Super Power – Chapter 3413

Chapter 3413 Understanding

Dragon Lady was shocked. That kind of cooking skill was not rare, but to think of someone being able to cook like that, they must have had a great understanding of cooking and food. He would have to be well-versed and perhaps even be better than her. 

Han Sen did not look like the sort of man who spent a lot of time cooking, yet he could modify the spring autumn meat. On top of that, he discovered the best way to cook all three ingredients. It made Dragon Lady shocked, to say the least.

Dragon Lady grabbed Han Sen by the wrist and asked, “Tell me, when did you learn how to cook so well?”

“You don’t know who I am if you ask that,” Han Sen said with a laugh. “I have never had the time to learn how to cook. I only saw you cook it up once, and that is how I understood how to do the recipe.”

Dragon Lady rolled her eyes. “If just one look could give someone so many cooking skills, chefs would no longer need to exist in this world.”

“I don’t know. You know me the most. You are always cooking the food. How often do I get to cook?” After Han Sen said that, he thought, “Does this have something to do with the With Light and Dust level that Mister White spoke about?”

“I do not believe it. There is no way you can just randomly watch someone and become that good at cooking yourself.” Dragon Lady knew Han Sen was speaking the truth though. She knew he did not have the time to cook. At best, he could only grill some meat. There was little to no skill involved in that.


If Han Sen had randomly watched and learned that much skill, it was still something Dragon Lady could not wrap her head around and believe.

Dragon Lady cooked a few more dishes for Han Sen. It turned out that he was able to cook those as well. He actually cooked the meals better than she did. He gave Dragon Lady more than a few surprises. His changes always made the food taste better than Dragon Lady’s recipes.

Dragon Lady looked at Han Sen in disbelief. She could not believe a genius man like him could possibly exist. He was better than her, who was a true professional. And he did all that just by having one look.

“You… How did you do this?” Dragon Lady was a little bit sad. She started to wonder why she had studied so hard to become a good chef.

“Maybe… Maybe that is why I am a genius.” Han Sen pretended to think, stroking his chin as he did so.

When Dragon Lady looked at Han Sen, she seemed angry. She was about to grab the frying pan and smack Han Sen across the face, but he seriously said, “I think I really do understand.”

“What do you understand?” Dragon Lady asked him with shock.

“I cannot explain it. It is like no matter what I do, I can just find out the right way to do stuff.” Han Sen tried to explain this as clearly as he could.

When Dragon Lady heard him, she looked at Han Sen weirdly. “The big path is a simple one to follow. Everything will return to its origin. Did you already reach the highest level, where humans and the path combine?”

“I do not know. I do not know what has happened to me. Mister White called this With Light and Dust. You are saying it is humans and the path getting together. I do not know what it is.” Han Sen shook his head. He thought of another matter. He then said to Dragon Lady, “There are many things I need to go and prove. How about we talk again at a later time?”

Han Sen waved his hands, left, and returned to his home.

“Why are you so late?” Ji Yanran was sitting in front of a table, sorting out many documents. Seeing Han Sen come back, she poured out some tea for him.

Han Sen grabbed Ji Yanran and quickly said, “Yanran, give me the hardest book of Xuan Men.”

“Why? I thought you hated those books. Are you going to study it in a rush?” Ji Yanran looked at Han Sen with shock.

Han Sen had given her all the Xuan Men books long ago since he never wanted to read them himself. At best, he only flipped through a few of the pages. He never put his mind to the study of it.

“Of course not. I just want to see if I have what it takes to learn it.” Han Sen could not really explain things to his wife.

After thinking a moment, Ji Yanran said, “When you looked at the Hidden Real last time, you only read through half of it. Why don’t you carry on from where you left off?”

“I do not want the Hidden Real or other silly beginner books,” Han Sen said after a brief think. “I want you to give me the one that is hardest to understand. I think there is one article called Xuan Men Hidden Real Explanation. Mister White said that aided his understanding the most over the past few years.”

“Do you really want to read the Xuan Men Hidden Real Explanation?” Ji Yanran looked at Han Sen with shock.

The Xuan Men Hidden Real Explanation was written by Mister White with the knowledge he had on Xuan Men. It was not the hardest book about Xuan Men, but it covered a lot of aspects of it. If a person did not understand Xuan Men, or if they were not scholars of the basic Xuan Men, they would be unable to read the Xuan Men Hidden Real Explanation.

Ji Yanran’s Xuan Men knowledge required a lot of information for studying Xuan Men Hidden Real Explanation. There was a lot she had yet to understand, so she was always having to ask Mister White for clarification.

Han Sen did not know anything about Xuan Men, yet he wanted to jump straight into reading the Xuan Men Hidden Real Explanation. Ji Yanran did not know what point there was to him reading it.

But if Han Sen wanted to have a look, Ji Yanran was not going to deny him. She gave to him a copy of the Xuan Men Hidden Real Explanation.

The one Mister White had penned was in the Han family’s house back in the Alliance. It was not revealed to any random nobody.

Han Sen did not understand anything. It was so hard for him. It was not like having a good memory would work for this. Although Han Sen tried to learn a lot of it, there was no progress.

There was a lot of information about Xuan Men. Han Sen looked like he understood it despite not actually understanding. Even his Dongxuan Sutra was at a high level. In the Xuan Men stuff, Han Sen did not understand very much. He was far inferior to Ji Yanran.

Han Sen picked up the Xuan Men Hidden Real Explanation and read it. After he read it, he felt happy.

Before, it was so hard for him to understand. Now, Han Sen was somehow able to understand it all. Much to his surprise, it was not even that difficult. He could sense that the content of the pages was rather simple.

This feeling could only be felt. It was like a person who had never studied mathematics before. They would get a headache when they saw it but would suddenly have a lightbulb turn on in their head. The mathematics then no longer looked difficult.

Previously, Han Sen did not have the time to learn. So, when he read it, it meant nothing to him. He now fully understood. He thought the Xuan Men stuff was interesting. He kept reading it all, page by page, thinking it was quite fascinating.

Ji Yanran watched Han Sen ravenously flick through the pages. It did not look as if he was reading it all seriously, so she said, “You are flicking through the pages very quickly. Do you really understand what you’re reading?”

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