Super Power – Chapter 3405

Chapter 3405 Women That Don’t Listen

“Moment God is very powerful,” Bury Path God said with visible shock. “She used her own power to shake all of Time Sky. If she joined the Time Sky Leader fight in the beginning, perhaps Han Sen would have never become the Time Sky Leader in the first place.”“That is not her power alone,” a God Chaos Party elder said. “She borrowed the powers of her sub-god.”

“The sub-gods still belong to her, making their power a part of hers,” Bury Path God said. He briefly paused and said, “Such time power… Han Sen is not a time element. Time Sky will not do much to affect him, but I do not think he can block this reversal of time.”

It was not just Bury Path God that thought of things this way. Upon seeing all of this, big sky demon frowned and said, “Moment God is stronger than before. She is stronger than when she was rebooted. Against the rules of Time Sky, she alone is supreme. She is taking control of the rules of Time Sky for herself. It is no wonder why she is the main god of time powers. Can this little guy, Han Sen, handle her?”

Even the geno hall’s God Hall Leader nodded. He said, “Moment God has already surpassed herself. She has achieved a new zenith. She has never been this strong before. Now, in this universe, no one else has a time power that is greater than hers.”

In Time Sky, many stone clocks were reversing together. It became a powerful vat of reversing time that pushed Han Sen’s location and time to reverse at an even quicker speed. It was like one moment was forever.

Moment God looked at Han Sen and coldly said, “In a pool of reversed time like that, a moment means nothing. If you do not want to be reduced into nothing, you can concede now.”

Han Sen was not planning on stepping down. He smiled at Moment God and said, “Time and I are like clouds. Although there is an endless past, I am still me. No other power can change that.”


Moment God stopped speaking. The needle in her hand started to spin. The whole of Time Sky was like it had been affected by the needle. The needles on all of the stone clocks were madly spinning. The whole of Time Sky was working together to create a giant reversal of time force. Time Sky started to tremble because of time being reversed so much. Many stone clocks were starting to disappear in the zone of time reversal.

Even the stone clocks that had time power could not withstand that scary reversing time power.

In Space Garden, many humans, spirits, and creatures were watching Han Sen with profuse worry.

Ling’er was buried in Ji Yanran’s bosom. She looked worried as she asked, “Is Dad going to be OK up there?”

“Yes. No one can defeat your father,” Ji Yanran told Ling’er with certainty. Even though things seemed dangerous for Han Sen, she was not worried. She felt much safer about how things were going to turn out.

Although she told Ling’er that, Ji Yanran was feeling a bit confused. She found herself intensely staring at Han Sen.

Moment God looked at Han Sen coldly. She wanted to see Han Sen turn into an egg with that time-reversal power, but her eyes were starting to turn from beads of certainty to marbles of confusion. Her gaze was turning from confusion to one filled with shock.

As time went by, Han Sen continued to stand where he was. It was like nothing was affecting him. By now, seven minutes had gone by. Still, nothing was changing Han Sen’s body. Not even his armor was dissolving.

Moment God was not the same. Her clothes were becoming brighter. It seemed very powerful in the eyes of other people, but Moment God knew it was because her power was not sufficient enough to withstand the reversal of time. Her god clothes were affected by the reversal of time. They were going back in time ever so slowly.

“How is that possible? How can his body withstand so much time-reversal power without being affected in the least? Nothing is happening to him. Does this mean he is like the God Hall Leader? Has he reached that step?” Moment God was shocked. She looked at Han Sen weirdly. It was as if she wished to learn something more from Han Sen’s face.

“Impossible… How can that step be so easily obtained? Plus, his soul genes are not as strong as Qin Xiu’s. In just one life, can he make this step? This should be impossible.” Moment God had to try and deny her thoughts.

She gnashed her teeth. Moment God’s started to look sharp. It looked as if she had come to a decision. Her other hand touched the needle. Her hands folded together to put the needle in the center between them.

“Old Reverse, turn back to zero!” As Moment God coldly shouted, her hands started to spin in a different direction. The time needle exploded with a scary time god light that shone across the whole of Time Sky and made it all brighter.


Moment God’s long hair went straight. It was like it was going from black to white. It was like she was growing old in one sole moment.

In that scary time power, the time clock was affected as well. The three needles stopped spinning. It was like they were frozen. They all stopped at the peak of their spins. They all came to a stop at 12 o’clock.

“It’s time power’s strongest power, Return to Zero! I cannot believe Moment God is that strong. If she becomes my 33 skies’ time God, I firmly believe she will be worthy.” Qin Xiu looked at Moment God with nothing but sheer shock.

Clearly, Moment God’s performance had surprised the man. Even Qin Xiu was surprised by what he was witnessing.

Moment God’s face started to look older. Her long hair turned grey. It was even turning white.

She kept staring at Han Sen. Her eyes looked more and more shocked. She tried her best to cast her god skills that had her strongest time power, Return to Zero. Despite her effort, she was still unable to affect Han Sen’s body.

Now, it was not only Moment God who was in shock. All the elites in the universe were in total shock. From the beginning to the end, Han Sen had not cast a single skill or power. All he ever used was the sky clock to block whatever powerful power Moment God sought to smite him with. It was extremely hard to believe.

“Is the power of the sky clock truly that powerful?” Sky King could not believe his eyes as he peered at the sky clock.

Qin Xiu coldly said, “It is not the sky clock that is strong. It is that person who is too strong.” Clearly, he knew what he was witnessing was not the sky clock and its power.

Han Sen, who had not been doing anything the whole time, finally moved. When the time started reversing, Han Sen approached Moment God. The reversal of time was like a mad wave. To him, it was like the soft spray of gentle spring. It could do nothing to halt his advance.

Moment God felt as if she had been wronged. She had tried her best to use her god base power and explode with the time skill Return to Zero.

One could see the impact of time coming out. When it touched down on Han Sen’s body, it was like a wave of water coming to an end. Han Sen stepped closer. He went all the way over to Moment God’s position.

“What a woman. A woman that doesn’t listen. Typical.” After Han Sen said that, he reached out his hand. He grabbed Moment God’s hand, which was clutching the needle. He used a little bit of strength and completely pulled Moment God away from the needle.

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