Super Power – Chapter 3385

Chapter 3385 Time Sky

Ning Yue nodded. “My Super God Spirit body finished evolving.”

When Han Sen heard him, his eyes went bright. He asked, “What is the difference with you now after your Super God Spirit body finished evolving.”

“My Super God Spirit body became an ultimate Super God Spirit body. It is just stronger,” Ning Yue casually said.

Han Sen had a complex look almost immediately after hearing that. Ning Yue’s Super God Spirit body had evolved to an ultimate version of the Super God Spirit body compared to Han Sen, whose Super God Spirit body was reduced to nothing. It was frustrating.

“The Super God Spirit body is dependent on one’s karma,” Han Sen depressingly stated.

Ning Yue looked at Han Sen, who was standing still, and asked, “Are you going or are you not going?”

“I am going.” Han Sen’s mind returned to the present. He then followed Ning Yue. They broke space and raced to the 33 skies.


Because the 33 skies only had two empty layers of sky left, the skies that already had a leader were difficult to breach. Usually, they would have teleported to the skies that did not have an owner.

Han Sen and Ning Yue did not get close to the barrier of the 33 skies. There were lots of Break World beasts on the search for Han Sen. They immediately roared and came for him.

“Let me take care of this,” Ning Yue coldly said. He plucked a feather from his feathery clothing. He waved it at the Break World beasts.

A beautiful, green halo was emitted. The bodies of the Break World beasts that touched the green halo became a green light that dissolved.

Within the blink of an eye, a dozen Break World beasts were turned into nothingness.

The last Break World gene was floating in the air.

The scene seemed frozen. The Break World beasts behind them were in shock. They all retreated. None of them dared to go for Han Sen.

“Let’s go.” Ning Yue went to 33 skies, which looked like a big tombstone. The Break World beasts surrounding the 33 skies formed a path for them.

“Very good.” Han Sen’s gave a thumbs up. Ning Yue’s power was so scary, his Super God Spirit body was wildly different.

Han Sen started wondering what the ultimate Super God Spirit body of Qin Xuan and the others might be like. He couldn’t comprehend how scary their combined powers would be. The God Chaos Party and all other parties would be immediately destroyed.

Ning Yue used his feathers to swing. The barriers of the 33 skies were cut open. He walked in and disappeared.

Han Sen wanted to follow Ning Yue to enter, but the gap in the barrier was gone the moment Ning Yue entered.

Han Sen felt bad about this. He used his own body to go to the invisible wall, but his body could not use any power because he did not currently have an enemy. Han Sen did not have any power, so he did not know if he could break through the invisible wall.

When Han Sen hit the invisible wall, it was like he hit nothing. He just went straight through. It was like no bai sema existed in the first place.


Han Sen’s body fell. When Han Sen landed, the impact of his fall created a massive circular crater in the ground.

Han Sen checked out the crater. He discovered that the place he was in now was incredibly weird. In the sky, there were lots of giant rocky objects that were like a watch.

The watches were the sizes of stones. There were some big ones, and there were others that were small. The small ones were about the size of a baseball field. Some of the bigger ones were about the size of a planet. Hands were depicting the hours and minutes.

Obviously, they were not real watches. They did not move as a clock did. The hands were stiff in their places and did not move.

Han Sen had landed on a stone watch that was kind of like an island.

Han Sen knew he had entered the 29th sky. There were only two skies left with no owners. The 29th sky was called Time Sky. From what he was seeing, he knew he was correct about his current location.

Although he knew Time Sky’s name, Han Sen did not know why there was still no leader. According to theory, many people should have been able to enter the 29th sky, yet no leader had yet to emerge.

Han Sen came out from the hole. He walked to the edge of the watch and looked around. He did not notice Ning Yue around him. He did not even know if he too had been deposited in Time Sky.

“Han Sen.” While Han Sen was looking around, he heard someone call his name. That voice was very familiar.

He looked in the direction where the voice had come from. Above him, he saw a stone watch that was the size of a football stadium. A man was standing on the edge of that watch. He was looking at him from above.

“Ancient Devil, what are you doing here? Did you not already take a sky for yourself and become its leader?” Han Sen had a shocked expression as he looked at Ancient Devil.

Ancient Devil did not speak. He jumped down and landed close to Han Sen.

Han Sen wished to say something, but Ancient Devil performed a gesture to stop Han Sen and said, “There is no time. The next time wheel is going to start. You need to listen up. The time around here can affect the speed time goes by. When the time wheel starts to spin, time will go fast-forward differently. It might even reverse. You will be affected if you are in a certain time area.”

Han Sen immediately sensed how serious this was. He frowned and asked, “How fast does the time go by?”

“When it slows, it can be slow,” Ancient Devil said. “When it is fast, it can be very fast. One moment could take one thousand years. For a human and their lifespan, you might die on a watch in one second. Either that, or you will devolve and become a sperm.”

“Is there any way not to be affected by this?” Han Sen asked.

“There is no way. Every time the time wheel starts to spin, the speeds are different from the last time. It all depends on your luck. Hopefully, you will go to a time area where time is slowed down.” Ancient Devil paused and said, “Or, you can find a sky watch in Time Sky. If you manage to control it, you will become the leader of Time Sky.”

“How do I find that?” Han Sen asked.

“If people knew where to find it, many Break World creatures would not be trapped here.” Ancient Devil pointed to somewhere far away. There was a big dragon that looked like a diamond carving. It was traveling through the rock watches.

“That is one of Qin Xiu’s Break World beasts,” Ancient Devil quietly said. “Its Break World rate is at least 95%. The last time the time wheel spun, it was hurt by time. It lost the scales on its body, and its Break World rate went down to 60%.”

Han Sen did not understand and asked, “Why did God Hall Leader not send Moment God, a time God Spirit, here?”

This was a time area sky. Whether it was Moment God or God Chaos Party’s Itchy, either of them should have been able to control such a place with ease.

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