Super Power – Chapter 3395

Chapter 3395 Becoming a Leader Again

The two of them returned to their frozen modes. If Ancient Devil did not come at him, there was nothing Han Sen could do to him. 

Ancient Devil frowned and said, “Han Sen, if you and I keep doing this, we will attract the attention of other people. It is only a matter of time before others come. When that happens, it will be bad for both of us.”

“I am fine with that,” Han Sen said with a smile. “Other people are easier to deal with than you.”

Ancient Devil developed a wry smile as he shook his head. “There is no need for you to actually say that. Even if you could defeat every enemy here, you would not be able to take the sky clock. It is pointless for you to cling to it. I have a way in which this impasse can be resolved with both of us walking away benefitting.”

“Tell me more, and we will see.” Han Sen did not actually want to attract the attention of other elites. He had not been able to understand his new body yet. He was unable to control the power he had.

Ancient Devil looked at Han Sen and asked, “Do you want the sky clock to become the leader of Time Sky?”

“Yes.” Han Sen nodded.


“That is a good thing. I already have the position of a leader. I do not need to be the leader of Time Sky. I can help get you the sky clock so you can become the leader of Time Sky. In return for this kindness, you need to bring the sky clock along with you to help me out as a favor.”

“What favor might that be?” Han Sen asked.

“I cannot tell you what it is right now, but you will know it when the time comes,” Ancient Devil said. His words dripped with mystery.

“How can such an exchange work? If your secret favor is to kill me, do you really expect me to just kill myself?” Han Sen curled his lips.

Ancient Devil laughed. “Can you promise me that much?”

Han Sen’s face turned red. He quickly looked like a normal man again and asked, “If you do not believe me, are you not worried about me betraying my promise when the time comes? It is a very real threat, isn’t it? We are not best buddies.”

“You might not be the most trustworthy person to have ever lived, but I am always willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. On top of that, even you have boundaries. You are not the type to completely break promises. That is something I am willing to fully trust. If I did not think that about you, I would not even entertain the mere thought of working with you.” Ancient Devil smiled.

“What you have just said is not too bad,” Han Sen said. “I suppose we can work together for a bit, but I am the one that takes the lead on this. Just in case you say I don’t keep my promises, there is the chance I won’t follow through on helping you. If what you eventually ask something that goes against my principles, the deal is off.”

“Sure. That is fine by me. That is the deal. I will help you take the sky clock and become the Time Sky leader. In return, you help me do this thing.” After that, Ancient Devil walked up to the crystal needle.

“Hang on. You are still standing there. Tell me what to do.” Han Sen did not dare underestimate Ancient Devil.

Ancient Devil stopped in his tracks and smiled. “You are being too careful. If you want to take the sky clock, it is not actually all that difficult. The primary point is that you need to use the right method.”

“What method?” Han Sen asked.

“You make the needle stop first, then you follow what I tell you to do.” Ancient Devil did not explain much.

Han Sen nodded. He reached out his hands and stopped the sky clock’s crystal needle. He made it come to a halt and asked Ancient Devil, “What do I do next?”

Ancient Devil raised his head and looked at Time Sky’s stone clock. After a while, he said to Han Sen, “Push the needle to the 12 o’clock position.”

Han Sen did not hesitate. His hands worked to push the crystal needle. He pushed it to the 12 o’clock position.

Ancient Devil looked at it for a while and then said, “Now, push it to nine o’clock.”

Han Sen put the crystal needle to where Ancient Devil was. He did this about seven or eight times. All the while, Ancient Devil stood where he was, calculating something unknown to Han Sen.

“Does this really work?” Han Sen wondered if this really worked or not.

“You will find out whether or not it works in time.” Ancient Devil did not explain. He had Han Sen move the crystal needle again.

The 12th time Han Sen pushed the crystal needle to where Ancient Devil wanted it, there was a weird noise. It was much like the sound of a lock being popped open.

The crystal clock slowly started to run. The clock had cogwheels moving inside it. The crystal needle started to spin by its own volition.

The crystal plate started to open. Another two crystal needles were revealed. It adopted the shape of a clock with which Han Sen was more familiar. It became a clock with three needles.

When the three needles moved, the crystal clock’s machine and cogwheels started spinning. The clock had major changes. The giant clock started to look smaller, but it was just for a moment. The giant clock became a small alarm clock that kept releasing a weird light that landed in Han Sen’s hand.

When the crystal clock’s bottom touched Han Sen’s hand, it was like a stamp branding it. It left a spell on him that looked like it spelled out the title of Time Sky Leader.

All the bells of Time Sky started to ring in tandem. All of the stone clocks made some bell sounds. They were very loud. Throughout all of the 33 skies, it sounded like the stone clocks were celebrating the coming of a new leader.

There were only two more free leader seats on the geno tablet. Now, one was lighting up.

Twenty-Ninth Sky Leader: Han Sen

The universe of kingdoms and the geno universe were both given a shock. In the past, Han Sen had already asserted leadership of a sky that was eventually taken down and replaced by another.

Now, he had become Time Sky Leader. In the 33 skies, he was the only person to become a leader twice.

“I knew Han Sen would become a leader!” Qin Bai was very happy.

Most of the Qin Kingdom’s royals were not as happy about this turn of events as he. Han Sen’s name was very shocking. It was a tarnished name, and one they held much contempt for. He was the person they all wished would die. For a time, they thought he might have died. The return of his name made them feel unsafe.

On the flip side, most people were happy in the geno universe.

“I say, Mister Dollar always had what it takes to become a leader. It is likely Mister Dollar never quite fancied being the leader of Burning Red Sky, so he gave it away.”

“Mister Dollar is so overbearing. It is much harder to get the leader’s position of Time Sky than it is to become the leader of Burning Red Sky.

“Many elites in the universe were trying to take Time Sky, but none of them could. Yet, Mister Dollar nabbed it with ease.”

Han Sen did not have the time to think about how others might view him. A beam of light came from the geno tablet. It went through the sky to shine on Han Sen. It took him to the geno tablet.

Han Sen was no stranger to this scene. The last time it happened, in the Soldier Weapon Sky, he had experienced this once. This time, he was not a sword combined with a soldier spirit. He had been halfway thrown away the last time this went on.

This was the first time he had become Time Sky Leader, and nothing troubled his ascension. He simply flew up to arrive at the geno tablet.

“I will be waiting for you here,” Ancient Devil said as he watched Han Sen fly away.

Han Sen nodded. He did not say anything as he was drawn into the geno tablet. Every leader had experienced this.

The shadow of light shone. Han Sen’s vision became very clear. He eventually noticed that he was standing before the geno tablet in the 33rd sky. As he looked at it, he saw that the geno tablet was not much different. The names of 30 leaders were on it.

Aside from Ning Yue, that sky did not have a leader. The 33rd sky did not have a leader either.

“We meet again.” An old voice sounded in Han Sen’s brain.

“Do you remember me?” Han Sen looked at the geno tablet with shock.

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