Super Power – Chapter 3399

Chapter 3399 Keeping a Promise

The 33rd skies, which looked like a gravestone, lit up. It lit up the two universes. The geno tablet shone across the whole world and all the names scrawled upon it with an unbelievable sense of magic and volume of light.“The geno tablet fights are finally going to begin. If Qin Xiu wins, this is going to be bad.” God Hall Leader was in the clouds getting ready to watch what happened with the geno tablet. He looked very serious.

Han Sen went back to Time Sky. The sky clock had yet to return to its ordinary shape. It still looked like a gravestone.

Han Sen looked at the sky clock and said, “The geno tablet fights are going to start. Shouldn’t you go back to the geno tablet and be a host now?”

The geno tablet’s voice sounded in Han Sen’s brain. It said, “You underestimate me. This is just one of my clones. My real spirit will remain in the geno tablet to host these events.”

“Are you going to keep possessing the sky clock?” Han Sen asked with shock.

“If the 32nd sky has a leader, and you want your daughter to join these fights by becoming a leader, it is only natural for a trick to be performed,” the geno tablet said with a look of disdain. “If I was not here, do you really think she could access the geno tablet?”

“To be honest with you, I would prefer it if Bao’er did not fight,” Han Sen said with a frown.


“What? Are you afraid of Qin Xiu beating Bao’er and doing harm to you?” the geno tablet asked.

Han Sen shook his head and said, “I just do not want to put my daughter’s life at risk. If it is OK, I would like for these matters to be resolved another way.”

“You can’t sort it out another way,” the geno tablet said. “The evolution of your genes is not good enough. Nothing will work, even if I let you try.”

Han Sen wished to say something, but the geno tablet quickly said, “Other creatures are coming now. I do not want other creatures to learn about my existence. You can do that yourself.”

After that, the geno tablet, which was in its sky clock shape, docked in Han Sen’s hand. Han Sen dropped it into one of his robe pockets.

Ancient Devil approached Han Sen and said, “Now, it is your time to make good on your promise.”

Han Sen pointed at the shining 33 skies and said, “The geno tablet fight is about to start. Can I sort out your problem after the fight?”

“Do not worry,” Ancient Devils said. “The 32nd sky has a leader. The geno tablet fight won’t start for another 10 days. Over the course of the next 10 days, any creature that comes to the 33 skies can challenge the old leaders. If they win, they can become the new leader. They will be permitted to join the geno tablet’s true bout.”

“Really?” Han Sen thought he might be talking crap, but he was actually saying this to the geno tablet. He wanted to know if the geno tablet was telling him the truth or not.

“He is right,” the geno tablet answered.

“Ten days. That will give us enough time to do this. If things go smoothly, we will only require a single day.” Ancient Devil could not hear or see the geno tablet speak. He spoke directly to Han Sen.

Han Sen looked at Ancient Devil and asked, “Yeah, but can you tell me what you want the sky clock for?”

“I can only tell you that I need the sky clock for the power it has to reverse time,” Ancient Devil said. “I want to make an old thing young again.”

“If things are truly that way, you can bring that thing to Time Sky. When the time wheel spins, just pick a time area that has reverse-spinning needles.” Han Sen could not believe this.

Ancient Devil shook his head. “If things were that easy, I would not come to Time Sky. That thing is old and unique, so ordinary powers cannot shift it. Only the reverse time powers of the sky clock can make this thing younger, and that is only a possibility. If it does not work, I will have no choice but to find another way.”

“In that case, I will have to go with you.” Han Sen did not reject him. He wanted to know what item Ancient Devil was going on about.

Ancient Devil did not object to the company. He left Time Sky with Han Sen. They went back to the geno universe.

“Are you going to Outer Sky?” Han Sen was shocked. Ancient Devil took him to a place where the Very High lived. That place was Outer Sky.

Outer Sky had been claimed by many Break World beasts. Ordinary creatures were unable to live there anymore. The whole of Outer Sky had been mutated. It was a vastly different place from what it used to be before.

Even Han Sen would not dare go into Outer Sky to hunt Break World beasts.

Ancient Devil nodded and said, “Yes. This very old and unique item resides in Outer Sky. If you can help me bring it back to life, our grudge will be over.”

“I said that as long as it does not clash with my principles, I will be willing to help you.” Han Sen paused for a bit, but he resumed speaking by saying, “Outer Sky is a big place, and there are Break World beasts absolutely everywhere. Even if I am not afraid, this will be troublesome. I do not want to waste too much time here.”

“Don’t worry, the only reason I am bringing you here is that I know where it is. I know a way that will take us to it. It will be on that does not pose trouble.” Ancient Devil looked very confident.

Han Sen had to follow Ancient Devil to Outer Sky. Ancient Devil already knew how to get around. He traveled through the forest, going around and around. The two of them walked for over half a day without encountering a single beast.

“We are almost there. The thing I am talking about is there.” Ancient Devil pointed to a spot as he spoke.

Han Sen had a look. He was shocked by what he saw, so he asked, “Isn’t that Mirror Lake? Is the thing you are talking about in Mirror Lake?”

“Yeah.” Ancient Devil quickly confirmed this to be the case.

“Since we are already here, it is about time you tell me all about what it is you are looking to do,” Han Sen said with a frown.

“You will learn soon enough. Why are you always in such a rush?” Ancient Devil still had not told Han Sen what it was about. He walked over to Mirror Lake, but he was unsure of what he was looking for.

Han Sen thought Mirror Lake connected to the anti-material world, which was practically the universe of kingdoms. He knew Outer Sky and the universe of kingdoms had a large wedge between them. That wedge was the 33 skies. It did not seem as if it would be possible to fetch an item from the universe of kingdoms from there.

Even if they were able to fish something up, the stuff in the universe of kingdoms would be repelled by the geno universe. They would prove themselves to be useless.

Han Sen was able to use items from the geno universe in Mirror Lake. He had been able to effectively use the Four-Sheep Cube. He was able to use that quite a lot in the geno universe, and it could also send people to the universe of kingdoms. That was a bit scary.

“If Mirror Lake does not connect to the universe of kingdoms, where does it truly connect to? What is this item Ancient Devil keeps referring to?” Han Sen was guessing.

Ancient Devil intently peered into the lake’s mist. After a while, he suddenly jumped in and went straight into the clouds of Mirror Lake. He told Han Sen, “Follow behind me. Do not lose me.”

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