Super Power – Chapter 3401

Chapter 3401 Being Challenged

Han Sen’s heart pounded as he thought, “If Ancient Devil’s body in the past life had Bao’er’s father’s face, that means Ancient Devil did not like his past life’s face because he had a crush on the God Chaos Party Leader. It was because of jealousy that he did not want to look like his love rival.”“Can you get it over with yet?” Ancient Devil did not explain. He just pointed at the stone statue.

“It should be fine, I suppose.” Han Sen was not completely certain.

If this was just his idea, he would have used the sky clock to turn the statue back into its former shape. Now, the geno tablet was living inside the sky clock. In its current state, the sky clock could not do things just because Han Sen willed it.

“The power of the sky clock can turn it into the original shape. I know that for sure. You do not need to worry about that.” Ancient Devil misunderstood. He thought Han Sen was hesitating because he did not think the sky clock’s power could work on the statue.

“OK. I will give it a go.” Han Sen did not explain the truth. He took out the sky clock and carefully activated its power.

The geno tablet did not attempt to disturb the sky clock. The three needles on the crystal clock, which looked like a gravestone, started madly spinning. The bottom of the crystal clock statue had a time reverse effect. It started to exhibit weird changes.

The moss started to fade, revealing its original color. It was a black rock that looked like an inky stone. It was so dark that the light did not even reflect off it. Any light that landed on it looked like it was absorbed by a black swirl. When Han Sen looked at it, all he saw was a black statue. He could not even see its face.


Time was going backward. After a while, the statue had no changes. The statue looked like it was going back through billions of years. There was way too much time being reversed. Han Sen used all the power he could to run the sky clock for this, but the statue’s changes were still very slow. There were not many changes over that course of time.

“You are too slow. I should give it a go.” The geno tablet’s voice sounded in Han Sen’s brain. Han Sen saw the sky clock’s needle speed up. It was much faster now than it was when he was using the sky clock. It spun incredibly fast.

Quickly, the statue started to exhibit changes. The lines on the body started to fill. It went from delicate to thick. It went from thick to thicker. It then became a black stone that had the shape of a nut.

Ancient Devil looked at Han Sen with shock. The sky clock was Time Sky’s treasure, but there should have been no way it was that strong.

A moment later, it was hard to tell how many billions of years went by. Even if Moment God, who was one of the 12 main God Spirits was there, she would not have been able to do what it had just been done.

Yet, the sky clock achieved this with ease. It made Ancient Devil a very confused man.

Han Sen saw the sky clock stop by itself. He then asked Ancient Devil, “Is that OK now?”

“That is good. Thank you kindly.” Ancient Devil bowed.

“It is just a simple trade. You do not have to be so polite.” After pausing, Han Sen looked at Ancient Devil and asked, “Are you going to join the geno tablet fights?”

“I will go.” Ancient Devil sounded calm in his response, but Han Sen sensed that he was very determined when it came to his participation.

“I wonder if the geno tablet fights are one versus one or group fights,” Han Sen said. “If they are group fights, why don’t you and I deal with Qin Xiu together? After all, you do not want to see Qin Xiu get the geno tablet, do you?”

Ancient Devil did not answer. The geno tablet sounded in Han Sen’s ear. “Do not even think about it. Let’s not say I would not give you a chance. Even if I did give you a chance, it would only end up with you being bullied by Qin Xiu. In the 33 skies, most people have a connection to the geno tablet.”

When Han Sen heard it speak, he felt a little disappointed. If it was just a one-on-one fight. If Bao’er encountered Qin Xiu before he did, he would be unable to protect her.

Han Sen thought, “No. I cannot let Bao’er join the geno tablet fights. At the very least, I must fight Qin Xiu before she does. Even if I cannot defeat him, I want to at least be able to damage Qin Xiu. Then, Bao’er can swoop in to finish him off.”

Ancient Devil said, “The geno tablet fights are just one-on-one fights. Even if I wanted to fight Qin Xiu with you, there would be no chance. I just hope we don’t fight each other too soon. If we do, one of us will walk away a winner. That will only benefit Qin Xiu.”

“I hope so too. I have to go now.” Han Sen waved his hands and readied himself to escape Mirror Lake.

Ancient Devil stopped him and said, “There is one more thing. After thinking it over, I believe I should tell you. If you meet Bury Path God, you should be very careful.”

“I am not afraid of Qin Xiu. Do you think I’d be afraid of someone like Bury Path God?” Han Sen did not care.

Ancient Devil was not mad about his line of thinking. He just went on to say, “Bury Path God was given most of the old leader’s items. On top of that, he is the strongest spirit in the 33 skies. Perhaps his power might not be as great as Qin Xiu’s, but he will certainly pose a threat.”

“I understand.” Han Sen looked a bit serious as he thought, “Why did Chaos put all of her treasures in the same spot? That only benefitted Bury Path God and big sky demon. They should belong to Bao’er, and what Bao’er has belongs to me. That means Bury Path God, that asshole, stole all of my treasure. I cannot forgive him for that.”

After leaving Outer Sky, Han Sen readied himself to return to Space Garden. Before he returned to Space Garden, the sky clock suddenly started to spin. It twisted space and took Han Sen back to Time Sky.

“Geno Tablet, what are you doing?” Han Sen thought the geno tablet was controlling the sky clock to play tricks on him.

“I did not do anything. It seems some creature started a leader fight. It looks like he wants your seat.” The geno tablet’s voice was playing in Han Sen’s head.

“Who is doing this? How dare he challenge Time Sky! Is Qin Xiu coming?” Han Sen raised his head. The whole of Time Sky was lit up. On the geno tablet in the 33rd sky, the name of the leader of the 29th sky was lit up.

Quickly, the geno tablet displayed an image of Time Sky. Everyone, from every corner of both universes, was able to see Time Sky clearly.

Aside from Qin Xiu, Han Sen could not think of anyone who would dare challenge him now. Time Sky’s power was weird, and Han Sen was a leader of Time Sky. He at least had the home advantage. Even if they wanted to fight Han Sen, ordinary Break World elites would not go to Time Sky to challenge him.

There were not any other creatures around wanting to challenge him, Han Sen looked at the geno tablet’s displayed image. He then saw the person who had challenged him.

“It is her.” Han Sen was shocked. The person who challenged him was Moment God.

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