Super Power – Chapter 3397

Chapter 3397 Tes

“There is no need to. Your genes have awful flaws, and they are not stable. Whatever the case may be, it won’t reach the standards I require.” The geno tablet rejected Han Sen. 

Han Sen just shrugged his shoulders in response. “It’s fine if you do not want to test me. Once I have reached a standard you deem to be suitable, it will be your loss.”

“That will be impossible,” the geno tablet answered with certainty.

Han Sen felt bad. He rubbed his nose as he said, “In that case, let’s just get a move on. I will take you to see my daughter. If she is at the standards you seek, it should save you some time from searching for another host.”

“Where is your daughter?” the geno tablet asked. “I can take you there.”

“She is currently in the sanctuaries,” Han Sen replied.

“In the sanctuaries?” the geno tablet replied with a tone that suggested some kind of wonder.


“Is there a problem with that?” Han Sen was very sensitive. He could tell the geno tablet was afraid of the sanctuaries in some capacity.

“That is not what I look after. It would not be polite for me to go there. I will send you to the gates of the sanctuaries. Then, you can go fetch your daughter and let me have a look at her.”

The geno tablet had been silent for a bit before saying that.

“What? Are you afraid of entering the sanctuaries?” Han Sen tried making the tablet mad. He thought it might give him a chance to glean some mysteries and answers out of it.

The geno tablet was clearly not a being with complex emotions. It simply replied, “I have told you—that is simply not a place I am in control of. According to the rules, I cannot enter the sanctuaries.”

“Who is in charge of the sanctuaries?” Han Sen really wanted to know.

Han Sen once thought that Qin Xiu created the sanctuaries. He later proved that Qin Xiu was just a man who discovered the sanctuaries and used them for his own ends.

Han Sen then thought the God Chaos Party was responsible for the creation of the sanctuaries, but Chaos told him the sanctuaries were the same as the geno hall. She did not make them. She merely found them and used them.

“I do not know.” The geno tablet’s answer disappointed Han Sen a great deal.

Han Sen wanted to ask something more, but the crystal clock suddenly moved in his hands. In the blink of an eye, Han Sen was standing before the gates of the sanctuaries. It was where the big barren systems were.

The gates to the sanctuaries were closed. Han Sen remembered the first time he went there was to get his child back from the Sky Palace Leader.

Now that he thought about it, it was like it had only just happened. He easily remembered the details of what happened.

The geno tablet said, “I will help you open the gates to the sanctuaries. All you need to do is bring your daughter here.” The needle on the crystal clock started to spin again. It made a weird time and space power brush against the gates that led to the sanctuaries. It pushed the gates that led into the sanctuaries.

“Are you really not going to come with me? Right now, you are not a geno tablet. You are just a crystal clock. You should be fine.” Han Sen did not want to convince the geno tablet. He just wanted another chance to learn about the sanctuaries.

“You are right. Right now, I am in the sky clock. I do not need to worry about much. Let’s just go inside.” After considering things a little more, the geno tablet decided to concede and enter.

Before Han Sen said anything, the crystal clock twisted space. It took Han Sen to rush into the sanctuaries.

Han Sen brought the geno tablet to the home of the Alliance. Quite surprisingly, Chaos was not home. Bao’er was alone still practicing in the garden.

Han Sen did not go to the garden. He stood outside and watched. He kept seeing Bao’er try to combine with the gourd vine, but she failed every time.

Although Bao’er’s body was strong, this kind of combination made her body feel very burdened. Whenever she failed, she had to rest on the floor. Her big pretty eyes appeared bloodshot. Her entire body was soaked with sweat.

Despite this happening over and over, Bao’er did not give up. She was still trying her best to combine with the gourd vine.

Han Sen knew Bao’er was afraid of enduring something that was a hard time. She always looked fearless, but she was just a little girl. If she suffered, she would go to Han Sen and cry. She would not try again.

This time, she kept trying. Again and again, she pushed on. She had never been this determined before. Han Sen thought it was weird. He did not know what Chaos might have told Bao’er to prompt such behavior and have her keep practicing without stopping. Even if Chaos was not there to watch her, Bao’er did not become lazy. She kept working and practicing without ever being lazy.

Han Sen saw that Bao’er’s face was all red. If it continued, she would not just be sweating anymore. He walked into the garden and said, “Bao’er, you should take a break.”

Bao’er had grown up with Han Sen. He was closer to her than he was with his real daughter. Seeing her suffer in this way, Han Sen felt awful.

“There is no time to rest. Chaos said I must succeed. Otherwise, I cannot join the geno tablet fights. If Qin Xiu becomes the leader of the geno tablet, you, Mother, Brother, and Sister will cease to exist.” Bao’er looked very bold. She picked up the gourd and tried combining with it again.

Han Sen suddenly understood why Bao’er was so determined. Things were now different from how they were before. It was because of him and his family.

Han Sen softly looked at Bao’er. When Bao’er failed again, he touched her on the head and rubbed her. He said, “There is no need to rush this. You should take a break because there is something I wish to talk to you about.”

Bao’er stopped and asked Han Sen, “What is it?”

Han Sen took out a towel and wiped the sweat from Bao’er’s brow. “I will conduct a test for you. If you could pass this test, you will not have to join the geno tablet fights. You will be the master of the geno tablet and the leader of the 33 skies.”

“Really? But Chaos said I must beat Qin Xiu and all the other enemies to become the leader of the geno tablet,” Bao’er replied.

“There are exceptions.” Han Sen took out the sky clock.

The geno tablet was in Han Sen’s brain. It seemed upset. “I told you that it is a host and not a master!”

“Fine. It is a host. You should now take a look at my daughter’s genes. Do they pass your standards?” Han Sen looked at Bao’er as he spoke.

“Your daughter’s chance of hitting the gene requirements is low, but if you are begging me now, I will help you have a look.” After pausing, the geno tablet said, “Put a drop of your daughter’s blood on the wheel.”

“Bao’er.” Han Sen looked at Bao’er.

Bao’er curiously looked at the sky clock. “Dad, what is this?”

“You do not have to worry. Bite your finger and put a drop of blood on it.” Han Sen knew it would be too hard to explain, so he did not bother explaining.

Bao’er listened to him. She did as she was told and bit her finger without asking anything more. She let a drop of blood fall on the crystal clock’s wheel.

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