapidly in this life than in his previous life.

Meanwhile, the powers currently operating in the Eternal Realm probably had mixed feelings about this development.

This was because the arrival of players from outside the Eternal Realm would undoubtedly upset the status quo. In this situation, powers with strong foundations outside the Eternal Realm could thoroughly exert their advantages, while powers with weak foundations would face disaster.

Even among Tier 6 players, the difference between players at Level 200 or above and players below Level 200 was like night and day. Not to mention, there were far more Tier 6 players outside the Eternal Realm than inside.

Following the arrival of these Level 200-plus, Tier 6 players, the powers behind them could oppress powers lacking foundations. These powers could also explore Level 200-plus maps and obtain the resources there, which would give them a huge advantage.

“Thankfully, not all is bad news,” Hidden Soul added. “Although a space-time passage into the Eternal Realm has been discovered, it isn’t exactly safe. According to the outsiders, they entered the passage with a 1,000-man Tier 6 legion but exited with less than 50 players remaining. Additionally, less than ten powers know about this space-time passage’s location right now. So, it should take a few more days before other powers can send their forces into the Eternal Realm.”

“That is indeed good news.” After pondering for a moment, Shi Feng added, “Since so few outsiders have arrived, the powers behind them shouldn’t be able to expand rapidly for the time being. If we use this time to increase the Guild’s overall strength, we can still compete with those powers.”

“I have already contacted our God’s Domain to send as many Level 200-plus, Tier 5 experts to use as possible. We should get an additional 1,000 Level 200-plus, Tier 5 experts in five days,” Hidden Soul said. Then, she furrowed her brows and continued, “The problem is the Seven Luminaries Crystals they need for their Tier 6 promotion and their limited combat standards. I doubt more than a hundred of them can advance to Tier 6. If we want more Level 200-plus, Tier 6 experts, our only other option is Gazing Moon City’s Tier 5 experts. But those experts don’t come from our God’s Domain. Many of them don’t even operate in Star Lake City. If we involve them in the Eternal Realm, we will likely expose the World Fragment’s existence.”

“Have only Gazing Moon City’s Tier 6 experts come. We still cannot expose the World Fragment’s secret,” Shi Feng said firmly. “As for the lacking combat standards of our God’s Domain’s Tier 5 players… How is the Tower of the Abyss’s construction coming along?”

Hidden Soul didn’t understand why Shi Feng was asking about the Tower of the Abyss, but she still inquired about the tower’s construction before she answered, “It won’t take more than half a day before it is completed.”

“Good!” Shi Feng was elated by the answer. He originally thought it would take a few more days, so this was a pleasant surprise. “Gather as many of our Level 200-plus, Tier 5 members at Shadowring Town as possible. Include even those who lack the strength to reach Tier 6.”

The Tower of the Abyss could be regarded as the heart of the Holy Race in his previous life. It had helped the Holy Race produce countless experts. It also became a gathering place for riches. If Zero Wing could activate its Tower of the Abyss now, it could largely resolve its predicament of insufficient Tier 6 players and Seven Luminaries Crystals.

“Understood!” Hidden Soul promptly acted on Shi Feng’s command.

Meanwhile, after issuing instructions to Hidden Soul, Shi Feng had Gentle Snow, Fervent Samsara, and Heavy Abyss get some rest. None of them had had a decent rest during the Continental Championship. Now that the championship was over, they should use this time to recuperate and go through what they gained from the championship. As for Shi Feng, he went to his office in Zero Wing’s Residence to inspect the Inferior Divine Tier 7 Promotion Land Scroll.

Zero Wing’s Residence, Guild Leader’s Office:

No wonder no human player ever managed to go beyond Tier 6… Shi Feng smiled wryly when he finished inspecting the Inferior Divine Tier 7 Promotion Land Scroll. It costs 100 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal just to activate this scroll. Even apex powers will have difficulty meeting this requirement. Not to mention, a Taboo Nucleus is needed to complete the actual Tier 7 promotion. This is a joke.

For many human powers, the price of 100 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal was still bearable. However, the required Taboo Nucleus was something even apex powers would not dare to think of obtaining.

This was because a Taboo Nucleus could only be obtained by killing one of the Twenty-Two Taboos!

This was not a secret in the human race’s Greater God’s Domain. On the contrary, this was public information readily available in the Greater God’s Domain’s Grand Library. Each Taboo Nucleus was an incredible energy source and the ideal material for making Divine Artifacts.

Unfortunately, although the various powers knew that Taboo Nuclei were ideal for making Divine Artifacts, nobody had ever managed to kill any of the Twenty-Two Taboos. Even when several apex powers worked together, they remained helpless against the Twenty-Two Taboos.

Yet, the Inferior Divine Tier 7 Promotion Land Scroll was now telling him that he required a Taboo Nucleus to advance to Tier 7. If this wasn’t a joke, what was it?

Shi Feng finally understood why the Three Absolutes could never go beyond Tier 6. He also understood why the Holy Race had tried to invade the Twelve Sanctuaries in his previous life.

It was a fact that no human player could kill any of the Twenty-Two Taboos. The majority of the Twenty-Two Taboos also resided in the Twelve Sanctuaries. Thus, if the Holy Race wanted to kill them, it must first invade the Twelve Sanctuaries.

Of course, the Taboo Nucleus wasn’t compulsory to advance to Tier 7. It was just that using a Taboo Nucleus would provide the greatest success rate, which was 20%. It was also the Inferior Divine Tier 7 Promotion Land Scroll’s baseline requirement. If players used other materials instead of a Taboo Nucleus, their promotion success rate would be less than 5%. Such a success rate was the same as zero. Ultimately, it was still necessary to kill one of the Twenty-Two Taboos.

Star Lake City, Airport:

At this time, an interstellar spaceship exceeding two kilometers in length appeared above the airport, the sight of the behemoth causing a stir among the people in the airport.

“Crap! An interstellar spaceship! It’s an actual interstellar spaceship!”

“Am I dreaming? Even first-tier cities don’t get to see an interstellar spaceship once every few decades. Why would one appear in Star Lake City?”

“I heard that an interstellar spaceship can travel across multiple interstellar continents in a single day, but most conglomerates don’t even qualify to buy one. Only a very small number of cross-realm conglomerates have such a ship. Could it be that the bigshot of some cross-realm conglomerate is passing by our city?”

“Wait! Look! It’s landing!”

When the airport crowd saw the interstellar spaceship slowly descending toward the tarmac, they began to wonder about the identity of the big shot who had decided to come sightseeing in Star Lake City.

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